"Why? Don’t you know me? " Ling Feiyang said with a smile

"Your fighting skill is not I fail? How can it be restored again? " Jawadni asked.
"Are you afraid? Then surrender quickly and let me waste your martial arts once! " Lingfeiyang avenue
"Hugh daring! I really regret not killing you directly! " Although Jawadni was still surprised, he shouted angrily, "Even if you have recovered your martial arts, you are still no match for me!"
"Then try it!" Ling Feiyang said with a flash that suddenly split from Jawadni’s head! to be continued
Chapter 435 Ling Feiyang VS teaches honour person
In the decisive battle of Mongolian fighters in the European Union Army, Jawadni, the venerable teacher, used shocking martial arts to turn Quirino, head of the Order of St. John, into a serious injury. Ling Feiyang stepped forward to challenge Jawadni!
Although Ling Feiyang’s martial arts have recovered, he knows that he still has a certain gap with Jawadni, so he didn’t use martial arts but learned thunder magic from Gonzalez!
This flash split to Jawadni’s head, but at an inch from Jawadni’s head, the flash suddenly changed direction and split to Ling Feiyang!
Jawadnigan didn’t expect Ling Feiyang to learn western magic, but when he was attacked, a protective cover immediately formed around his body!
This defensive cover is not magic, but a kind of teaching martial arts called "respecting the glass body". This kind of martial arts can not only generate innate qi around the human body, but also rebound the attack!
Holy light armor! Ling float in the sky around the body emerge a piece of white light blocked this flash!
Ling Feiyang was not injured, but it was very shocked. Suddenly, one thing was white in my heart!
Jawadni has even more powerful martial arts besides his nine-day hand!
Half a year ago, in the Caucasus Grand Canyon, Jawadni easily defeated Ling Feiyang and Huang Yaoshi with only the big nine hands, but in fact, Jawadni didn’t have the strength to go in that contest!
"Teach honour person strength indeed unfathomable! No wonder Ling Feiyang told me fifty years later that it would take half a year to reach the level of the venerable master! " Ling Feiyang thought to himself
However, Ling Feiyang also knows very well that if he can’t stop this Jawadni Jawadni, this terrorist fighting capacity will definitely cause extremely serious injuries to the soldiers of the European Union Army!
Ling Feiyang knows that he can never back down!
"Ling Feiyang, when did you learn western magic?" Jawadni asked Ling Feiyang, who seems to be a little surprised by this flash source.
Ling Feiyang didn’t answer. A dazzling ball of light suddenly appeared on Ling Feiyang’s head. A white light cut long and split at Jawadni!
Holy blade!
This light blade was split in front of Jawadney, but it was still reflected back by the "statue of glass body". However, Ling Feiyang has jumped up and used the dragon’s 20 palms to make a move of "while dancing" and took it to Jawadney’s head at the same time!
Jawadney cold hum one by one palm since the launch to meet ling flying hands!
Ling float in the sky this recruit with the help of falling power is multiplied, but javadni actually hard-jointed, and still one hand to meet two hands!
Jawadni dares to do this precisely because he is far stronger than Ling Feiyang!
However, the two palms have not yet contacted Ling Feiyang, but suddenly they withdrew their palms and used the snake-like raccoon dog to turn over their bodies. In the middle, a turn landed on the side of Jawadni!
"Since you dare not cross hands with me, get out of my way!" Jawadni shouted
"Why should I give you a hand?" Ling Feiyang’s voice did not fall, but a flash has split to Jawadni’s head!
This flash is still reflected by Jawadni’s "glass body", but Ling Feiyang’s figure has slipped to one side to avoid this flash.
Ling Feiyang knew that he could not defeat Jawadni. He meant to contain him by feint to prevent him from mass killing European Union soldiers. Although it was extremely dangerous to do so, Ling Feiyang had no choice at the moment!
"Do you want to pin me down? It’s not that easy! " Unexpectedly, Jawadni has been white and suddenly rushed to Ling Feiyang!
Ling Feiyang hurriedly cast Lingbo’s micro-step shape and retreated sharply, but Jawadni followed!
Ling Feiyang’s figure interspersed with Jawadni back and forth among the surrounding Mongolian soldiers, but he was in hot pursuit. Ling Feiyang didn’t expect that Jawadni not only had profound achievements, but also his flying posture was so subtle that he was no less than himself! Ling Feiyang’s root method is getting rid of Jawadni’s pursuit, but the distance between them is getting closer and closer!
Ling Feiyang suddenly stopped to use a recruit "Dragon Tail-wagging" backhand to split a palm and attack Jawadney behind him!
Jawadni didn’t expect Ling Feiyang to gather fifty percent of his strength behind him and meet him with his right palm!
Bang! These two palms finally hit a place where Ling Feiyang took three steps forward and Jawadni took three steps back!
This time, I suddenly scored five successes against Jawadni, but Ling Feiyang still didn’t take advantage!
"Your anti-palm is a bit powerful, but it’s not for me!" Jawadni continued to pursue Ling Feiyang!
Ling Feiyang had to continue to use Lingbo to walk through the crowd, but after a few minutes, Jawadni caught up with him again!
The dragon wags its tail! Ling float in the sky is suddenly stopped backhand a handbreadth split out!
"Are you out of skills?" Jawadni sneered and then greeted him with a palm!
This time, Jawadni was prepared, and this palm gathered success. He was very sure that this palm would definitely kill Ling Feiyang immediately!