Tang Shiyan looked in the direction of Shen Xinyu and smiled. "In fact, I didn’t expect it."

It’s fate to meet this girl.
Other things have passed, so Tang Shaogong didn’t lean back and lit a cigarette. After smoking for two times, he looked at Tang Shiyan and suddenly asked, "How is your wound healing?"
Tang Shiyan was hanging his eyes and fiddling with a lighter and casually said, "Fortunately, it won’t hurt if it’s not rainy."
Tang Shaogong frowned and wanted to ask, "Can’t you take it out? It’s a disaster there after all."
When Tang Shiyan came back from injury, Tang Shaogong was the only one who knew about the situation. At the beginning, because of the limited medical level and some special shell casings in the hit position, he didn’t take them out. When he wanted to take them back later, it had grown into the meat. If you think about Tang Shaogong, you will feel that this is not appropriate after all.
"I couldn’t get it out at the beginning, and now it’s even more impossible to get it out unless the whole thing is picked out." Tang Shiyan has a so-called relaxed attitude and tone, even if he discusses the weather.
Tang Shaogong nai sighed.
Tang Shiyan looked up at the girl and saw that she hadn’t come back yet. Suddenly she put the lighter in her hand and asked in another tone, "I asked you to check what happened to that?"
Tang Shaogong suddenly said with a dignified expression, "I have been checking that there were not many people who knew you picked up three years ago, but there has been no clue. I suspect that someone used it as a cover-up. A while ago, I asked them to change direction. It should be fast."
Tang Shiyan looked down and didn’t know what he was thinking.
Shen Xinyu felt that she wanted to eat everything from her constituency, and the two men were still talking, but she was in no hurry to go back.
However, when she went around to the other end to pick up some fruits, she accidentally met a man with a big belly. I’m afraid she wouldn’t recognize him if her facial features hadn’t changed.
Gu xinjiao
Yeah, her half-sister in a previous life
It may be that Shen Xinyu didn’t panic when he was prepared this time. She quickly lowered her head when she saw the man’s line of sight turn around.
It’s not a good time for Xiao Sheng and her not to meet each other.
Gu Xin jiao just felt that someone saw that she was an acquaintance and turned around to see a handsome figure.
She frowned and didn’t care. In recent years, family forces have been trying to curry favor with her. There are too many people, and she can’t know everyone.
"Xiao Sheng, I want to eat that"
Gu Xin jiao fingertips to the nearby dishes Xiao Sheng directed.
Xiao Sheng bowed their heads and took a few strings of Gu Xin jiao eyes around as she said and pointed to the right "Xiao Sheng! I still want that. "
Xiao Sheng picked up two strings.
Section 247
"Even that that wrong is the right one! ?”
"Oh, why are you so stupid? The one on the right again! A little string of that! "
Xiao Sheng even took a few Gu Xin jiao, angry and noisy, shouting that the wrong man had left his things in his hand and gave her a look back. "Come and get it yourself if you want to eat."
It’s just a few steps.
Gu Xin jiao injustice hit her mouth and said, "But people can’t walk. They are all dead with a ball falling."
"Forget it!"
With that, some big lady grabbed her handbag and wanted to get up.
Take the food and walk, and then walk back?
Xiao Sheng also lazy and she dispute again in front of the ingredients, pointing to her and asking "this? Squid? "
Gu Xin jiao shook his head "said no"
Xiao Sheng simply picked out all those things and got the chicken gizzards when Gu Xin Jiao suddenly smiled "Yes, this is the chicken gizzards"
Xiao Hannai pushed the lens. "Why didn’t you say so since you knew each other just now?"
Gu Xin jiao leaned back. "It’s dark. I just saw it clearly."
Xiao sheng ""
Shen Xinyu put a sacred fruit in her mouth, and it was incredible to hear all this in her ears. She once again looked up at the noble Gu Xinjiao like a queen, and then looked at the tortured temper. Xiao Sheng felt that the world in front of her was a little fantasy.
Can three years change so many things?
She remembered that ex-Gu Xin Jiao didn’t do this to her. What not to say that she saw Xiao Sheng was definitely innocent girl’s time to see her.
at present
Hmm. How interesting
But maybe Xiao Sheng likes this one?
Walking back with two plates of food, Tang Shaogong’s blind date has arrived. She looks like a little girl, round face and Qi Liuhai are even more lovely than her dress.
Shen Xinyu took the initiative to say hello to the girl by putting the food on the table. This soft greeting can be regarded as the other party’s rescue from the fire and water. The girl rose up and shook hands with Shen Xinyu. "Hello, hello, you are Miss Shen. My name is Qi Yueyue."