Shang Tang Lian knows that few people dare to provoke Hua Gang recently, and even fewer have hit the martial arts field. However, the martial arts field is very short until it is ready now. If it is not well-trained, if it can be ready in this short time, a long-term victory will make people relax. This is a constant truth, and it is suitable wherever it is, but I didn’t expect Hua Gang to remain vigilant.

Uncle Yan said to Shang Tang Lian, "Miss Shang, if you regret it, you still have a chance to go back on your word. Once you rush, you will live or die."
Shang Tang Lotus nodded "Never go back on our word"
In fact, the so-called martial arts hall means that some people want to ask passers-by to prepare, but they didn’t expect it to evolve to this day, so that some kickers can shake hands with the Chinese gang. This is also to achieve the name of the Chinese gang without showing their own cards or losing the face of the Chinese gang
It turns out that once someone wants to advance or take the lead in the martial arts hall, there is one thing that must be passed, that is, the value of force. If you have the value of force, even if you can manage it well, you can’t beat a group of brothers. This is also a respect for rules, and no one has any objection to this regulation. Uncle Yan can be a steward but can’t be called a master. Only after all the cards in the martial arts hall can you be a master.
Later, it gradually developed into another mode, not only to help people but also to help outsiders. But generally, those who come to play football for whatever purpose have a rule that it doesn’t matter if you play football, and you don’t have something to do. Then they can let bygones be bygones, and it can be seen that you really have something to do.
There used to be such a thing in the Hua Gang. At the beginning, a young man had some initiative with the Hua Gang, so he came to play. Finally, he passed the Hua Gang in the martial arts field. At that time, Wang was a talented person, and he heard that the matter was finally handled fairly and he shook hands with the young man. Now Master Shen has become a patron of the Hua Gang without saying anything.
Since then, this system has been left behind.
Of course, if you can’t break through the martial arts hall and people don’t hear Uncle Yan’s words, whether it’s life or death, but generally you will die if you can’t break through the martial arts hall. Don’t say anything about the sense of righteousness. If the martial arts hall means nothing, if it’s not cruel, wouldn’t it be too weak for anyone who wants to play? It’s a pity to make such a rule at the beginning, and it’s also to solve some contradictions and reduce the number of people who offend by the Chinese gang. It’s terrible to offend a person but offend a group of people who have something.
Although this rule of performing martial arts hall seems to be kind, it is actually the biggest winner, which has solved many people’s hatred of the Chinese gang and made many people in trouble
It is Shang Tang Liandu who has to admire this rule. It is really an old fox. Anyway, if it is her, she can’t think of such a good way. It is simply killing three birds with one stone, dissolving hatred, recruiting talents and gaining a good reputation. It accounts for almost everything.
Shang Tang Liandu wants to meet the person who came up with this idea, not only with a broad mind but also with a pair of great vision.
Uncle Yan saw that Shang Tang Lian was so sure and asked, "Does Miss Shang need to recover her physical strength?" Anyway, at this point, she might as well be a good person. If someone really has something to do, she will never win by recovering her physical strength. In that case, being a good person can also have a good name to show her tolerance.
Uncle Yan thinks very white about this and deserves to be an old fox.
Uncle Yan thinks that white Shang Tang Lotus is not a fool to listen to Uncle Yan’s words. "Since you have said so, I will rest for a while. Just now, it really took a lot of physical strength to help China. It is just not generally tolerant." Don’t look at the tone or light, but it reveals that you are welcome.
It’s no good choking Uncle Yan. Generally, people who come to kick the field pay attention to quick decisions. Why, this girl is not at all welcome to ask for a rest. Uncle Yan once again looks at Shang Tanglian with new eyes. This girl is really unusual.
But Shang Tang Lotus is welcome to sit in the guest seat, and Uncle Yan can’t bring Shang Tang Lotus. If Shang Tanglian sits in the main seat, he can drive her, but the guest seat is for the guests.
Uncle Yan doesn’t know that Shang Tang Lian certainly knows the difference between the theme and the guest seat. She’s not stupid enough to sit in the theme. That’s not to put China’s help in the eye. Sitting in the guest seat, Uncle Yan can’t say anything.
Others see that Shang Tanglian can still sit leisurely in such a tense atmosphere, and it is also very rude to ask for tea and water to moisten her voice and snacks to supplement her physical strength.
So when Wang Ye and others came over, they saw Shang Tanglian sitting there, eating snacks and drinking tea.
This makes Wang Ye think again that he did something stupid today. It’s simply a new hatred and an old hatred. Although I don’t know why Shang Tang Lian made him wait so late today, I can think that the only time he made an appointment was when he sat there and made an appointment with himself, but he didn’t know the so-called sitting there and enjoying himself. Wang Ye felt angry and couldn’t express it. He was very depressed:
Chapter 211 There are handsome men flirting again.
After Wang Ye came in, Shang Tang Lian’s eyes lit up. I didn’t expect that there were handsome guys in it. Those novels all the time, that is to say, fake real martial arts people are not five big and three thick, especially those who can be the boss. All of them are malicious characters. When they see blood, they must be rugged, but they didn’t expect that there were still handsome guys.
Speaking of which, her eye welfare has been good recently. I hope this handsome guy is not a vase after another.
Shang Tang lotus is in an instant mood, okay? If it’s not nice, it’s an old habit again.
How could Wang Ye not feel that Shang Tang Lian’s eyes were hot for a while? Shang Tang Lian was just like those anthomaniac girls. She was very disdainful. Wang Ye suddenly felt that she had done something wrong. What can I do for this woman?
Wang Ye saw the only stranger from the moment he entered the martial arts field. He didn’t want to know that it must be Shang Tang Lotus. When he looked at Shang Tang Lotus’s eyes, he still regarded Shang Tanglian as a character, so he felt that he was still flattering her.
Shang Tang Lotus naturally doesn’t know that her eyes let Wang Ye judge arbitrarily. She is in a good mood at the moment, and her words will be more, and some people will be more patient.
Especially after satiated with food and drink at the moment, Shang Tang Lian is also in the mood to chat. "This one is"
"Miss Shang, this is our young master." Uncle Yan also saw Shang Tang Lian’s eyes and immediately took this look as a peek at such people. He saw Shang Tang Lian for a while and some despised her. Of course, Shang Tang Lian was greedy for her young master because she relied on her own talents.
If Shang Tang Lian knows what this young and old couple are thinking, she should definitely scoff. Don’t think too much. The brain hole is too big. This is a disease to be cured.
Shang Tang Lian didn’t know these mental activities, so there would be no such thoughts. I heard that it was their young master who immediately thought of calling himself today. "It’s him who called me today." Shang Tang Lian mused.
Uncle Yan nodded. "Yes, it’s our young master."
Shang Tang Lian is the first time to hear this sonorous tone of a boy. I didn’t expect to see someone or a handsome boy. Although I knew that people with that tone would generally grow up well, I didn’t expect to grow so handsome.
Shang Tang Lotus saw that the other party was coming over and it was almost the same for him to eat. Immediately, he smiled slightly. "It turned out that China helped the little master to grovel."
"I don’t really have an appointment with Miss Shang today. Who knows that Shang Tang Lotus actually stood me up?" Wang Ye was also confused. When he saw Shang Shanglian’s smile, he remembered that he had just picked himself up and remembered that he was sitting in the office waiting for the line. A comparison between the two suddenly made him feel more hateful than suid, and what he said was a bit without thinking.
Uncle Yan was a little surprised to see his little master. When did he speak so badly? What happened? Who stimulated the little master?
Shang Tang lotus smell speech is also a little surprised. "I have an appointment with you, right? So can I come or not? Today, China’s young master just gave me a message and said that you are expecting me, but there is no appointment. Is it because I remember wrong?" Handsome boys belong to handsome boys to flirt, but there is no way to let Shang Tanglian meet little fresh meat recently, and there are many Wang Ye, so it is not so rare in Shang Tang lotus’s eyes.
Of course, even the rare Shang Tang lotus won’t give in. It’s the loss or the loss. Isn’t that what happened when I touched Huangfuying?
Shang Tang Lotus said that Wang Ye blushed and turned white. When you think about it, there is really no agreement. Suddenly, some words are too confident for Wang Ye. He also thinks about Shang Tang Lotus according to the normal mode of thinking. Who knows that Shang Tang Lotus is not a person who can make sense?
Wang Ye also reacted quickly. "I am a normal person. When I heard that my parents were tied, I was worried, but I didn’t expect that Miss Shang was not an ordinary person and could be so indifferent. It was really my fault."
Shang Tang lotus smell speech is surprised "this is not to say that my parents were invited? How come they are tied again?" Shang Tang lotus pointed to Yanshu.
Yan Shu despised Shang Tang Lian not only for being stupid and cheeky, but also for Shang Tang Lian. She was a little girl with a heart and talent, but she didn’t expect to be exposed at the sight of her little master. Just now, there was no mood swings, but now the mood swings are so obvious, but it’s all right that talents are prone to flaws. If it’s really the same, Yan Shu really feels quite tricky.
Uncle Yan forgot that Shang Tang Lian had mood swings, but in fact, when she was poisonous, she didn’t have a mouth to show mercy. She was still so prickly, so thick-skinned and so thick-mouthed.
Shang Tang Lian is just in a good mood. In a good mood, she is more interested in dealing with them and willing to act with others. Otherwise, she can simply talk to these strangers in accordance with her former style. If you say that well, you can’t change your bad habits and want to flirt with the little handsome guy.
Shang Tang Lian’s words are another gamble. Fortunately, Wang Ye is not a vegetarian, and Shang Tang Lian’s cheek is not thin. He immediately said, "It doesn’t matter whether you come or tie it up, does it?"
"Yes, yes, it’s not important. What’s important is that if I knew you were so handsome and wanted to ask me out, I would have come early. I blame you. If you told me you were so handsome, I would have come early even if you didn’t ask me out, would you have bound my parents?" Shang Tang Lian looked a little smiling.
People around you are startled and want to laugh, especially when they see that their iceberg face has changed into a black face. Do you want to laugh at them?
Shang Tanglian thinks she is smiling, but in Wang Ye’s eyes, it seems that her eyes are full of shame, especially when Wang Ye’s face is directly black since childhood. No one really dares to flirt with herself so much, even if she drowns on herself again. When she sees her cold face and her family background are automatically turned off, she has touched such a bold flirt or in front of so many people:
Chapter 212 is definitely a nemesis
Uncle Yan is also startled. It can be seen that this little girl is very interested in her young master, but she didn’t expect her courage to be so big. Is it that this little girl is also a so-called young anthomaniac? It is said that this little girl has no brain when she touches a handsome guy. It should be like this. Otherwise, how can she say such a brainless thing? Look at her young master, bad face, and Uncle Yan silently mourned in her heart.
Wang Ye’s eyes in front of everyone are usually the same, but at this moment, I feel that the harshness has been lost, and my anger is even better than that of cutting. "Miss Shang’s mouth is quite good, and it’s a pity that I don’t like what kind of beauty Wang Ye wants."
"Oh, Lord Hua, don’t be angry. Why is it so small? I’m just telling the truth. I’m praising you." How come Shang Tang Lotus Tantan has a bad temper?
Wang Ye’s face is gloomy and he can’t wait to give Shang Tanglian a drop of water. What do you mean, he is small-minded? He was molested by her, okay? I’m not bashful to say that he is small-minded. But this Shang Tang Lotus is really thick-skinned and is so ugly that he doesn’t get angry at all. This talent is also deep enough.