"If it were you, you wouldn’t have made a mistake. Your brother really didn’t." Taylor Swift is different. It’s not as important for anyone to behave well as his boyfriend. Whether he is his boyfriend or not, he is just not as good as his boyfriend.

Ji Guo felt ashamed that this prodigal bitch was suspected of destroying their brothers’ feelings and explained in his heart, "Boss, don’t mind going home, I will teach her a lesson."
"Teach your uncle!" Ji Guoqiu sat on the bench and took a long drink. Gatorade just made a mistake, and he accounted for half of the blame. His pace is not as flexible as before. Today, he played too long. The whole game didn’t rest for a few minutes, and his physical strength was a bit overwhelming. In fact, the two of them have not reached the peak yet, and Kobe’s endurance is not as good as this guy.
Old Deng Liwei was also a little flustered at this time. After the pause, he first arranged a complicated offensive tactic with a tactical board … Then on second thought, he, the coach, was nervous now. At this time, the players must be more nervous. The tactical arrangement was too complicated to be typed, or it was better to arrange a simple tactic … So old Deng Liwei immediately erased half of the tactics that had been drawn, which made the Clippers players’ brains fall into a short crash. Their thinking remained in the previous tactics. Old Deng Liwei then arranged the so-called simple tactics. Old Deng Liwei also failed to understand it at the critical moment!
On the other hand, Jackson is still the same as Gujingbo. The Lakers players seem to be a little distracted when they see him, and their coach’s anxiety seems to have become a lot calmer.
Phil Jackson didn’t arrange too much tactical language for the players in this pause, so he gave all the explanations to others and let the players think for themselves. This arrangement not only made the players calm down, but also made them not think about those messy things and concentrate more on the game.
When there is a difference in technical level in nba games, the final decision of the game is that the mentality is excellent, which can make players make more correct choices at a critical juncture. This is also the difference between stars and players. Some nba players have reached the level of stars, but they can occasionally be short-lived without the psychological quality of stars.
The clippers returned to the court after the timeout. This attack, the clippers handed the basketball back and forth more than ten times. Finally, the tactical failure did not even get the opportunity to shoot, and it was considered that they were lucky.
The basketball was finally stabbed out of bounds by Gasol’s long arm and left to the Clippers with 5 seconds left.
Old Deng Liwei didn’t ask the Clippers to stop serving the frontcourt ball. Paul Davis couldn’t serve the ball for nearly five seconds, and finally gave the basketball to Billups, who had moved to the midfield.
Billups received a basketball and forced his body to break through. Schell made an emergency stop outside the three-point line …
This ball is extremely difficult, and the basketball must be thrown before the attack, so Billups took a look at the basket and threw the basketball by feeling. Naturally, there was no score at all, and the basketball slammed into the basket and popped up.
Ji Guo’s hatred for the key once again grabbed the key rebound in Bynum’s head and then immediately made up the basket …
Ji Guoqiu missed the basket, but basketball flew in his direction again.
"No way!" Pau Gasol, this time, fought desperately for this rebound. If Ji Guoqiu is so reckless, he will repeatedly get the frontcourt rebounds in the basket and then make up the basket. He is the world champion.
Gasol’s take-off time was better than Ji Guoqiu’s, and he finally grabbed this precious rebound in the backcourt, but the Spaniard didn’t notice that his jump was not too high. Gasol’s bounce was not as good as before after being seriously injured in the World Championships. It was a piece of cake for him to jump 50 or 60 centimeters before, but now it is easy to force too hard and lead to jumping on the street!
"Shit!" After Gasol landed, he leaned to one side unsteadily and went away. Basketball also broke away from him in a somersault.
Ji Guoqiu was very clever at this moment when he saw Bynum rushing to grab the basketball. In his mind, he judged that the chances of himself and the other side were 50-50, and more importantly, even if he grabbed the basketball, he would have no shot, and Bynum would definitely be behind the basket. It would be bad then!
At this moment, Ji Guoqiu’s head thought a lot, but the opposite Bynum pu was still in the analysis, and maybe an pig got stuck. When he saw Ji GuoChou He, he deliberately had a physical contact with them and lost the chance to grab the ball. The basketball directly rolled to the frontcourt of the Clippers!
"Du!" The referee reached a finger and decided to punish the Clippers’ ball in the frontcourt. An attack by Ji Guoqiu has hit the basket. The Clippers’ previous attack has been completed. Gasol finally touched the ball and knocked the basketball out of bounds. The Lakers’ mistakes are counted. The Clippers’ frontcourt ball attack is recalculated by 24 seconds.
Clippers fans secretly breathed a sigh of relief. A second later, the cheers of the mountain tsunami resounded through the arena. Clippers fans hoped to cheer to help the team keep the lead and win at the last minute!
Billups received the serve, and when the Clippers didn’t call for a pause, it was enough. They started to pick and roll again. The tactics were simple, not easy to make mistakes, and they could delay.
Ji Guoqiu came out to cover Billups, seized the opportunity to dribble and break through the Clippers. After this attack, these two men completed it, and the other three players played a containment role.
After Billups broke through, he was blocked by the Lakers players who were ready. Mr. Key didn’t come strong and immediately stopped to move the basketball back to the flank.
Schell’s defense is misplaced at the moment, and the Lakers’ defense is not satisfactory this time. They didn’t miss anyone, but they were still misplaced.
Ji Guoqiu immediately shot against Schell …
The dislocation caused by the attack is a good opportunity for the Clippers. Even if it is disturbed, Schell’s height will not pose much threat to Ji Guoqiu. The core theory of the team is that he will also hit this ball.
Basketball draws a beautiful arc in the sky and doesn’t worry fans for long. After a second, it falls into the net!
Ji Guoqiu raised his right hand. He didn’t disappoint the Clippers fans. In the expectation of nearly 20,000 Clippers fans, he firmly blocked the basketball from hitting Schell, which didn’t affect him at all.
The score was 16:12. After Ji Guoqiu scored, the Lakers also didn’t call for a timeout. Kobe quickly advanced to the frontcourt and stopped on the right wing to observe the Clippers’ defense.
Posey sticks to Kobe one step away to prevent being attacked by the opponent’s cold arrow. Kobe often faces the defender’s warning and starts shooting at the key moment. This move is very accurate. At this time, Kobe is dangerous, but he can score successfully if he is not careful.
It’s a pity that Posey can’t prevent the fifteenth day of the first day, but he can’t prevent Kobe’s shooting, but Kobe faked it. When the latter broke through, he also extended a hand and deliberately stopped Posey. He didn’t want to pick and roll, and then suddenly stopped near the free throw line to catch Posey and throw it out. Only then did he take off and throw the basketball with a little drift in the Clippers crowd …
Chapter two hundred and ninety-three Three pairs of monsters
The players of the two teams looked up at the basketball, ignoring the boss’s beauty, turned around and grabbed their pre-determined positions to prepare for rebounding.
"Hey!" Kobe didn’t give Ji Guoqiu a chance to rebound, and the basketball heart was in the net!
Ji Guoqiu received a slap on the floor from the basket and immediately remembered something. Looking up at the referee, it seems that some idiot was sent off by a technical foul.
The referee took a look at Ji Guoqiu and turned away as if he didn’t see anything.
The giant panda breathed a sigh of relief. Who knows if the referee will favor the Lakers?
David Stern hopes that the finals will play a yellow-green battle, which is everyone’s governor
Ji Guo was ashamed to look at the referee’s double standards on the sidelines at this time, and he was extremely angry and admitted that he was being targeted at the same move. What’s wrong with this guy?
Ji Guoqiu is too lazy to talk to him. Now the score is 16:14, and it has changed back to two points. There is 1 minute and 2 seconds left in the game. The Clippers have to enter this attack again!
Old Deng Liwei also knew the importance of this attack and asked the referee for a time-out. This time, he arranged a positioning cover to create a shooting opportunity for Ji Guoqiu, who felt good today.
Before the game is re-viewed, fans can find that the clippers’ layout tactics are not complicated. Chou He Billups carries out pick-and-roll as usual, and Paul Davis and Ron Artest cover the ball twice, which is a multiple cover tactic.
Old Deng Liwei’s reaction was not slow, and he found the problem quickly. Although the clippers’ tactics were not complicated, it was not easy to defend them.
When Jackson paused, he had focused on defending Ji Guoqiu, but the defense was always the passive side. Ji Guoqiu got a shot through the team’s cover. He received Billups’ ball and quickly shot it at a distance of 15 feet and hit a key.
The score was 1:14. The Clippers missed one second in this attack, and there was 1 minute and 2 seconds left in the game.
Phil Jackson looks expressionless now, but at this critical moment, even after a long battle, Jackson will feel nervous. Is he hesitating to drop the team’s last timeout? However, the Zen master is good at hiding his emotions, and even if he is flustered, he will not be seen.
The Lakers finally called themselves to pause for the last time. You can’t keep this thing. It’s time to be decisive
Ji Guoqiu has scored 27 points, 15 rebounds, 9 assists and 3 blocked shots at the moment. Billups scored 23 points and 6 assists. Artest scored 19 points and 3 rebounds. Mobry scored 12 points. Thomas scored 11 points. Posey scored 7 points. Garcia scored 4 points. Amir Johnson scored 2 points.
Kobe Bryant scored 2 points, 4 rebounds, 5 assists, Gasol scored 1 point, 3 assists, Odom scored 15 points, 7 rebounds, 3 assists, Bynum scored 4 rebounds, Wharton scored Schell scored Vujacic 7 points, Rad Manovic scored 7 points and Farmar scored 2 points.
Jeff Van Gundy said with Ji Guoqiu’s data sheet, "Brother Panda is only one assist away from winning the third triple-doubles in his playoff career. It’s true that he is called’ Triple-doubles Panda’. Speaking of triple-doubles, this panda will definitely become a new generation of triple-doubles monsters in the alliance. Can we guess whether he will surpass several other triple-doubles monsters in history in the future?"
Magic Johnson’s face is full of smiles, and it can be seen that he is very unhappy with such a little pervert in his sworn enemy team. "If I hadn’t retired at the age of 32, would I have won 13 triple doubles?" This little guy is really talented, but it’s too early to say that he can get a triple double next season. "
Jeff Van Gundy can see that the Lakers are in a bad situation now, so this dead fat guy is in a bad mood. He rarely talks about such stinking shit. However, Fan Tou is unaware of the magician’s contempt for Ji Guoqiu to vent his depression. The giant panda has counted three doubles this season. If he can win the third playoff today, the total number of triple doubles has reached 11 times. To say the least, even if Ji Guoqiu can’t get three doubles tonight, his triple doubles have already reached one time in the rookie season.
In the first season, brother panda was so abnormal that he got 15 triple doubles last season. It seems that it is not a big problem to get over 100 in the future. It is almost certain that he can get more than 13 times. It seems that there is no big problem in Van Gundy.
The magician also felt that he was a little rude. He even sighed and wanted to say something, but he couldn’t put it down. Finally, he choked out three words-"Not good!"
Seeing that the former Lakers fans have black lines on their heads, the magician wants to say these three words in the Lakers game, and the result of the game is not good. This crow mouth has not learned the lesson and it is simply a slap in the face!
The game resumed, and Kobe Bryant also specially set up a cover tactic. Peter Pan ran around the baseline and came out to catch the basketball. Instead of shooting directly, he deliberately slowed down a beat and faked Posey’s attempt to score three points.
Percy, the Clippers, was badly bombed by Kobe Bryant in the series, and the Celtics didn’t deal with Kobe Bryant in the same way at another time. Percy got limited help from his teammates when defending Kobe Bryant. Old Deng Liwei didn’t pay so much attention to Percy, which led him to have no great restrictions on Kobe Bryant with the help of team strength as at another time. The chain reaction was that after being repeatedly bombed by Kobe Bryant, his reputation was far less than before.
There are twin brothers in the Clippers, and Artest Posey, the best defensive player, is greatly reduced in the Clippers. Everyone has neglected his defensive ability intentionally or unintentionally.
Kobe Bryant’s heart secretly called out that it was not good to pounce on Posey, but instead took the opportunity to post him.