"Is it really him?" Wang Dafu mercilessly slapped his head in this hand and scolded, then swallowed himself and slowly walked towards the little girl step by step, while his hand followed behind him, staring at the sleepy little girl step by step.

The sleepy little girl suddenly became so scared that Wang Dafu and his family hurriedly turned around and ran to lie prone on the door panel for a long time without looking back.
"Niang", however, the little girl was dreaming and left two lines of tears, but she didn’t wake up.
"His mother startled" Wang Dafu patted his chest from the door panel and breathed a sigh of relief.
"Boss, what should we do?" Wang Dafu asked softly with a hand around him.
"This witch is too weak to see her body, so you can use your magic temporarily. Go and tie her up. She doesn’t miss her mother. Then I’ll send her to reunite with her mother tonight," Wang Dafu said ferocious.
"Eldest brother this" Wang Dafu a hand is hesitant to look at the little girl dare not easily before.
"Who gave me a bundle of this witch girl? One hundred dollars for each person." Wang Dafu saw that all the hands were hesitant and directly threw out the refusal conditions of these hands.
Money can make the mare go round, and the fear of the unknown is instantly replaced by greed for money, so four people grab the rope and tie the little girl up.
The four men’s rough movements also awakened the little girl. The little girl slowly opened her eyes and found that she had been caught. She looked at Wang Dafu viciously, but she didn’t use vines to tie everyone up again.
"Ha ha, how do you continue to bind me?" Wang Dafu saw that the little girl didn’t make any response. See things as he guessed. After all, the succubus is a little girl, and there is not much demon power. Looking at the little girl before she was proud, she said, "Go on, why don’t you continue? To tell you the truth, you are right. Your father is me, and your mother is forced to death by me. How about you continue to bind me?"
Listen, Wang Dafu always confides things in front of his face. The little girl’s eyes are full of resentment, and her eyes are shining with terrifying light, losing her last strength.
Just as Wang Dafu was laughing wildly, a sharp spike suddenly emerged from the soles of his feet, which directly hurt him.
"Boss be careful" holding up the little girl’s hands to see Wang Dafu’s foot movement and wake up quickly.
"What?" Wang Dafu was laughing, puffed up and suddenly saw his hand look dismayed. Looking at his body, he felt that some sharp weapon in an important part of his body had been stabbed and he was bleeding profusely. He fell to the ground clutching his vital parts and kept rolling and wailing.
"Eldest brother, eldest brother, what happened to you?" In addition, several genera who had never tried to muzzle the little girl returned to absolute being and hurriedly helped Wang Dafu up before asking eagerly.
"Ah, my penis, I’m going to kill you, I’m going to kill you." Wang Dafu pulled up his crotch and looked at his key. His face turned pale and he looked at the little girl and said with malice.
Chapter 467 Human tragedy
Looking at Wang Dafu clutching his crotch and wailing in pain, the little girl’s pale face showed a gloomy smirk.
"Little bastard killed her for me." Wang Dafu had a hard time slowing down. When he saw the little girl proud, he suddenly burst into rage, pointing to the little girl gnashing her teeth and ordering her hand.
Suddenly, the little girl was brutally beaten, and the whole person fell to the ground like a ball and was kicked around by these big guys, but the little girl didn’t hum a wink and kept staring at Wang Dafu with malice.
"That’s enough. It’s not too cheap to kill her like this. This bastard, I want her to be ruined. It’s not peaceful to let her die." Wang Dafu remembered that his half-life happiness was likely to be destroyed in the hands of this witch, and he felt that it was too cheap to kill her. He thought of an idea in a flash.
"You hang up this witch girl for me first, and then wait until I go to the doctor to treat the injury." Wang Dafu drank all the people and then said darkly that he was going to sit in the sedan chair when he was brought here in a hurry, ready to be carried back to his office by his hand to see the doctor. Wang Dafu didn’t forget to wake up a few hands to stay and monitor the little girl after being moved by his hand.
In order to prevent the little girl from escaping, and everyone was afraid of her witchcraft, she hung the little girl on the beam when the little girl was weak now, and then several of her own people kept outside to check the situation inside through the door from time to time to prevent the little girl from escaping.
At this time, there was a young woman’s body lying in the cabin and flying in the sky. From these conversations, I learned that this young woman should be a little girl in red. The foster mother was hung on the beam of the cabin and was extremely weak. Perhaps the little girl supported her because of hatred in her heart, and there was another one who could not feel it flying except himself.
Flying fists clutching at Wang Dafu’s crazy abuse of the little girl’s teeth and biting his lips are bleeding, but he can watch and see Wang Dafu’s ability to abuse the little girl and fly in the sky. He can’t turn his head away and wish to cut Wang Dafu and his hands to pieces, but he can endure it at this time.
When Wang Dafu and his men left and flew in the sky, they tried to save the little girl, but they couldn’t touch it. They tried to shout at the little girl, but the little girl couldn’t hear it. She just hung there silently watching the foster mother lying on the ground.
After a long time, the little girl burst into tears and kept falling through the flying body and fell to the floor.
"Damn it!" Flying at the top of the head, the little girl’s tears fell through her body and bit her lips, and she hated it.
At this moment, there was a creaking sound in the corner of the cabin. Several mice came out of the hole for food in the night and slowly approached the ground. They wandered around the body of the little girl’s foster mother for a while, then climbed to the face of the body and ate the body of the little girl’s foster mother.
"Oh, you damn rats, get out of here." All this is naturally caused by the little girl who has been keeping a close eye on her foster mother. When she saw it, the little girl suddenly struggled and cried, hoping to drive away these rats by herself.
Just now, the little girl’s voice still worked. When the mouse heard the little girl crying, it was so scared that it ran back to the mouth of the cave. It took a long time to look out and observe the surrounding situation. The food lured him back to the little girl’s adoptive mother’s body and continued to chew.
Maybe it’s because the little girl hanging there can’t hurt herself and make a lot of noise. This group of mice are eating with peace of mind. With the little girl crying and cursing on the beams, the curse is not running away. Her foster mother’s face has been gnawed out of several bloody holes, and the original good face has been gnawed with potholes, which looks terrible.
"Don’t ask you, please come in and help me outside. Don’t well." The little girl cried in the house until her voice was hoarse. She also begged to stay outside. Wang Dafu’s men went in to help, but after seeing that the little girl was fierce, several girls tried to hurt them by looking inside through the crack of the door, then shook their heads slightly and pretended not to hear the house calling for help.
Flying in the room looking at this sad scene, no matter how strong he is, he was also made to cry by this tragedy. He squatted down and hugged his head and gave a hysterical roar. The whole person was going to be driven crazy by himself. This state of watching what happened in front of him and being unable to do anything by himself was so humbled and resistant.
It is in this state that until dawn, the little girl has been unable to make a sound, and the whole person has entered a state of collapse. In that state, hee hee, hey hey, smirking and flying, sitting in the corner, the whole person looks very decadent.
It was noon after a long time, and the little girl was quiet and flying in silence, and her heart was already a little stuffy, sitting there waiting for the development of this tragedy.
"Eldest brother, you’re here." At this moment, a few people standing outside the door suddenly saw that Wang Dafu, who was injured last night, walked somberly and came over in a sedan chair, and hurriedly greeted him respectfully.
"Well, what happened to the syren inside?" Wang Dafu nodded and asked sullenly.
"It’s still in there. I don’t know what the hell happened last night. I’m honest today," a hand respectfully replied
"Well," Wang Dafu nodded and said softly, his eyes looked at the cabin door viciously.
"Eldest brother this" hand some hesitation said.
"Give me the door if I call you." Wang Dafu directly kicked down the man, but suddenly his eyebrows wrinkled and he snorted. Take back his legs carefully and tears rolled in his eyes.
The other hand hurriedly hit the door of the cabin and then let it go to one side. Wang Dafu immediately rushed in and raised his whip in his hand and slapped it hard on the little girl until he was so tired that he was panting and the little girl fainted. Then he took one look at the body and screamed out with fear.
Chapter 46 Revenge
"What’s the matter with the boss?" The hands who stayed outside heard that Wang Dafu was full of fear and exclaimed. They rushed into the room and saw Wang Dafu’s eyes staring at the body in horror. Looking down his eyes, they saw that the young woman’s whole face was bitten by a mouse, and it was very terrible.
"Xi Xi ha ha" this scream will also wake up the little girl who passed out, and wait for those people to show her nervousness and laugh.
"You guys carry this woman out and bury her." Wang Dafu had a hard time getting up from the ground and didn’t dare to look at the young woman’s body again. Don’t overdo it and order it to one side.
"Yes," the boss didn’t dare to violate the order, but the body here was too scary, so Wang Dafu’s men thought of a way to cover the face of the body with a broken sack, and then they carried it out and dug a flower field outside the house to bury it.
"Eldest brother how to deal with this syren" Wang Dafu asked him gently with one hand.
"I have my own way. You go and take people outside and set up a column for me, and then give me a firewood around." The young woman’s body was carried out, and Wang Dafu’s fear in his heart dissipated. Many people heard the hand questioning and then sank and ordered.
"Yes," several hands went to prepare for Wang Dafu’s visit. He took a look at the little girl and went out with a cold hum. Although he hated the little girl, Wang Dafu dared not stay in the house and directly took the door to supervise the people to set up the execution ground.