Zhao Xiayang hurriedly ran to see the performance is very positive, Ye Qing nodded with satisfaction. "Well, I believe you. Since you have nothing to do before choosing to see it, I will arrange something for you to do so that you don’t need to pass the time by watching it."

"Good good what do you arrange for me? Dating a beautiful woman? " Zhao Xiayang is very excited tunnel
"I have some clothes in the health room that have not been washed for two or three days. Please help me wash them!" Leaf tilt is very calm tunnel Zhao Xiayang immediately listen to the wrong directly froze.
"Damn it, didn’t you say you would introduce me to a girlfriend?" Zhao Xiayang is very authentic.
Ye Qing laughed. "I’m just kidding. Don’t take it seriously. I just want you to stop staying at home all day and go out for activities or find something to do."
Zhao Xiayang smell speech is very uncomfortable, "get out! I like staying at home. Don’t amuse me if you have nothing to do! "
Ye Qing saw that Zhao Xiayang seemed a little angry and hurriedly said, "What a joke! In fact, you have to go out and walk more to make a girlfriend. Can a girl come to see you at home?"
"I’m not going out alone. I don’t have the courage to talk to a beautiful woman. Do you dare to talk to a strange girl?" Zhao Xiayang looked at Ye Qing very naively.
Ye Qing thought about it and thought that Zhao Xiayang made sense. He didn’t dare to take the initiative to strike up a conversation when he went out. His circle was too narrow to meet female friends.
"Although it takes courage to strike up a conversation, you may meet fate if you are often active outside." Ye Qing is very reluctant to tunnel.
"Come on, it’s not that easy to let nature take its course. It seems that you told me before that I would become famous after a good training, so I don’t have to worry about not having a girlfriend. Now why are you trying to persuade me again?" Zhao Xiayang is very authentic.
Ye Qing scratched his head and was very embarrassed. "I just want to persuade you to have a girlfriend because you have such a lazy attitude towards life. I won’t joke with you. If it’s appropriate, I’ll introduce you to continue watching it. Of course, I still suggest that you go out for a walk and stay at home when you have nothing to do!"
Zhao Xiayang nodded and said, "Good Hope is not a joke. If I have a girlfriend, I really don’t have to talk like this."
Ye Qing didn’t say much anymore, so he went back to his room and took out his mobile phone to watch it. Only then did he find that loli had sent him a short message, and he quickly checked it.
"Thank you very much for inviting me to dinner tonight. Is there anything else? Can you be a tour guide and take me to Chengdu! " Loli said in a text message
Ye Qing hesitated. I didn’t go to the team training all day today. Would it be bad to delay another day? Then he shook his head again. Today, he has not been idle in the nb team and has been practicing guns. He feels that he has gained a lot. Just say hello to the team members and he should take a day off.
Moreover, when loli came to Chengdu, a landlord himself had to show people around, so he sent a message back to loli saying that he would definitely show her a wonderful life in Chengdu the next day and wake loli up early. He would wait for her at the hotel building at 8: 00.
Loli was nervously looking at her mobile phone when she received the text message, wondering whether Ye Qing would reply to the text message and what was it? Would he refuse? What excuse to refuse? As a result, Ye Qing’s message came, and she felt that all her worries were superfluous Ye Qing. How could honest and frank people refuse her?
She put her cell phone down with a smile on her face, and then she went to bed, thinking about where the first place they would go after meeting each other. She was full of expectation for the day to meet, so that Roots was not sleepy.
She can’t help but knock on her head. She is used to big scenes. There are still many big boss in that circle who want to get close to her and want to keep her, but they are all rejected by her. Today, she acts like a girl in love. What’s going on?
"I won’t like that guy, will I?" Loli secretly thought to herself, and then she was frightened by her own thoughts and patted her lips and said, "bah, how is that possible?" That guy looks very ordinary, but he just speaks humorously. He is talented. There are many talented people in this circle. He is not very rich and immature. What do you like about him? "
After self-denial, she was relieved that she probably came to Chengdu because she had nothing to talk about, and Ye Qing happened to get along with her, so she would meet the sky, so she was looking forward to playing with Ye Qing, which would definitely be very heart-warming.
However, she forgot that Ye Qing had a girlfriend and asked him out to play alone. It was a bit inappropriate for her, but she felt nothing because she and Da Mi were good friends and they had become best friends.
As the saying goes, a girlfriend who is not married and in love is dangerous, just like a time bomb, especially if she doesn’t talk about girlfriends and knows your boyfriend or husband well. If she is still beautiful, it will be even more dangerous. God knows when she will get together with your partner.
There are also many such cases in the real society. Some girls lack vigilance against their girlfriends and praise their boyfriends in front of them all day, which makes them think he is very good, so they can’t help but like him. Then they secretly hook up and betray this woman together. From then on, this woman may become a miserable woman.
Loli didn’t want to rob honey’s boyfriend, which means that she didn’t pay enough attention to this aspect. She always thought that honey wouldn’t mind it. She just Yuzryha took her to visit Chengdu together. Actually, she completely ignored the fact that it was not her first time to come to Chengdu, and she was already familiar with Chengdu. She has been here so many times, visited everywhere and tried it. Do you still need Ye to take it with her?
Chapter 115 Almost fell out
The next morning, after Ye Qing finished washing, she wore a handsome suit and took care of her hair before going out to pick up loliloli from the hotel. She also got up early and went downstairs after receiving Ye Qing’s words, and then waited outside the hotel for Ye Qing to pick her up.
The taxi stopped outside the hotel and asked the driver not to leave. When he got on the bus, he waved to loli and said, "Let’s go. I’ll take you to breakfast first."
Loli quickly ran from the steps with great joy. Today, instead of wearing a long skirt, she dressed more casually, wearing a hip-hop hat and a pink long-sleeved pullover, which set off her perfect figure with a pair of tight jeans.
It’s a beautiful day today, and it’s out of the sun. loli is very suitable to dress like this. It won’t be cold or hot, and it’s more convenient to go around naturally and wear casual clothes.
After the car, loli looked at Ye Qing and asked, "What kind of breakfast are you taking me to?"
"If you go, you will know that there is a delicious breakfast!"
"Which one?"
"There is a breakfast!"
"I know a breakfast. Which one is it?" Loli is very idiomatic. Does she feel that it is a little difficult to communicate with Ye Qing today?
Ye Qing ha ha smiled. "The name of this breakfast shop is called having a breakfast, which means the same thing as the inn in Stephen Chow’s film."
Loli couldn’t help laughing when she heard the words. It turned out that she didn’t understand Ye Qing’s words, and the two of them were able to talk together yesterday, so they communicated today.
It didn’t take long for Ye Qing to say that there was a breakfast, and loli also looked at the name of a store to confirm whether Ye Qing was teasing her. As a result, there was a breakfast, and loli couldn’t help laughing. Then they walked into the store and sat down. loli whispered, "It’s interesting for the owner of this store to take such a name."
"In fact, it is also plagiarism of Stephen Chow’s film ideas. If it is interesting, then Stephen Chow is really interesting!" Leaf tilt said with a smile