"Are you not afraid of death?"

I laughed.
"Of course I’m afraid of death, but now I’m not worried that I’m going to die. I remember the right words as if you said you were going to kill this The Hunger."
Purple month burn smiles to say
"You are very clever, XuanYuanQing. Learn from your eldest brother. Don’t get those junk every day."
Purple blue star XuanYuanQing and Xiaotian dog looked at me together, I smiles to say
"That’s right?"
Suddenly, the black light flashed and sneered, but it turned out that The Hunger came back to life and purple moon burned his face and changed color.
"You broke my seal!"
But see The Hunger black light has covered the whole purple month burn purple blue star XuanYuanQing and Xiaotian dog as if in great pain shivering.
I’m frightened
"Blue girl, what’s wrong with you?"
A hug her and I heard her quiver
"It’s the dark Lord, the dark light."
The Hunger sneer at a way
"If burn on you didn’t think the dark Lord will give me the dark light? Can your meager magic seal the dark light? Hand over the recovery staff and leave you with me. "
Purple month burn looked at her trembling suddenly sneer at a way
"Don’t be too happy. Didn’t you find anything?"
The Hunger a surprised but see I have come to her I sneer at a way
"Give you one last chance to quit Apricot"
The Hunger exclaimed
"You’re not afraid of the dark light?"
I asked.
"What do you say? Do you return it or not? "
The Hunger sneer at silence.
Wo boulevard
"Dark Shadow, I know you have been hiding in my knowledge. If you don’t destroy this The Hunger in front of me, he will tell the dark Lord in the news. It’s up to you."
I heard a roar.
"Damn bastard, how did you know that I was in your knowledge?"
I sneer at a way
"This dimension is formed by the souls of so many saints in the universe. Even the dark Lord can’t cross it. How did you get in?"
The dark shadow suddenly laughed.
"You are really smart."
I sneer at a way
"Did you save saussurea involucrata, but did you hurt him?"
Dark shadow. "
"It’s easy for you to bring her back to life. Then do what you have to do. Can you tell me how you know that I am in your knowledge?"
I light way
"Let’s talk about this The Hunger in front of you."
Dark shadows sink
"The Hunger is a rare talent in the dark world. Don’t you want to take her?"
Just then, a blood red light came from The Hunger’s hand, but it was isolated by something invisible. Generally, there was no response. This is the power of dark shadows. I am cold.
"Since you gave her a chance, let her die if she doesn’t want it, and you will take care of her."
Dark shadow nu way
"Damn it, don’t you dare order me to forget it. My old man is also a fence."
I smiles to say
"How old are you?"
Dark shadow sigh a way