"Master the Mystery Shadow Master!"

Chapter 739 Natural energy ()
"I am that one who can treat Xuan Yue’s eye?"
"It is to master or master the secrets of Yin dun!"
At this moment, cross-country nature knows that the White Snake Fairy is not lying before him.
Because the white snake fairy root doesn’t need to lie!
Trading with cross-country is beneficial to the White Snake Immortal and Longdi Cave in any case. In the case of interest disputes, it is impossible for the White Snake Immortal not to be willing to trade with cross-country. Then it is impossible for the White Snake Immortal to say that he can perfectly treat Uchihiro Xuan Yue’s eyes and that he is cross-country.
When the voice of the White Snake Fairy just fell, cross-country also recalled a scene in the original book of Huo Ying.
That’s what Naruto Uzumaki said. After meeting Ootutuki Hagoromo, Akai was cured and Kakashi’s eyes were cured!
But in the original Huo Ying, isn’t Ootutuki Hagoromo giving it to Naruto Uzumaki a yang dun force (the sun)?
Is the two pillars gaining the power of hiding the moon?
The White Snake Fairy said that Xuan Yue, who can cure Uchihiro, is a hidden secret power?
Is the white snake fairy mistaken or is it said?
What does the white snake fairy mean by talking?
I really don’t understand what mystery is contained in the words of the White Snake Immortal, but I understand that the White Snake Immortal doesn’t need to treat Uchihiro Xuan Yue now. I sighed deeply and patted Uchihiro Xuan Yue on the shoulder, which is the ability of spiritual communication. Xuan Yue said, "Xuan Yue, I’m sorry, Master, I’m afraid I don’t have the strength to treat you for the time being, but don’t worry, I can definitely treat your eyes so that you can see the light again."
"Well, Master, I believe you!"
Listening to the cross-country words, Uchihiro Xuan Yue undoubtedly answered one in spiritual communication.
Just at this moment, when cross-country was communicating with Uchihiro Xuan Yue, a pair of snake pupils of the White Snake Fairy slowly moved from the cross-country body to Uchihiro Xuan Moon body and said, "Nara Cross-country, since you have decided to treat that kid’s eyes yourself, can we make a second deal?"
"Don’t you want to cultivate the immortal mode?"
"Now I am willing to give you the cultivation method of immortal mode, and what price are you willing to pay to cultivate immortal mode?"
The price?
To cure Xuan Yue’s eyes, you need ten pairs of sharingan!
What price do you want me to pay for practicing immortal mode?
Understand the White Snake Fairy Trading Off-road is finally an understanding. orochimaru said that the White Snake Fairy trading is equivalent to a demon trading, but even if the devil trades off-road, he must know what the transaction is. Immediately, he took a deep breath and asked the White Snake Fairy, "What price do you need me to pay?"
The white snake fairy smiled coldly and said, "I smell the breath of Miaomushan in your body, either you or people around you or those close to you. There are those smelly toads in Miaomushan, which I have long disliked. If you are willing to kill all the toads in Miaomushan in Nara, then I can teach you the food problem now, but I have an additional requirement that you bring me the body of that smelly toad in Miaomushan. What do you say?"
"If you want to cultivate the immortal mode, you must be the enemy of Miaomu Mountain. Do you dare?"
Sure enough, Longdi Cave and Miaomushan are hostile!
The ability of the White Snake Fairy to see people’s hearts now makes off-road people feel a little scared. It can not only know the thoughts in off-road people, but also know that people with off-road people have the breath of Miaomushan people.
And if you want Miaomushan enemy to cross the country, you need four generations of Huoying Jiraiya enemy
Jiraiya also said that some cross-country and Jiraiya are not very close friends.
But what about the four generations of Huoying?
That’s a cross-country teacher. It’s also cross-country and I don’t want to be enemies!
At this time, I thought that the legal person must not only be a white snake fairy, but also a orochimaru. I also knew that cross-country wanted to slaughter the toad in Miaomushan for four generations, but there was a compromise, that is, orochimaru went to Miaomushan instead of cross-country to slaughter the toad in Miaomushan.
Anyway, orochimaru and Jiraiya have broken up, and he doesn’t care if the four generations of Huo Ying break up again.
But orochimaru and cross-country will always be partners. Since they are partners, orochimaru needs to pay something for cross-country.
I want to let cross-country accompany me to study natural energy for a long time. Now orochimaru finally has an opportunity to sell it to cross-country people first and then study natural energy well. Just when cross-country seems to be a bit wrong, orochimaru is actually ready to secretly discuss with cross-country about the killing of toad in Miaomushan.
I didn’t think that when the voice of the white snake fairy just fell and orochimaru had not yet had a secret conversation, suddenly cross-country was dignified and looked at the white snake fairy, and then it was said with certainty
"No problem, you can teach me your immortal mode in Longdi Cave now. If you know the cultivation method of immortal mode, I will go to Miaomushan to kill Miaomushan!"
I didn’t find that cross-country is a bit of a lie. The white snake fairy is also a very refreshing person. Soon, its avatar is directly wrapped around the cross-country body and says, "Now I will give you the fairy mode method in Nara Cross-country to understand the mystery of my Longdi Cave fairy mode!"
Say white snake fairy spiritual energy impressively is along the white snake fairy body gradually into the cross-country body.
In cross-country, he felt that when the spiritual energy of the White Snake Fairy came in, it was a very cool energy, just like snakeskin. Then, as the spiritual energy of the White Snake Fairy gradually penetrated into the cross-country Yin Dun brand, who wanted to cross-country, the hungry ability was naturally exerted, and then it swallowed up the spiritual energy of the White Snake Fairy, which penetrated into his own Yin Dun brand.
right after
The mystery of the fairy mode in Longdidong is slowly emerging in the off-road mind
But after understanding the cultivation method of the fairy mode in Longdi Cave, the cross-country eyebrows suddenly locked.
Especially when staring at the White Snake Immortal who returned to his seat later, he browsed the practice method of Longdi Cave Immortal Mode off-road, but he couldn’t help mumbling to himself.
"Is this the immortal mode of Longdidong?"
"What is completely different from the cultivation method of Miaomushan immortal mode in Huo Ying’s original work?"