Looking at these scenes kindly, Shiro Yasha gave orders to the participants.

"If the injured are injured immediately, help them. After that … reward them for their achievements in overthrowing the demon king, continue the birth sacrifice and hold a celebration."
Shiro Yasha’s expectant call made the cheers louder, and all communities started activities together to clean up the mess after the game
The two-day celebration made up for the regret that the Dragon Birth Festival was interrupted. Among them, Pest left Naisha and never showed up again, and Shiro Yasha didn’t ask anything.
Everyone else has been wiped out, and I didn’t think much about it. It’s a pleasure for Orpheus to play. I’ve never seen such a festival. The girl is so curious and interested in everything until the festival.
And the festival will come after all. When the festival arrives, everyone will return to their community.
However, in addition to the cute dragon Orpheus, there is another giant red iron doll in a group of people, which is the giant doll Dean that Kudou Asuka saw in the local exhibition at the beginning.
While the festival was being held and everyone was celebrating, the bird returned to the cave once again under the guidance of the elf, met 13 group elves who died because of the piper in hammel, and passed their gift game to the giant.
With the help of this giant, the efficiency of new land reclamation has become more rapid.
In Ye Yu’s carefree days, she thought about whether to find Naisha or not, when the girl appeared in front of him again.
"It seems that you are looking for me?"
When the girl appeared, it was early one morning. When Ye Yu was awakened by a silvery chuckle, she immediately saw an elf-like purple-haired girl appear in front of her window sill.
Ye Yu is lying on the bed, where she can just see the girl’s two slender calves, and along this beautiful curve, she can see a more beautiful picture.
"What are you looking at?"
Looking at Ye Yu, I saw Naisha Naisha didn’t good the spirit so muttering. Soon I jumped from the windowsill and rode directly to Ye Yushen.
"It’s really dishonest. When I went to that world, I found something was wrong. You guy is getting more and more serious now. You were so pure when you just met me."
As the girl said this, she smiled and pointed her slender fingers gently at Ye Yu’s nose, and then she slowly slid that beautiful posture and looked at Ye Yu for another absence.
"This can’t blame me ….. this is the crime of this world, and I am also very resistant."
Ye Yu shrugged his shoulders as he said this, but his hands were very dishonest and began to swim along Naisha’s body.
"Blare …"
Didn’t resist Ye Yunai Shanaisha humming a very enjoy moaning to a pair of pretty face is also more charming.
"How … this level has already begun to endure? Do you really want to do something for me? "
Gently licked her lips. The girl pressed her body bit by bit until she remained close to Ye Yuhao.
As the girl said, Ye Yu’s breathing was also instantaneous, but he controlled himself and didn’t lose his mind instantly.
Of course, the main reason is that Ye Yu has a strong ability to infect girls like Naisha. If she is a mother, maybe she would have lost her mind long ago.
And Naisha Naisha seems to have noticed this, too. The girl didn’t good the spirit and snorted, and then she slammed through Ye Yu’s body.
Just as literally said, Naisha’s palm was blocked from Ye Yu’s chest, but there was no blood and no pain to Ye Yu.
"This is …" Ye Yu looked at his chest and looked at the girl’s face with a puzzled look on her face.
"Oh … it looks like it’s almost tamed."
Naisha Naisha said so lightly that the girl’s palm slowly pulled out and brought Ye Yu a feeling that she couldn’t make a debut.
"What is this …?"
Looking at the strange things that appear in Naisha’s hands and link to his body, Ye Yu asked curiously that it was like a mass of black mud, and it was uneasy and pulsating in Naisha’s palm as if it had its own life.
"You should be familiar with this thing. You absorbed half of this crime. Now let me give you a hand to help you integrate with it completely."
Naisha Naisha’s ear voice fell leaves, and she felt a terrible pain, and then she fainted against it.
"Well … sure enough, this force is the most suitable for you."
Looking at Ye Yu sleeping peacefully, Naisha was very satisfied and nodded, then a wave of his hand tore a gap in the bedroom.
"then continue to work hard to regain your original strength."
So affectionate, Naisha immediately sent Ye Yu into the unknown world.
Chapter 374 Sad girl
The scene in front of us is like hell. It’s like a meteorite falling. Don’t describe it. The ground has been cut off completely.
The street landscape has been cut off into a shallow bowl shape and added into a corner of the street like a crater, where the center looks like a metal block and something stands there.
But it doesn’t matter. What matters is the girl.
Put your feet on the armrest of that throne, and the girl in the wonderful gift is there alone.
Mixed with subtle sighs disappeared.
Other factors will be degraded to impure things, like that girl is overwhelming now.
As incredible as metal and as incredible as cloth, the material composition ceremony is really eye-catching
There is also a radiant skirt with a stunning beauty.
But her own appearance covered all that up.
Dark purple hair hang down to shoulders and waist.
Look up at the sky with awe, reflecting the incredible color eyes of France.
I’m afraid even the goddess will be jealous of her slouching face and quietly closing her mouth.