Wu Miao Lin Qiao is a good bully. After all, when I first saw her, even if her father looked too much, Lin Qiao was not angry. Wu Miao felt that Lin Qiaogen was not her opponent.

But now the situation seems to be different from a thought. This Lin Qiao is not very easy to deal with.
"When we met for the first time, even if Mu Chen had introduced me as his fiancee, you were still sitting next to him to suck up." Lin Qiao didn’t lie every word but made Wu Miao feel particularly humiliated.
"I never saw you again until Mu Chen came back and told me that you wanted to get to know me by touching porcelain. Can you tell me what gave you such confidence and made you feel that even if you covet my fiance, I can still smile when I see you?"
Lin Qiaocheng didn’t scold Wu Miao in a word, but every word and sentence expressed her contempt for Wu Miao and Wu Miao, and her eyes suddenly turned red.
"I have no opinion that you want to pursue your love. This is your business. I will interfere, but please don’t disturb my family, okay? This is also my advantage that you are not qualified to intervene! "
With that, Lin Qiao returned to Isabella and Xue Ranran and continued to talk and laugh with them, leaving Wu Miao alone to be watched like a monkey.
Mu Chen came to help Lin Qiao when he saw Wu Miao looking for trouble, but when Xue Han stopped Mu Chen from seeing Lin Qiao fight back, he was relieved and had a strange sense of pride.
Xue Han looked at Muchen’s face and said with a smile, "In this case, it’s better to let their women solve it themselves. We’d better stay out of it or things will be more troublesome."
"I want to protect her!" Muchen vowed to say
Xue Han nodded and said, "You should protect others when you come. Lin Qiao can’t be arrogant on such occasions. There are many things we can do behind us, right?"
Looked at Xue Han face expression Muchen nodded and didn’t continue to say.
Wu Miao is a little angry from embarrassment. If Lin Qiao continues to talk, I’m afraid things will be a little messy, but Lin Qiao cleverly stopped at a suitable point to let Wu Miao suddenly suffocate himself.
An irate turned around and wanted to leave Wu Miao and inadvertently saw Xue slowly. A contemptuous look in his eyes had just been suppressed, and his emotions suddenly became out of control.
"What did you just mean by that? Look down on me? " Wu Miao is now looking for opportunities to make trouble and take it out on himself.
Section 56
If Zhang Yue were here now, she would never let her daughter go too far. But Zhang Yue happened to be ill this morning, and she came to the party except Wu Miao, Wu Fu and Wu Sen. Sometimes such a difficult thing happens to Wu Miao.
Xue slowly chastened this time without choking directly, but looking at Wu Miao’s eyes motionless. Wu Miao came to find fault by looking at it like this and slowly getting a little guilty.
"You’d better not continue talking here, or I’ll kick you out." Xue Yan, the favorite little princess of the Xue family, is too lazy to kick this Wu Miao out.
"Isabella, do you think some people are shameless enough to stay here? I really don’t know what face she has to stay here."
Wu Miao was angry when she came. After hearing Xue Ranran’s criticisms, she immediately rushed to give Xue Ranran some color to see see.
Xue Han and Muchen’s face suddenly became ugly after speaking. They wanted to rush at once. Muchen leng turned around and saw that Wu Miao seemed to want to start work in front of Lin Qiao’s three people. Muchen’s face also became ugly.
Fortunately, Isabella stopped this tragedy for one second.
When she saw Wu Miao coming, Xue Ranran was shocked. She really didn’t know that this Wu Miao was so bold and dared to try to start work on her at the Xue family banquet. Of course, Xue Ranran didn’t expect Wu Miaogen to be so reckless if he didn’t know her.
Lin Qiao Xue Ranran and Isabella are sitting on a triangular sofa joking. Lin Qiao is very close to Xue Ranran, but the angle problem causes her to help stop Wu Miao from moving.
Fortunately, Isabella took Wu Miao’s hand as soon as she reacted.
"What do you want to do?" Everyone around us was shocked. If it weren’t for Isabella’s reaction, Wu Miao would have been fighting with Xue slowly by now.
"What’s going on here?" Although Xue Han saw Isabella stop the Wu Miao from moving, he still didn’t trust himself and came along with Muchen.
After Wu Miao saw Muchen, his eyes moved away. When people around him saw this scene, they also knew that what Wu Miao said before was somewhat false.
Wu Miao’s eyes are very eager, but there is Lin Qiao in Muchen’s eyes. After seeing Lin Qiao almost being attacked, Muchen will directly block Lin Qiao behind him.
"Miss Wu, isn’t it a little too much for you to do this to the Xue family at the banquet?" Xue Han checked the current situation of Xue Ran. After seeing Xue Ran’s nothing, his tone and eyes were not as gentle as before to Wu Miao.
Wu Miao was still staring blankly at Muchen when he was suddenly asked by Xue Han. "I don’t have a hand for Xue family! What are you talking about! "
Looking at Wu Miao some at a loss eyes Xue Han didn’t have a little passion "is it? You didn’t do anything to the Xue family? So what did you just want to do? Maybe you don’t know our big miss Xue Ranran? "
After hearing his name, Xue slowly leaned out from behind Xue Han and looked at Wu Miao with a surprised look and a smug smile.
As soon as Wu Miao knew who Miss Xue Jia was in Xue Han’s mouth, his face suddenly turned pale. "I’m sorry, I don’t know …"
The body of the Chapter 54 Always identify daughter-in-law
Chapter 54 Always Identify Daughter-in-law
Seeing this scene, Xue Han’s eyes were full of irony, but his tone did not show such emotions. "Really? Don’t you know? Do you deliberately not know or really don’t know? "
Wu Miao didn’t know how he should answer such words. Suddenly, he faltered and even looked at Mu Chen for help. He wanted to ask Mu Chen to help himself.
But at this time, Mu Chen is still checking whether Lin Qiaoshen has any traces of accidental injury. What kind of state of mind is this Wu Miao?
Poor Wu Miao winked at the blind look at Muchen and ignored Wu Miao. After seeing Wu Miao’s eyes, Xue Han sneered and said, "What’s the matter? Still not giving up? Explain what just happened to hit my sister? "
Wu Miao wants to say that it is Xue Ranran’s problem, but no one can help her to prove that after knowing that the girl who was almost beaten by herself is Xue Ranran, Wu Miao will know that this matter may not be so easy to end.
"What happened here?" As early as when Wu Miao was ready to start work, servants went to the Xue family, the Mu family, the Wu family, Wu Fu and Wu Sen.
But a few people who have just arrived here don’t know what happened here, so they can ask the people around them. After Wu Miao saw Wu Fu’s eyes, his face became more ugly.
Fu ruliu knew what had happened after a little thought when she saw this scene, so she decided directly to let Lin Qiao say what had just happened here again
Lin Qiao’s story is very objective. After all, there are many onlookers here. If you lie, you will be found out. Lin Qiao also feels that there is no need to tell any lies and directly tell what just happened.
After that, the guarantee is true. They also specially asked some people around them. After confirming that this matter is true, Mrs. Xue Zhuo Ya’s eyes became sharp.
"I don’t know what my daughter did wrong to provoke your daughter to do it in public?" Zhuo Ya didn’t get angry with Wu Miao, but looked away directly. Wu Fu wanted an explanation from here.
Wu Fu saw that Zhuo Ya was angry and made amends directly. The gesture was very humble. Wu Miao felt very humiliated when he saw this scene, so he said, "Why can’t she do it herself? Why can’t I teach her a lesson?" Is it difficult for her to bully others? "
"I bully you?" Xue Ranran laughed disdainfully. "Although I spoke a little too much, I admit it, but you said I bullied you. Don’t forget that you seduced someone else’s fiance first!"
This is the root of the problem. Zhuo Ya glanced at Muchen and Lin Qiao around him, and their impression of Wu Miao was even worse. A couple of horses were about to get engaged, and as a result, it was really too much for someone to want to be a third party.
Although her daughter may not be polite, this girl is even more shameful.
Fu Ruliu directly said to Lin Qiao after hearing Xue’s words, "Don’t worry! Xiao Qiao, no matter what, you are our Mu family daughter-in-law. You don’t need to worry, okay? Only a good girl like you can deserve our family Muchen. "
Lin Qiao smiled and didn’t even look at Wu Miao’s resentful eyes next to him. He was humble and said, "Thank you, Aunt, for praising me. I will definitely do better and won’t let my aunt down."
After these words, Zhuo Ya said to Xue Han’s father, that is, Xue Ren, the owner of the Xue family, "Husband is really annoying. I don’t want to see such a person appear at our 30th wedding anniversary party!"
Xue Jia’s husband and wife are very loving. Such a small request Xue Ren will naturally satisfy Zhuo Ya’s face when he sees Xue Ren nod. Wu Fu’s face suddenly becomes difficult to look at Wu Miao’s eyes and even more ugly.
Wu Sen, together with Wu Miao and Wu Fu, was politely invited out of the banquet hall and sat in the car. Wu Miao still didn’t stop complaining, but Wu Sen didn’t want to listen.
"Have you finished? It’s your own problem. Why do you keep complaining? " Wu Sen came to meet some rich brothers today, but he can expand his contacts and now he is ruined by Wu Miao.
"What makes you say me!" Wu Miao’s pretentious office and this twin brother have always been bad, especially when the elders at home pay more attention to this brother, Wu Miao is even more uncomfortable.
"What can’t I say about you?" Wu Sen looked at Wu Miao with disgust, as if he saw some big trouble. "I’m almost bored to death by you now. I just wooed a few rich brothers and tried to get a good condom with others, but you ruined the opportunity!"
Wu sen aggrieved tone let Wu Miao heart also very angry "what’s the matter? Those are just fair-weather friends. If something happens to our family, do you still expect others to help you? "
"Are you? Then I won’t bring trouble to the Wu family. You seduce the president of Mu family and get caught. You also intend to slap Miss Xue family. You don’t know the weight of Miss Xue family in Xue family! Do you know that you have caused trouble to the Wu family? "
"Well, don’t say it again!" Wu Fu directly interrupted the quarrel between two people after hearing Wu Sen’s words. Wu Miao wronged Wu Sen but gave the elder sister a disdainful look.