sabre-toothed tiger

Grade: Grade 45
Magic: 1/1
Physical attacks: 15-1
Physical defense: ——9
Magic Defense: 6-7
Skills: pounce: it costs 1000 magic points to pounce on the enemy fiercely, causing 150% physical damage and 10% chance to cause tearing effect, losing 1% blood per second for five seconds.
I am a good boy! Feather fan and two dog looked at the saber-toothed tiger data, and two people refrained from making such a sigh. The saber-toothed tiger attributes are almost catching up with the 20 th and 30 th grade BOSS, and ordinary monsters have skills
However, if you think that this is a level 45 monster, they will be relieved. After all, every level 10 is a qualitative sublimation. It should not be a problem for players to play this saber-toothed tiger when they are in their forties.
It took them nearly an hour to get to the location of the purple treasure chest when they entered the saber-toothed tiger refresh area, and most of them took a lot of detours to avoid saber-toothed tiger hatred.
When the feather saw the purple treasure chest, he also saw the saber-toothed tiger BOSS, who was suddenly gasped at the strong visual impact. The ordinary saber-toothed tiger was about the same size as the Siberian tiger, and its body length was about three or four meters. Its appearance was almost as sharp as that of a tiger growing two swords from its jaw, and its teeth were about twenty-five centimeters long.
However, this saber-toothed tiger BOSS is exaggerated in size and generally long, with an exaggeration of ten meters, and its coat color is also rare. In front of it, the ordinary saber-toothed tiger with white hair and black stripes is the difference root between grandparents and grandchildren, which cannot be compared.
"Lie trough! Two dog old MD wants to call names now, you should tell the old that this saber-toothed tiger BOSS is so abnormal and never comes! "
Feather who looked at the saber-toothed tiger BOSS body suddenly heart cold half sister two dog called him to be cannon fodder to lead him to the treasure chest to feather who had a problem with running on two legs and four legs, but I didn’t expect to race on such a huge four legs.
Sister, what the hell is this? It is estimated that this BOSS flew in front of himself with a big jump, and he didn’t even have a chance to escape. This size and speed root are not a grade. Okay!
I feel cheated by two dog. Yu Fan has the impulse to call names. This two dog is really looking for him. He is here as cannon fodder. It is not enough for this BOSS to plug his teeth.
"well! Brother Yu, don’t get excited! You have to believe in yourself, but you have successfully killed the sacred beast, the low-level demon race and the cattle. What is a saber-toothed tiger BOSS? ! You have to believe that you can do it! Brother Yu! I believe you! "
"Believe your sister! I still believe you! Why don’t you go and lead the BOSS! Give me this treasure chest! "
"well! Brother Yu! Look at our brother’s feelings. How can your younger brother bear the pain and suffering of the boss? It’s a little thing like BOSS, or a treasure chest like you, which is bitter and tiring, so you should be the younger brother and I will do it! "
"Fuck off! Either you are in charge of leading the BOSS or you are dismissed. Although this treasure chest is old, I don’t want to die. "
"well! Brother Yu, why don’t we implement the second plan? !”
"What is the second plan? Why didn’t I know? !”
"The second scheme is that you become a female saber-toothed tiger. * * It takes this BOSS aside to make love so that I can go to the treasure chest."
"… this your sister can also want to come out? Give it back! If this BOSS is not successful, it’s okay. If * * succeeds, it will mate with it. When it’s old, it’s really a chrysanthemum. You have to * * show me how you got blown up! "
"That how to do? ! Brother Yu, look, we’re all here. This is a purple treasure chest! We can’t just go back! Are you willing? !”
"Ah! The holy treasure chest looks like I can spell it, too. I’ll easily become an ordinary saber-toothed tiger. Go and try to see if I can get close to it and hit the treasure chest. "
"I knew the elder brother of the feather you are not the kind of person who gives up without hard work. I support you! Come on! "
In two dog’s excited voice, Yu Fan launched Yi Shenfu, which became a saber-toothed tiger and walked towards the purple treasure chest.
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When Yi Cheng’s saber-toothed tiger feather fan slowly approached the purple treasure chest, the distance was still fifty meters, which attracted the attention of the huge saber-toothed tiger BOSS.
When yufan was 30 meters away from the purple treasure chest, the BOSS of saber-toothed tiger gave a low roar, which meant to warn yufan to stay away from here. This is its saber-toothed tiger king’s territory, and other saber-toothed tigers are not allowed to approach it.
When the saber-toothed tiger BOSS roared at himself, Yu Fan stopped to observe the movement of the saber-toothed tiger BOSS, and found that after it roared for a while, there was no other movement. Yu Fan strengthened his courage and stepped forward and continued to approach the purple treasure chest.
As a result, the BOSS of the saber-toothed tiger once again issued a low roar when Yufan’s front foot was just raised and not yet dropped, and warned the blind saber-toothed tiger not to enter its own territory again.
"Lie trough! Old, it’s still 30 meters away from the treasure chest! It caught the attention of the goods. How can this be good? Can you just withdraw? That’s a purple treasure chest! I’m not willing to fight for it! I just don’t know if the saber-toothed tiger will eat this set? ! Who cares! Fight! Big deal to die once. "