He played three skills in Lu Zhan Tower, one hit, and finally he was full of confidence. QE 2 Company was also dodged by Lu Zhan.

Later, in the slow motion release, the audience saw that when Syndra’s Q skill was released, Lu Zhanlulu suddenly moved to the right. He moved to the side when Syndra raised his hand with Q skill, which led to the second time that Syndra raised his hand and released his E skill. He was no longer at the three-point line with Syndra and Sindra.
Lu Zhan will also be Sindra. He knows that a master will be able to press QE 2 at the same time in the most urgent moment.
He predicted that the opponent would put Q, which means that the former opponent’s two skills moved. When the opponent wanted to take back his skills, he couldn’t come.
There is no reason to take back the skills!
Become a small animal. Syndra regrets that he can’t come
Is he reckless in rushing to the tower? Can you blame Lu Zhan for being too evasive?
A four-damage skill hits a single one. What can you do to kill people by jumping over the tower?
Instead, he was hit by the defensive tower, and the third place was in jeopardy.
Syndra turned back into a human figure and wanted to find Lu Zhan to continue to match, but Lu Zhangen didn’t fight her.
After his W skill was released, Lulu shrank behind the tower.
He is very confident that he will ignite the injury. Syndra can’t run away without a blood bottle!
Sure enough, when he was about to retreat to one tower and two towers, Syndra died
This is the third match between Lu Zhan and Bjergsen. In the first two games, Bjergsen was fighting in the wild to protect development. This game finally had a chance for two people to play against each other normally. Lu Zhan was crushed because he took care of the team and finally got the situation back.
At this time, the burning night showed Lu a map to indicate that the other party might go to the wild.
Before Lu Zhan made any move, a mantis suddenly emerged from the corner.
Mantis flew directly, vomited a W skill to Lu Zhanshen and immediately took away Lulu’s head.
"It’s a pity that you can still run" and frown at night.
The other mantis has been developing since it was taken a blood, and finally let him catch a chance and get the head.
"It’s all my fault that I don’t know each other’s wild position." Sky blue wry smile.
"It was my own carelessness," Lu Zhan said.
He came here to go back to the city in that position, and he couldn’t help it if he was overcast by mantis.
However, the mantis caught him and was beaten by the second tower for half of his blood. Moreover, the mantis in this game is only level 5 now, which is less than 612 minutes. Lu Zhan is not afraid of him to catch him.
"Xiaolong’s vision should be well developed and we should not go to Xiaolong Tuan first," said Lu Zhan.
Everyone nodded, Lu Zhan’s command became more and more accurate, and they became more and more convinced that Lu Zhan had a core leader in a team and everyone could listen to him before he could go further together.
The game has reached the single position in the three roads now. The China team is in the absolute leading position in the wild, and the sky blue is also ahead of the other two roads. It is time for the single team to carry forward its advantages and roll the snowball to other places.
"Sheng Qiang pushed this wave of soldiers directly to the middle road gank!" Lu Zhan said
Riven has been fat, and Lu Zhan has been in the middle of the road for so long, waiting for Xiao Chengjiang to come over
Xiao Shengqiang said that he understands that the development of this game is so good that Dao Mei alone can’t satisfy him.
He went around the triangle grass into the other side’s wild area, and then walked all the way from the wild area corridor to f4.
It happened that I saw here that I was playing f4 mantis, and Xiao Chengjiang had no scruples about it.
A skill brought a shield in front of mantis, and then hit it in three q times. At the third time, mantis died
This game of mantis development is so miserable that it can be said that he is my brother root can’t stop Riven from hurting Dao Mei.
"Ha, you scum workers also have an arry day!" Xiao Shengqiang is very excited.
After playing for so long, the outside world’s doubts have always put him under great pressure. Many people say that it is because the single-position hero pool is too shallow that the China team is so difficult to play.
Today he finally ushered in a moment of pride.
This time gank took the head and left. He didn’t love fighting at all.
Syndra must be prepared to catch someone when he is seen. It is not easy to catch Syndra.
He is preparing to return to Dao Mei in Riven. He has reached level seven, but Dao Mei has not yet reached level six.
"Go to gank!" Lu Zhan said
Riven has become the biggest weapon of the China team in this bureau, which is different from the four guarantees and one guarantee in this bureau. Draven can’t go around gank, but Riven can swim and it’s not white.
In this way, Xiao Chengjiang nodded. He went around his wild area from the river and went around the road to avoid being detected by the other side’s eyes.
People who often participate in gank have a general understanding of the eye position that the other party may insert. Xiao Shengqiang has a deeper understanding of the border area alone.
Moreover, the opponent’s inferior position in this game has little chance to kill his own wild area, and there should be fewer eyes.
So all the way to the road, the other side ad and auxiliary haven’t left yet.
That is to say, they don’t know Riven’s arrival yet.
"die!" Xiao Shengjiang thought in his heart
This game made him so high that he was not afraid of what the other side thought.
Even if mantis squats on the other side in this game, there is no way to kill him.
So he went around directly from his home near triangle grass and followed a wave of Batman into the opposite field of vision.
The two sides are opposite to each other near the center line. The arrival of Riven surprised the other side.
I’ve seen gank, but it’s rare for him to walk around like this.
Draven and Hammer Stone immediately retreated, but Jiela released a big move on their feet.
At this time, except Dao Mei and Mantis, everyone else has reached the level 6 Jiela and has no spare skills.
This big move blocked the escape route of the two men, and Hammer Stone decided to sell himself and stay behind.
But Riven ignored him. He was still walking in the back.
Draven has no displacement skills, and it is a death to be posted.
Xiao Shengjiang’s daring to swagger like this will certainly not make Levin feel better.
But just as Xiao Chengqiang was about to show off a drill, his screen turned gray.
There is a row of English edges and a countdown 3.
"Pause again?" Xiaoshengqiang eyebrows a vertical.
At the same time, Lu Zhan also looked at North America. In the past, it was the other side’s ad flame brain that went wrong.
Chapter 734 Pause again
Three times. There was something wrong with the flaming brain before the game. The first-class team suspended once, and now it’s called a time-out.
No matter how good the brain is, it’s hard to go wrong. It’s not only like this, but it’s still rare to have problems in a row. Ten brains have just passed the team competition. At that time, they had a good brain. Why is it so easy to break now?
It’s impossible for Lu Zhan to know where the other person’s brain is broken, but as before, he still suspects that the flame is intentional. Otherwise, why did he suddenly call a time-out every time he died?
This time, they asked the workers here and went there to see what was going on.
A game was interrupted in a row, and the audience stopped working. At one time, there was a lot of hiss, but the brain of the North American team was still being repaired for a minute, and it was not good.