Bing Xinlai is not a woman who likes to sneak attack. However, she is very reasonable. Now so many masters of the Song Dynasty are in the hands of the enemy. If we can seize one of Khaliluna’s disciples as a hostage, we may be able to exchange the lives of several masters of the Song Dynasty!

However, Bahar reacted quickly and turned his head to the side to avoid these wasp needles!
Bing Xin jumped before using the martial arts in the’ Jade Girl Heart Sutra’. tight encirclement took a picture of Bahar like a snowflake! Bahar, however, also clapped his hands one after another, and it was not slower than Bing Xin to seal all the offensive parts of Bing Xin!
"bang!" Bing Xin and Bahar force a slap in the face. Bahar finally fell behind and pulled out several steps before barely holding on!
"It seems that the first female master martial arts in Song Dynasty is so much! I tell you that I am a soldier among my master’s fifteen brothers! " Bahar had a quick laugh for two times, and quickly fled away to the distance!
"A’ soldier’ has such martial arts, so’ cars, horses and elephants’ are not worse. There is also a’ queen’ at the top …" Looking at Bahar’s back, Ling Feiyang and Bing Xin are worried and silent.
"Since the venerable Buddha set up this chess array outside Kiev, most of the three sects of the Song State should stay in Kiev until after dark, and I will go to the city to explore first!" Ling Feiyang thought to himself
Ling Feiyang and Bing Xin found a Ukrainian-style hotel outside Kiev, where they finally got a chance to be alone. Bing Xin has always been unable to restrain her yearning. She snuggled up in Ling Feiyang’s arms for a long time, just like a petite and weak woman. Although they have already become husband and wife, they are faced with enemies every time they meet. It is the second time that they can really get in touch.
However, Bing Xin also knew that Ling Feiyang was practicing his first feat and tried his best to control his lust in his heart. They hugged each other tightly until Bing Xin fell asleep.
Ling Feiyang put Bing Xin gently on the bed and then quietly left the hotel to go to Kiev alone.
Ling Feiyang crossed this road criss-crossing "chessboard" and came to the outside of the gate of Kiev. The gate of Kiev is called "Golden Gate". The tall and majestic door leaf and church dome of the gate are decorated with gold-plated copper foil. It was built by yaroslav, the King of Russia in its heyday two hundred years ago. Ling Feiyang looked up and saw thousands of Mongolian soldiers guarding the two sides of the gate, but there were twenty-two cages hanging in the gate building. In each cage, a disheveled and stunned prisoner turned out to be the twenty-two masters of the three sects of the Song Dynasty!
"Ling Feiyang, you really came to save people!" With the voice, two black shadows suddenly appeared at the top of the gate tower, all embroidered with red flame patterns, and apparently they were also two of the fifteen brothers who taught the Buddha Khalifa Luna! to be continued
Chapter 439 Left phase and right phase
Fifteen brothers of the Buddha, Khalifa Luna, set up a "killing chess array" to capture 22 masters of the three schools of Kongtong, Diancang and Huashan and hang them in the iron cage in front of the Kiev city gate!
Guard here at least three thousand Mongolian soldiers Ling Feiyang knows that even if he rescues himself, he can rescue three or five at most, and once these Mongolian soldiers shoot arrows, other Song experts will die!
Just then, two black shadows suddenly appeared at the top of the gate building, and the clothes were embroidered with the Persian flame sign!
"We are all brothers of the Holy Light Sect. I am the’ left phase’ and he is the’ right phase’!" The man on the left to ling Feiyang said
"Master Ling Feiyang knew that you were coming to save people, so he sent the two of us to wait here!" The man on the right said
"Since you are’ phase’, you should be better than that Bahar’ soldier’! Why don’t you learn from me? " Ling Feiyang has a heart to test two people’s martial arts and said
"Do you want to die? That’s easy! " "Left phase" and "right phase" glances at each other and suddenly take out a cone-shaped wooden pipe from their robe sleeves, with a copper bowl-shaped bell mouth at its end.
Ling Feiyang immediately recognized that this object was not a weapon, but a Persian musical instrument "Haidi", which was called "Suona" by China only after the dynasty entered China.
"Do these two people want sonic work?" Ling Feiyang was amazed that "left phase" and "right phase" had put Haidi on his lips at the same time.
However, it is strange that Ling Feiyang did not hear the sound after a good half-day!
Ling Feiyang was puzzled but suddenly felt a sense of oppression coming in from the eardrum. The whole brain seemed to be buzzing!
"Not good! This must be a second wave attack! " Ling Feiyang suddenly remembered the fire-hidden ninja Akase Naruto.
Although this kind of sub-wave can’t be perceived by people, it carries a certain amount of energy, but this method can trigger the explosion of white wax insects, but these two Persian masters are more powerful than Akase Naruto, and they can directly attack the eardrum with sub-wave!
Chess originated in India and flourished in Persia. The Persian translation of "Xiang" is what priests mean. The attack method of "left and right biphasic" is not martial arts but this kind of sub-wave attack similar to "magic"!
Energy shield!
The critical head ling Feiyang leads to the body energy field and blocks these two waves!
"This Ling Feiyang deserves to be the commander-in-chief of the Wulin in the Song Dynasty who can also control the energy field!" "Left and right biphasic" heart strangely played the sea flute force, and the attack effect suddenly increased!
Ling Feiyang’s energy field and the "left and right biphasic" secondary waves fought against each other and were deadlocked. At this moment, a crisp and euphemistic music came from a distance!
This score comes from a China classical musical instrument-Dong Xiao!
With music, a figure dressed in Tsing Yi floated to the gate of Kiev like a breeze. It was Huang Yaoshi, the owner of Peach Blossom Island!
Ling float in the sky to see Huang Yaoshi heart can’t help but pleasantly surprised "left and right biphasic" suddenly felt a soft force bouts of impact on yourself and then continue to play the sea flute to resist the Huang Yaoshi flute!
After a long time, Huang Yaoshi and "left and right biphasic" suddenly put the musical instrument from their lips at the same time!
"You Song Kingdom really have talented people, but there is no real competition yet!" "Left phase" shouted at the top of the tower.
"It is impossible for you two to save so many people at the same time. I think you should know that if you really want to save these companions, please lead more experts to break our’ killing chess array’ on the 50 th!"
"I have Huang Yaoshi in the day has not broken array! Please also keep your promise to be kind to these Song masters in these 50 days! " Huang Yaoshi Lang shouted and immediately whispered to Ling Feiyang, "Let’s go flying!"
Looking at those Mongolian soldiers who are aiming bows and arrows at the cage, Ling Feiyang knows that this matter must not be followed by Huang Yaoshi from the gate of Kiev.
"Flying old man heard that you didn’t die and came here to find you. I didn’t expect to meet you unexpectedly at the gate of Kiev." Huang Yaoshi smoothed her beard and seemed very happy in her heart
"Lord Huangdao, there should be no problem if you are proficient in the strange gate and break this array?" Ling float in the sky of Huang Yaoshi just to "left and right biphasic" put words in the heart excitedly asked.
"This’ killing chess array’ is good to break or bad to break …" Unexpectedly, Huang Yaoshi said an ambiguous sentence
"Huangdao Lord, there must be a mystery in this statement. Please advise!" Lingfeiyang avenue
"In fact, during this period, the old man has been painstakingly studying’ Chastelain’s’ in Kiev and has already learned enough about this chess theory," Huang Yaoshi said.
"This means that Huangdao has already cracked the law in his heart?" Ling Feiyang asked