Everyone was in a good mood. The Zhang Long deal even rubbed the sword of the East. When everyone saw that there were 10 thousand swinging gold coins in their baggage, everyone was excited.

Watching his money drop by more than 30 thousand, Zhang Long didn’t feel a little distressed. He didn’t have anything but money and tens of millions of gold boxes in the warehouse, which filled the whole warehouse.
I think it is necessary to give some sweetness to others in the guild after attacking Sabac in three days, so that I can work hard to follow a boss who has no benefits at all!
Thinking of this dragon, he quickly sent a message on the guild channel, "All online members come to Biqi Warehouse for 50,000 gold coins for everyone here." However, he didn’t think of the impact this news would have.
When people in the guild heard this news, the Ministry went crazy. How many people are there in a guild of 50,000 people? Is the boss crazy? However, if you want to return, everyone immediately put their hands in their hands, and things rushed to Biqi, which once caused Biqi to be crowded. Many people were trapped inside and couldn’t walk out.
Zhang Long, at the gate of Zhang Long Biqi warehouse, looked at his eyes and saw people everywhere. At least there were more than 200 people at a glance, and there were many people who were looking at Biqi. They couldn’t help laughing and crying. Their guild was only five people in total. This shout actually called two or three hundred people. It seems that money charm is really great! So many people are attracted by their own words, you can’t say no, so you can still stand on your feet in the future.
Thinking of this dragon’s speech, "since everyone is here, everyone will not be missing, but before that, I will say that the guild will attack the sand in three days, hoping that everyone can come and everyone will have greater benefits."
"We will definitely come."
"The boss is so kind to our door. If we don’t come, will we still be human?"
The bottom people answered enthusiastically.
Zhang Long said, "Well, I want to say one more thing. I hope everyone will pay attention to it. If someone receives the money once, they should ask you to report it immediately. The whistleblower will get a reward of 50 thousand. Now, please don’t squeeze one by one. Everyone has a share."
Zhang Long’s words dispelled the thoughts of a large part of people. After all, the eyes of the masses are very discerning, and it is very difficult to follow such a rich boss. If he is out of the guild, he will be dead.
It took more than two hours for Zhang Long to complete the transaction, and there was not enough money. Anyway, there was a warehouse behind him and then he went to get it.
After seeing everyone get the money, Zhang Long roughly calculated that it cost about 150 million yuan. In his view, it was all worth it.
Just then, Oriental Sword sent a message saying, "Boss, please go to the forum quickly. You are famous."
"What’s the matter?" Zhang Long asked, but Oriental Sword never replied.
Zhang Long hurriedly played the game forum and was shocked at once.
Chapter 13 Hospital Storm
See an essence post titled "Look at the Real Rich" on the homepage of the forum. The poster was posted by a player named Lan Elf, and the reply and click-through rate of this post reached an amazing number. Zhang Long quickly clicked into the post and introduced in detail the joint efforts of the Zhang Long guild "Hero Gate" to defeat "contempt for steamed bread" and "White Dragon Club", and then gave it to his guild. At that time, more than three people were online, each of them sent 5W gold coins, and the reply was also five flowers. It was said that Zhang Long lost his family and Zhang Long bought people’s hearts.
Then Zhang Long entered the game and saw that his speech column had been filled with people. Almost every moment, a new message came up, "Does the boss guild still need people?" "Boss, I want to join the club!" "Handsome boy want to get married? People can video! " Several similar messages appeared in front of Zhang Long.
Let Zhang Long pay attention to a message from a famous Tianlang, "I wonder if Dragon is interested in selling a monty?" Heavenly demon armor! Is there a monty at this time? Zhang Long was surprised and quickly replied, "Is the buddy still there?"
The news of "Zaitian" wave quickly replied.
"Are you selling monty? How much is it? " Zhang Long asked.
"Yes, am I going to sell the price of Monty? See for yourself." Tianlang replied.
"Can you come to Biqi Warehouse for an interview?" Zhang Long Road
"I’ll go right away." Tianlang replied quickly.
In Biqi warehouse, Zhang Long saw Tianlang and was actually a male soldier. He looked at ordinary Zhang Long with an ordinary ruling in his hand and Zuma equipment. It was not only strange, "Can you be a monty?"
"I typed it with my sister. My sister is a Taoist," Tianlang said.
"You’re a soldier, too. Why don’t you keep it for yourself?" Zhang Long asked.
"I came to keep it for myself, but my mother was ill and needed a hospital to sell it," Tianlang said.
How come my mother is ill again and I met two today? Zhang Long sighed, "How much are you going to pay for this monty?"
"I don’t know the price either. You can give it at will." Tianlang replied very faithfully.
Zhang Long not only had a little affection for Tianlang, but said, "Look, this is the first piece of magic. I’ll give you 5 RMB."
"No, no, it seems that Monty is not worth so much." Tianlang hurriedly refused.
"It’s worth your filial piety," Zhang Long said.
At this time, Tianlang directly submitted a trading application to Zhang Long, then released Monty and directly clicked OK to get a deal. Then this Monty is Zhang Long. Zhang Long hurriedly asked, "What are you doing? I haven’t given you money yet. "
"You are a good man and I believe you," Tianlang replied.
Zhang Long could not bear to refuse his kindness. After clicking OK, he asked, "Where are you from? How can I give you the money? "
"I’m from S City" Tianlang Road
"S city people that’s really a coincidence I’ll send it to you" Zhang Long hurriedly said.
Tianlang replied, "Thank you. Come to a hospital and I’ll wait for you at the door."
Zhang Long quickly went out and came to the hospital by himself. After parking his car, he saw a boy in his 2-year-old age hovering anxiously on the doorstep of the hospital.
Zhang Long walked up to him and asked, "Are you Tianlang?"
The boy turned around and said excitedly, "Yes, I am. Are you a dragon?"
We get ready to nod and take out a hundred-dollar bill that hasn’t been unsealed and say, "I brought you the money."
Tianlang seemed stunned and hurriedly waved his hand and said, "No, no, how can I want so much?"
Zhang Long smiled and said, "Take it. Even if I buy something for my aunt, why don’t you invite me in to see my aunt?"
Said the sky waves as if remembering something, and quickly rushed back and said, "Oh, no, those doctors are still urging money in the ward."
Zhang Long followed. Just entering the ward, Zhang Long heard a cry coming from the front. Zhang Long saw the sky and the waves seemed to have stepped up his pace. Just entering the ward, Zhang Long saw several doctors forcibly pulling a stretcher out, while a girl of about 19 years old knelt on the ground and grabbed the stretcher handle and cried, "Please come to the door. We will definitely not default on your medical money soon. Don’t drive my mother away or she will die."
A female doctor said in a mean tone, "Pay back the money!"! You go out to sell, like you, one of the poor people dies and one is less. "
Tianlang quickly stopped the stretcher and said, "Mom, how are you? Are you all right?"