Big food stalls eat barbecue! Zhang Long not only remembered the first time that Liu Ting Huang Ya ate lobster together in the big ranking, but also thought that Liu Ting Huang Ya, next to Zhang Long’s smile, was probably thinking about it at the same time, while one pulled Zhang Long’s hand and the corners of his mouth were slightly tilted with a smirk. Zhang Long looked at others and wanted to think and said, "That’s all right! It’s just that we have to spell a few more tables. It’s still very good to eat quickly! " See others don’t have any different opinions. Zhang Long pulls two women around him and pushes the door toward the building.

Seven o’clock in the evening can be said to be a peak of the Internet cafe line. Besides, the Internet cafe is still in the stage from noon until now. Many people who don’t occupy the whole Internet cafe are behind others. When they see someone get up or have an intention to leave, they will meet them at once, but most of them are disappointed and can continue to stare at other possible robots walking past the door of the Internet cafe. Zhang Long looks at the bar where Xiaomi Liu Lang is burying his head in chatting. From time to time, he gives a chuckle and walks over and asks, "A Lang, we are going to eat. Are you going?"
Liu Lang see millet hesitated next to said, "I still forget it! It’s time for the horse to deliver the meal! "
Oh! Zhang Long looked at Xiaomi around him and said vaguely, "I know that La won’t bother you. Let’s go first!"
Chapter one hundred and ten Street stall chance encounter
In this self-invited cold dance, a few people walked out of the Internet cafe door and walked into a well-known snack street without turning far to the left. This street can be said to be a major feature of S city, where all famous snacks from all over the country are lively all day long. According to the cold dance, she frequented these stalls as "super fans" and the cold dance directly set a sentence of "pain and happiness". She said, "The street snacks are really delicious, and you can’t tell the feeling and pleasure when you eat while shopping." In terms of taste, it seems that the whole person has become relaxed and happy. Although some people say that eating these street stalls is bad for your health, what else can you rest assured except cooking at home? Don’t care so much! " Ha ha! After listening to a long speech by Leng Dance, everyone not only smiled at each other, but it seems that this girl is really very concerned about these street things!
Looking at the simple sheds on both sides of the road, there are also the stalls that are smoked and shiny and simple to build stoves. The stall owners are sweating and busy with greasy tables. Dozens of shirtless supper guests are eating crayfish shells with relish. Screw shells thrown to the ground littered with beer bottles can be seen everywhere. All kinds of strong rhymes and smells come to the nose. Zhang Long sniffed and couldn’t help feeling that his appetite had increased greatly. He didn’t go any further. The cold dance stopped in front of a barbecue stall and said hello to the boss. The naked and chubby boss saw the cold dance and greeted everyone with a smile. Because there were more people this time, there were about 20 people. All the people put together several tables before it was crowded together.
I found a plastic bench to sit on, feeling shaky, and Zhang Long couldn’t help thinking sadly that this bench should not be broken because it can’t bear its own weight! Facts have also proved that Zhang Long wanted this bench more than Zhang Long imagined, and he was miraculously safe and sick until he sat on the last bench.
Look at the carbon stove baked zi zi take oil potato chips, bowl quivering slightly, full of pier pier chicken bean jelly provoked Zhang Long and others can’t help but covet, so I asked for a lot to fill up those big tables. When I saw that I wanted a few people from both east and west, there was nothing to be polite about.
Broke off the huge leg of roasted red crayfish in your hand and put it in your mouth to suck it. Then take a sip and freeze the beer with foam. A chill came from Zhang Long. It was so wonderful to feel that it went from spicy to extremely cold. Look at Liu Ting Huang Ya around you. She carefully took a bite of medicine and wiped her lips with a paper towel. Zhang Long couldn’t help but feel angry and funny. But how did Zhang Long feel so familiar with this occasion? It suddenly occurred to me that it seemed as if she had brought them to this street to eat when she first had dinner with them! And that’s how they both ate at that time! "What a coincidence!" Zhang Long couldn’t help shaking his head smiled and looking at the cold dance. This girl is much more elegant and generous than Liu Ting. She is chewing the crayfish as hard as Zhang Long. Looking at each other, everyone is eating a mouthful of oil. I can’t help but feel that it seems to be suddenly pulled into a lot.
In this scene, everyone is familiar with each other by young people, and they are playing jokes on each other without scruple. At this time, about a dozen young people came next to each other, swearing and calling up a few tables to eat and drink. Seeing this situation, Zhang Long frowned. He didn’t want his rare good mood to be disturbed by this group of people, but others didn’t come and provoke themselves. You can’t say to drive people away!
Just then, Zhang Long suddenly heard a man behind him say, "Boss, how did you get out this time? I heard it was a big noise!"
"hey!" Someone behind him sighed, but how did Zhang Long listen to his familiar voice? He was thinking that he had heard the sound from there when the man spoke again. "We really kicked the iron plate this time and provoked someone who is not good. Actually, we stole something from the master of the Qinglong Group. Is it so easy to provoke the emperor of the shopping mall in S city? But fortunately, people didn’t take our group of ants seriously. This time, they were taught a hard lesson by the group who were bent on pleasing Qinglong Group. Zhang Jin, the chairman of Qinglong Group, said simply to teach us to forget it so that we could come out so soon! But I really wonder what you said about a gentleman who doesn’t eat, drink, and be merry well and has to guard an Internet cafe. "
Hey! Zhang Long turned his head, only to find that it was last night that he wanted to retaliate against himself and stole something from the Internet cafe. Later, he was turned over to the public security bureau. That punk didn’t expect him to be released so quickly. Zhang Long was a little surprised, but look at his face dredging and exposed skin. Even his head was wrapped in a circle of white gauze. It’s ridiculous to see this scene. Zhang Long probably understood what this punk could do so quickly. Perhaps his father took care of his name simply. Teach this punk a lesson, even if it’s covered in scars, you will know that he’s definitely having a hard time when he saw this punk in Zhang Long. The punk also accidentally discovered that Zhang Long was staring at himself and smiling. Zhang Long, the punk, was surprised and his chopsticks shook off to the ground, but he didn’t realize that he was dripping with sweat. The punk suddenly got up and almost stumbled and fell to the ground, but he hurriedly straightened up and then smiled at Zhang Long please. Then he glared at his hands and said, "What are you still eating? Go quickly!"
"But the boss let’s just come. I haven’t …" A younger brother said with wonder what happened in vain.
"Eat and you will know to eat and go!" Before the leading punk could speak, a young man slapped the younger brother’s head fiercely and said, Zhang Long recognized this little ginseng last night. It seems that he also recognized himself, fearing that he would retaliate against what they saw again, and he would leave to talk. The leading gangster quickly threw two hundred-dollar bills to the stall owner, and led his younger brother away like a fugitive before the stall owner could change.
Ha ha! Seeing this, Zhang Xiaodong couldn’t help laughing and gasping and saying, "Boss, I really admire you to death. When did you have such power? You can drive people away at a glance!"
Zhang Long is also depressed touched his face and said "in? I didn’t say anything so terrible? "
I don’t know what happened. Cold dance looked at myself curiously. Zhang Xiaodong hurriedly said something last night, especially the part of the fight, which was rendered particularly wonderful by him. From time to time, it caused a scream of cold dance.
"Good good! Stop it! " Zhang Long saw that several people beside him had gathered together and were listening with their ears pricked up. He quickly showed off Zhang Xiaodong and said, "Then look at Liu Ting Huang Ya, who may have filled his belly and was drinking tea there leisurely. Zhang Long also touched his belly and made a satisfied hiccup and said," Let’s go first and eat slowly! " After that, Zhang Long got up and handed the stall owner a few hundred-dollar bills. The stall owner was so scared that he waved his hand again and again and said, "Even if this meal is on me!"
"oh! Fat! " Zhang Long said with a surprised face before talking and dancing, "This is not your style! I thought you were addicted to money! How can I invite others to eat! "
"Ha ha!" Looking at a smiling stall owner, Zhang Long, think about those gangsters who fled in a mess. He probably understood why the stall owner didn’t dare to accept his own money. He didn’t know what his identity was, but he could scare those gangsters away at a glance. He was afraid that he would take his own money rashly, so he generously invited himself to dinner and patted him on the shoulder. Zhang Long said, "Okay, I’ll tell you, so you can accept it!" With that, Zhang Long directly stuffed the money into the apron pocket of this stall owner, and his head wouldn’t be separated.
"Not so much money!" The vendor behind him shouted
"Calculate!" Zhang Longtou will not say quietly, "Give them something casually with the money left!"
Chapter one hundred and nineteen Internet cafe income
A beautiful tail flick black can reflect the figure and turn into the spacious parking lot next to the door of Hot Blood Internet Cafe. Zhang Long put out the car, pulled out the key and smiled gently at the two women who were laughing and laughing behind him. Then Zhang Long took the lead in leaving the car. Liu Ting Huang Ya hurriedly walked towards the Hot Blood Internet Cafe next to them with three people. Once she entered the door of the Internet Cafe, Zhang Long saw Liu Lang Xiaomi, the future couple, burying their heads in the bar and not knowing what they were doing. Hehe, it was really interesting! Seeing this, Zhang Long secretly snickered. Since the two of them went through that incident, they became more closely together, and both of them seemed to grow up. They were no longer as hard as before or looked at themselves with a cold face as if others owed them how much money. They really wanted to thank the little punk who held Xiaomi hostage with a dagger. Zhang Long secretly paid attention to it, but remembering that the little punk was frightened out of my wits when he saw himself last night, I couldn’t help but feel funny again. I suddenly looked at the whole Internet cafe because many people were early. In my sleep or in the class, the learning bar now belongs to the huge Internet cafe with low peaks. There are dozens of people there, playing games or chatting fiercely! Look at Xiaomi still bowing his head and wondering what he is busy with. Zhang Long asked curiously, "What is Xiaomi doing?"
Xiaomi seemed to find Zhang Long at this time and said, "Boss, come and pull! I am calculating the income of these two days! "
Oh! Zhang Long, who is also interested in making money by himself, quickly asked, "How much have we earned these two days?"
Xiaomi was holding a small computer in his hand and said, "Boss, our Internet cafe was officially opened the day before yesterday, so the income will be calculated from that day, from 7: 00 at the door to 10: 00 at night. Five computers on the first floor have a total of 15 hours, which is 675 hours. According to the 2 yuan money for one computer per hour, it is 135 yuan for two packages and two computers on the second floor, which is a total of four computers. These four computers have not been idle for 15 hours during the day. According to the 5 yuan calculation of one hour, that is. 3 yuan also has a night-time network. On the first floor of 7 yuan, a total of 35 machines were packaged the day before yesterday, that is, 245, and four machines on the second floor were packaged. According to a 1 yuan, that is, 4 yuan earned 1935 yuan, plus the total income from selling drinks and various foods was about 75 yuan. Calculate the total income of 2 yuan the day before yesterday! " Ahem, I feel that the data is a little exaggerated, but it seems that these figures are calculated several times carefully. I don’t know if Internet cafes in other places are calculated according to the network time, but it seems that we seem to be like this here! Because the author is not too clear about these things, don’t pursue them too much!
Poof! Zhang Long, who was drinking mineral water, almost choked to death with his own saliva. He looked up and said to Xiaomi in surprise, "What do you mean, we earned 2 yuan in one day?"
"The boss doesn’t calculate like that," Xiaomi shook his head and said, "How can it be so exaggerated? If you make so much money, I’m afraid the world is full of Internet cafes. We have to deduct the water network tax, the salary of employees, and the wear and tear of the machine. What’s more, we have been in business for three days in a row, and yesterday afternoon added another afternoon, which is still a little loss. But last night, the situation of five units on the first floor was good. Four units belonged to the corner of the twenties, and four units on the second floor were the same. After the sample is wrapped by the Ministry, we will earn another 376 yuan to go to our Internet cafe in this way. The development prospect is still very good, but the boss, your bloody transaction not only made no money, but made us lose a lot! "
What? How is that possible? Zhang Long was very surprised that according to his original idea, the main income of Internet cafes is indispensable in the future. How could it be so lost? He quickly asked curiously, "How could this happen?"
"This is not what Liu Lang did!" Xiaomi made signal with the lips and kicked the ball to Liu Lang.
See a face of bad stare at yourself Zhang Long Liu Lang shan smiled and said: "boss this also can’t blame me! Blame yourself. The main reason is that our Internet cafes have bought too many things. In the past two days, we have fully bought dozens of pieces of various equipment, but others have brought some extreme things, and we have to buy them, but few people can buy them and hang them on the trading page. "
So that’s it! Zhang Long remembered this day that a group of them seemed to have complained for a long time that their warehouses were almost filled up, but there was no solution. But Zhang Long turned to himself and thought that it was definitely right to do it himself. Even the emperor of the shopping mall said that his hot-blooded transaction was promising. How could he not make money? After thinking about it, Zhang Long seems to know that this trading network is not famous. Some people in Internet cafes have noticed that this trading network comes here, and some of them are chatting or playing other games, and not many people have the economic level to buy these equipment. When more and richer people know about this trading network, the hot-blooded trading spring will almost come. After thinking about it, Zhang Long patted Liu Lang on the shoulder and said, "Don’t collect some good and special equipment for the second time, and then buy other equipment when the transaction is big."
"I said you yelled at him with ice. Did you run away without seeing him?"
"I depend I’ve been hitting him, but this ya plus blood is a little fierce! You are a samurai who runs slower than a mage like me. How dare you talk about me! "
"I can’t chase this! You see that my finger has been pressing the mouse! "
"Hey, you’re stupid. You can’t chase savagery. Hurry up!"
"You didn’t say so!"
Just stepping on the stairs on the third floor, Zhang Long heard a burst of yelling from the workshop on the third floor. What happened? Zhang Long frowned and hurriedly rushed towards the third floor to push the glass door. Zhang Long saw that there were more than ten people sitting in the workshop. It was the group of Zhang Xiaodong God of War, but there was no figure in the cold dance Han Annan’s game. Zhang Xiaodong and them were staring at their brain screens nervously and didn’t know what they were doing! Zhang Long hurriedly walked over and asked, "What the hell are you doing? I heard you shouting outside the door!"
"Oh, here comes the boss!" Zhang Xiaodong looked up at Zhang Long in a hurry and then put his eyes on the game and said intently, "We are grabbing equipment!"
"grab the equipment!" Zhang Long came to the interest and hurriedly looked at Zhang Xiaodong’s brain screen to see Zhang Xiaodong’s character Oriental Sword. Today, more than a dozen of them are chasing a player who runs extremely awkwardly, and they also roar and smash that player from time to time. When the player fights, he goes to the line or goes back to the city for a long time. Zhang Long asked, "What’s going on?"
"It’s not the dog in front of us who forced to raise Cang Yue!" Zhang Xiaodong said with a bad face, "Ya, a group of them broke something good. This guy picked it up and we are about to explode him!"
Cut! Zhang Long looked at Zhang Xiaodong with contempt and said, "It turned out that you robbed others of their equipment, or was it me or your equipment robbed!"
"Who dares to rob our equipment!" Zhang Xiaodong patted his chest and then immediately and quickly instructed his characters to chase to the warehouse month player scold a way "mom this guy is too can run! But he is really unlucky! Actually, hitting a mobster casually can explode the God of War bracelet! "
Shit! Zhang Long, the God of War bracelet, looked at the screen map of Zhang Xiaodong and said, "Wait for me, I’ll go and see the sample. You can’t grab that equipment without me!"
"Why bother to hurry up? Bring more!"
Chapter one hundred and twenty Killing and blasting equipment
"Shit!" Zhang Long rolled his eyes and said, "What’s your hurry? Just don’t let that man get lost!" Say that finish also did not consider to run to oneself to sit that position every day, directly pull the chair beside Zhang Xiaodong to sit, and at the same time quickly press the start brain button. With a pleasant sound, the brain started successfully slowly. Zhang Long hurriedly put the mouse arrow on the representative (hot blood) chart and gently pressed the left mouse button and forefinger for two times. Suddenly, the brain screen suddenly became dark, and a vigorous and magnificent soundtrack slowly came out from Zhang Long’s ear headset. Zhang Long did not have time to enjoy these beautiful music, but quickly. In the box, I entered my account password and then pressed Enter. That has been confined to two doors. I slowly looked at the one in the long box with a sword on his shoulder and a warrior of God of War. Then I looked at the job introduction of this character level. Zhang Long hurriedly clicked on the middle one and entered the game. With the big box appearing on the game screen again, Zhang Long didn’t even bother to look at it and pressed Enter directly. This finally entered the game.
Zhang Long characters still appear in their own line. The big tree in the Allies Zone has moved their characters out of the Zone with difficulty. Zhang Long looked at the whole Zone and filled it with other players. I couldn’t help secretly complaining in my heart: Why are so many people not going to train and play equipment? Instead, I have to talk with people I don’t know here, worrying about the player who picked up the Ares bracelet and fled Zhang Long prematurely. I glanced nervously at the brain screen next to Zhang Xiaodong. Fortunately, the player was neither killed by Zhang Xiaodong and others, but was still being chased by Zhang Xiaodong and others! However, at present, his situation is not optimistic, and it can be said that he is in jeopardy. It is rare for him to be chased by more than a dozen senior players. However, it is probably because the blood bottle has run out of everything. So this player just runs around in front with six or seven hundred blood. The soldiers have no way to attack remotely, and the wizards are accurate and generally too low. At that time, Zhang Xiaodong and some of them are also resistant to this player
I wish I hadn’t been killed! After glancing at it, Zhang Long quickly moved his line of sight back to his game interface to play with the characters’ baggage. There were about ten bundles of various potions stuffed in it, and a few were sent back to the city immediately. This was immediately enough in that big map. Zhang Long frowned, then hurriedly manipulated the characters to come to the grocery store owner to buy a large number of packages and immediately sent them until he stuffed his baggage almost to the full value. Zhang Long stopped his crazy purchase with satisfaction.
See then everything is ready. Zhang Long came to the delivery man again. Click the delivery man here and sent it to the dangerous area to find the dragon cave. Click the left mouse button and gently press "Would you like to send it to the fire dragon map? The next delivery will cost you five o’clock "nonsense! Zhang Long turned his eyes gloomily and directly clicked OK. After the map jumped for a few seconds, Zhang Long appeared in the fire dragon cave, because all the players who sent the fire dragon map first sent it here, and the traffic here was still considerable. Almost every few seconds, white light was sent from here.
Moved a few steps forward at random. Zhang Long looked at his coordinates. Fire Dragon Cave 1213 quickly asked, "Xiaodong, what are your coordinates now?" "22262" Zhang Xiaodong also don’t lift quickly glanced at his brain right corner coordinates after replied dizzy! A thousand miles away from yourself! Zhang Long gloomily looked at this coordinate where he was, then pressed himself in the first grid of shortcut keys and immediately sent the scroll "Wow". Zhang Long’s characters disappeared instantly and were sent to a new place. Look at the new coordinates 4125 in the right corner of your screen. Zhang Long patted his forehead gloomily. How to send it farther and farther? Don’t give up. Zhang Long continued to press himself and then send the paper. Anyway, he bought more.
With the package after package being delivered automatically, Zhang Long quickly sent it to one new coordinate after another, 1252591472427, and so on. In Zhang Long, the conditioned reflex should continue to be pressed immediately. As soon as I saw my own coordinates, I stopped at once, which was very close to the coordinates that Zhang Xiaodong just said, and quickly asked, "What are your coordinates now?" “235262!” Zhang Xiaodong’s answer is equally simple and neat. "Haha, isn’t that not far from where you are now?" Zhang Long heart secretly pleased hurriedly looked around before and after, but there was no Zhang Xiaodong. A group of them manipulated the characters without moving a few steps. Zhang Long found himself in the right corner of the screen. A small yellow dot suddenly appeared, which was moving rapidly, and then another large group of yellow dots quickly appeared. Without thinking, Zhang Long manipulated the characters and ran towards the characters. Sure enough, he saw at a glance that the player named Beidou brother Cang Yue was running around in a mess.
Hehe, I am still an acquaintance! Zhang Longke didn’t forget that this ya actually dared to rob his God of War necklace. Although this guy was unfortunately sent back by Zhang Long and others, how can he get rid of the equipment so easily? Now it’s also about robbing his equipment by himself! Think of this dragon quickly manipulating the characters and running a few steps to Beidou brother’s side. Store a fire in advance and smash Beidou brother head-on. Think of chasing a large group of people behind you. Even people in front are waiting for their panic. Beidou brother won’t look at each other’s names, but if you look at each other wearing a golden thunder armor and holding a pair of primitive days, you will know that it is definitely not his own level. This kind of equipment can provoke the roots. Without fighting mind, Zhang Long will run to one side directly.
But by the time Brother Beidou reacted, it was too late. Zhang Long’s rapid fire had already hit him. This fire directly removed Brother Beidou’s close to 100 blood, and suddenly the few HP left by Brother Beidou was about 5.
Drink! As the Zhang Long characters sent out a big savage collision, they suddenly knocked out Beidou Brother three meters away, and then Zhang Long mouse quickly moved the characters to use the attack means again, and removed Beidou Brother’s sixty or seventy HP. This Beidou Brother finally reacted by putting the mouse on this warrior who has been attacking himself, waiting to see clearly that attacking himself is an old rival. The loyal king called me a dragon when I was young, but look at those who are about to run to his side. The East Sword, the God of War and others may have been blindsided by them! I just don’t know if those people who went back to the city before have found any experts in the country to help them. Although their greetings kept popping up in the speech column, they just reported their coordinates in a panic, and there was no time to answer their questions. Seeing that I was called Dragon Shao and I was going to attack Brother Beidou again, I narrowly avoided this sinister attack, but I was attacked by that despicable soldier behind me. Look at my HP. It’s only a mere 300 people, but the body theory is a powerful medicine for golden sores. Even the sun water flashed in Brother Beidou’s heart. But if you can be willing! Whip the baggage and look at the God of War bracelet Beidou brother lying quietly in his baggage. There is a strong desire to survive in his heart. He has been pressing the left mouse button and his fingers seem to be numb. The whole spirit of the town has miraculously flashed through several people’s encirclement and jumped forward.
"I grass! This guy can run too much! " Zhang Xiaodong, the workshop, scolded bitterly, and then said to Zhen Tian, who just followed the town, "Hurry up and yell at the SB mom in front of you with ice and tell you to run!"