"Wolf, don’t you go out!" Chen Nannan has reached the door to pull Lu Zhan out.

Lu Zhan hurriedly came out of health and sat on the sofa with purple patterns in his eyes.
"Little purple big miss haven’t seen a French cockroach? How can you get married after making such a fuss and letting people see it! " Chen Nannan is teasing Zihua in the bathroom.
Purple flower seemed to say something, but Lu Zhan didn’t hear it.
After a while, Zihua was dressed and came out, and Chen Nannan followed.
Suddenly Chen Nannan sniffed two times and shouted, "It’s not good to burn the food!"
As he spoke, he rushed to the kitchen.
Lu Zhan looked at her far away and shook her head. Although this woman is an elder sister, her figure and appearance are all first-class, but she doesn’t have a head or tail at all. It should be quite hard for her to live in such a house alone.
"Lu Zhan … I’m really sorry just now."
Purple flower came to Lu Zhan. She changed her pajamas, her hair was still hanging freely, and her face was still red.
She was not angry when something like this happened.
"It’s time to say I’m sorry …" Lu Zhan said with a wry smile, as if taking advantage of her.
"Well, then don’t say that."
Purple flower smiled and hurriedly took it as if it had never happened.
She sat beside Lu Zhan, but she kept a little distance from Lu Zhan.
"by the way, you haven’t told me about today’s game!" Purple flower picked up a petal of orange from Chen Nannan tea table and handed it to Lu Zhan.
Lu Zhan took the orange from her white hand and sighed when she heard her question.
He told Zihua about the course of the game, but it was not so detailed that he contradicted Mo Li.
Purple flower while listening and frowned.
"Team has produced such a big gap? This Priestess of Death tactical arrangement is not too inadequate! "
After listening to Lu Zhan’s narrative, purple flowers can’t help but be worthless for Lu Zhan
"Maybe he has his own considerations … but I can’t stand it without on-the-spot command." Lu Zhan put a piece of orange peel in his mouth.
"This kind of thing is estimated that the Internet has become a hot topic now," Zihua said.
"I don’t know, I don’t have a network either." Lu Zhan shrugged his shoulders. He had a mobile phone in his pocket, but the system was different. The family’s 4g network has been popularized. He is still in 2g. It is impossible to "move slowly" the mobile phone here for playing games and making phone calls.
"My brain may be able to get online, but my luggage is still in the car. Wait for it first." Zihua got up and walked towards the bedroom.
Looking at her from the figure Lu Zhan has some time travel flavor.
At Zihua’s home, he has seen Zihua’s cute appearance in pajamas several times, so it is very common to leave in pajamas.
Now, although I am in a foreign land again, I don’t feel much disobedience.
However, only when she is alone with Lu Zhan will Zihua run around like this in her pajamas. When there are RG players, she usually dresses very formally.
Two people are the kind of people who can be close even if they are seen each other, but they can only say sorry.
"Imperceptible in incredibly already so close …"
Lu Zhan ate another petal of orange, and his mind was full of thoughts.
Except for Xia Lingyao, Zihua went with him. Recently, two girls got to know each other from the game and improved their feelings a little bit from the game. After several months of double-row, they had a very tacit understanding of each other.
I wonder what kind of friendship this is. Confidante? Or something else? Purple flower thought he knew, but …
Sometimes he doesn’t know his feelings for Zihua. If he didn’t have feelings, he wouldn’t leave Zihua in the team.
Lu Zhan suddenly hates himself a little, so he is not white with Zihua, which may have caused trouble to Zihua.
I was thinking that Zihua quickly took out an Ipad from the room and sat down on the sofa again and put it on the coffee table.
"Nannan lived here only once every month. Things are very messy. I didn’t find this first, did I?" Zihua said.
Lu Zhan has leaned out of the body and suddenly thought of something and shrank back.
"Don’t watch it …"
"What are you afraid of? Is Tang Tang’s lspl undefeated God of War afraid to face his own failure? " Purple flower patted Lu Zhan shoulder with a smile.
After they meet in reality, Lu Zhan and Zi Hua sometimes double-row Lu Zhan in the same room. When they don’t play well, Zi Hua likes to pat him on the shoulder like this. It seems that it is actually encouraging.
"No, I haven’t figured out how to face those netizens who chose me to play." Lu Zhan said with some serious expressions.
Although he has arrived at Chen Nannan’s home, the loss of the North American team still affects the mood of the landing exhibition. He is not afraid of failure-he has accepted the reality of failure frankly. He is afraid of disappointing fans.
It took millions of people to be here as a player in the secondary league. The defeat of this game may make many people sad.
"Don’t think about it. I’ve already called you and left you a message!" Purple flower took Ipda to Lu Zhan’s eyes and waved and said
Chapter 62 China spray
The so-called three unique island women in East Asia, South Korea stick, China spray
The spraying force is exhausted. Before taking over the Ipad, Lu Zhan has made the worst plan. In case of being sprayed, you must pretend to be calm and leave it alone.
But when he saw the Ipad text, he froze.
There is a wifi purple flower in the room, and the news that the China Star team lost to the North American team was published on the page of Aiwan Game Network.
The headline of the news is "losing", but the whole article analyzes the gains and losses of the game.
Lu Zhan saw the journalists, and it was no accident that he came to Paris with them to write.
Maybe Zhiwei didn’t know much about lol skills and tactics at the press conference a few months ago, but this article is already very standard.
In this paper, it is analyzed that China team made a great mistake in the land exhibition, and the most stable point in the team is that one does not support his teammates, and the single is equal to the small achievement.
Compared with this, this is the main reason for the failure. There are too few heroes in the road, and these are secondary.
Lu Zhan read the whole article with strange feelings.
Knowledge analysis is very in place. Lu Zhan’s views coincide and directly speak to his heart.
These two exhibitions are really depressing. Priestess of Death’s tactics fixed him at the brush point and let him play his own strength in other ways
He had done everything he had to do, but he lost the game because of a command error.
"I don’t want you to watch the news, I want you to watch the comments!" Purple flowers gather around Lu Zhan and exhale in Lu Zhan’s ear.
Lu Zhan nodded. He just looked at the article and almost forgot.
When playing lspl, he didn’t pay much attention to the comments of netizens because of the secret training and competition. He heard the soldiers say that the spray was fierce and not to touch it.
This is the first time to pay special attention to these.
He held down the screen and pulled it to the side, and soon found that among thousands of comments, netizens had been divided into two groups.
One of them is that the pessimists moved out of China lol team and lost over the years. The reality tells everyone that it is better to wait for the national football team to win the championship than to wait for the national football team to enter the World Cup.