Among the three summoning creatures, the highest in damage per second is the Gao Rang Crazy War Ape.

Although the attack speed of the crazy war ape is the lowest among the three summoning creatures, I don’t know what it seems that this crazy war ape is naturally restrained against Lv Yue, the god of plague. He can hit a crit on average for Lv Yue, the god of plague, which makes Lv Yue very depressed.
In the sinkhole, Lv Yue secretly vowed at that time that when he was freed from this sinkhole, the first thing to kill was the crazy war ape.
It’s no wonder that apes can cause about 200 thousand per second on average because of crazy war. damage per second is the highest output among all players and pets
One minute passed by for fifteen minutes, and the sinkhole arrived in a flash.
Just three or four seconds before the sinkhole disappeared, Gao rang directly and stopped for five seconds.
Lv Yue, who was just about to get rid of the sinkhole, had to continue to suffer from the sinkhole for five seconds.
When the five seconds stopped, everyone stopped moving. There was a high margin for movement and a high margin for profit. During these five seconds, the opposing force attacked Lv Yue.
During these five seconds, Gao Rang caused more than 100,000 injuries to Lv Yue. Although it was nothing to more than 400 million Lv Yue, it was also the best Gao Rang could do.
Chapter 355 no zuo no die
"Worms, your time has come!" Leaping out of the sinkhole, Lu Yue roared
"Shadow shackles!"
However, Grandet did not give a perfect appearance to Lv Yue who regained his freedom. A shadow shackle skill put Lv Yue into a fixed state on the spot.
Jumping in the middle, Lv Yue shouted to the old cat before he came to be happy, "Old cat, hold on to the devil spirit of sandstorm!" "
The old cat hugged the sandstorm demon spirit at the first time according to Gao Rang’s command, and then stopped again when Gao Rang made another snap.
Originally intended to handsome out of the sinkhole Lv Yue so pause in the middle.
The only movable high-yield, once again, Lv Yue’s first-class jumping ability relied on the second jump to jump to Lv Yue’s level.
The natural step is to start the shadow-shifting skill to move the sandstorm demon spirit and the old cat to the half position.
Because it was still in the 5-second stop, the sandstorm demon spirit and the old cat, which were displaced to the original half position of Gaorang, were still frozen in the middle.
After 5 seconds, the old cat will give Lv Yue the skill of raising the dragon and chopping it at the first time.
Lv Yue was once again driven to a height of 5 meters, and the secret machine set a sinkhole trap on the ground again.
After eating a sinkhole, Lv Yue naturally didn’t want to eat a second loss. In the middle, he just prepared to make his skills not fall into the sinkhole trap, but before he came to launch his skills, he shot a poisonous arrow at him first.
This is really the skill of backstabbing with five poisons. The biggest feature of this skill is not the five poisons on the arrow surface, but the extremely fast speed of this skill.
Before Lu Yue developed his skills, he was shot by a poisonous arrow.
Because in the scope of great redemption, Lv Yue’s resistance is extremely low, and all the negative States of this five-poison stab in the back are triggered
These five poisons are a mixture of five toxins, and the attachment of these five toxins can make players enter paralysis and weakness respectively. The former makes the target move for 3 seconds, while the latter makes the target’s physical defense and magic defense both physical attack and magic attack at the same time 1%; In addition, the toxin will make the target bleed for 3 seconds, which will consume 12 points of blood per second; The last two toxins are aimed at players, namely, magic loss and drug prohibition.
What Qianlong needs is to paralyze a state, even if the paralysis state is not triggered, there is also a 1% chance to interrupt the opponent’s casting because of the five poisons, as long as it can stop Lv Yue from casting.
After 3 seconds of paralysis, Lv Yue could not move and finally fell into the sinkhole trap.
As the saying goes, "If you don’t die, you won’t die" because Lv Yue himself was once again benefited by his opponent by an inadvertent handsome jump and then fell into the "bitter sea" again.
Falling into the sinkhole trap again, Lu Yue wants to give up and has a heart, which is called regret. Unfortunately, the world has not sold regret medicine.
Fifteen minutes of hell, 15 minutes of humiliation and 15 minutes of passive beating. These 15 minutes gave Lu Yue, the god of plague, too many memories. He vowed not to go into this damn sinkhole again, and he also vowed to kill all the kids who made him suffer!
15 minutes of great redemption alone consumes 90,000 blood for Lv Yue, but 90,000 blood for one time is nothing, but 90,000 blood for two times is 100 million blood. Even with more than 400 million blood, Lv Yue can’t stand this constant consumption, and Lv Yue will continue to fight in the coverage of this great redemption in the coming battle, and this consumption will continue.
Although the damage caused by the second sinkhole to Lv Yue was not as much as that caused by the first sinkhole (because everyone put their strongest skills in the first sinkhole and the second sinkhole skills were still in a cooling state), the taste of passive beating still made Lv Yue very depressed.
Get rid of the sinkhole trap again. Lv Yue didn’t leap as handsome as the second time, but climbed out of the sinkhole slowly in a very awkward way
Climbing out of the sinkhole, Lv Yue’s blood volume is still about 43% at this time. Don’t underestimate this 43% blood volume. Now Lu Yue has 4.4 billion blood volume, which is nearly 1.9 billion blood volume. This blood volume is enough for Lv Yue to bring Gao Rang and others down.
Unfortunately, it was not that simple. When Lu Yue entered the sinkhole for the second time, the great redemption lasted for more than half an hour, which gave Gao Rang and others an excellent news.
It shows that because the Great Redemption lasted more than half an hour, some ghosts killed by Lv Yue, the god of plague, were redeemed. After these ghosts discussed and decided to take 9 seconds to transform into 9 seconds, these ghosts will become special forces that can help you fight. The estimated number of ghosts is about 46; And in the process of redemption just after half an hour, the totem pole endurance limit is+1 point, and all players add 1 point of absolute attack, 1 point of absolute defense and 15 points of resistance+1.
When Lv Yue came out of the sinkhole again, the 9-second transformation of the ghosts just arrived.
In an instant, a half-transparent soul appeared in this tulou temple.
"Jie Jie Jie brothers and sisters, it’s time for us to take revenge! Lu Yuena lives! "