Zhu Liu blushed with embarrassment and asked when she caught the card, "Did you give me the number as your lover?"

Xia Shuqing generously answered "What lover?" That’s my dear or my husband’s wife. "
Chen Lianwen, who is full of sharp ears in the living room, is also excited to clap his hands and encourage Zhu Liu to turn red and bow his head. When Lao Gong saw it, he quickly played cards to clear Zhu Liu’s way. "It’s your turn for a pair of three masters."
"A pair. Let me see. Haha, a pair of preserved eggs are crushed to death." Xia Shuqing’s Chou Chou brand immediately pressed.
"What preserved egg turned out to be Q?" Lao Gong looked at the table card and looked at Zhu Liu again. He didn’t think back in his mind, so he made a relaxed joke.
"Little willow son to you hurry up! Look at you like that. It’s not that you envy your master for having a husband and wife, is it? There’s nothing wrong with being lovelorn. Be careful not to be too tired for me to lose. "
"I … I" Zhu Liu looked up to explain, only to see Xia Shuqing’s eyes with meaning, which really didn’t taste in his heart, but when he was in a hurry, he came up with a sentence, "Great, two-legged men have it."
Everyone laughed at the smell speech. Xia Shuqing smiled and leaned in to clap Zhu Liu’s thin plate. "Have ambition! I’ll introduce you to you later. "
Hearing this, Zhu Liu knew that’ Master’ didn’t mind that he thought about his man and wouldn’t lose his good friend in the game. An eye frame was hot and he almost didn’t take up Jin Doudou. He choked back his nose and nodded heavily to hide the strange feeling.
"Ha-ha bomb" Ida listened to them poking fun at Zhu Liu’s words and remembered her own affairs. She secretly loved momo and dared not say it, and she was eaten some tofu by the big devil. It was all strange that he caused trouble to hook up with others. momo hooked up with the big devil and fried you.
"Ouch, I said, can you fight? We are a group, okay?" Xia Shuqing yelled at him immediately.
"Blow up" Lao Gong Xing gloated and laughed. This young people’s fun atmosphere also made Zhu Liu really throw himself into the double-breasted war.
☆, Chapter one hundred and seventy-nine Clear is gone.
"Alibaba Alibaba is a fool …"
In his sleep, Mo Xiaoyan was woken up by a funny children’s singing, and he was lazy and yawned with his mouth wide open, listening to funny music, and still singing Mo Xiaoyan squinted and drilled into the soft pillow, vaguely calling out
"Clear your cell phone is ringing"
Listen to Xia Shuqing’s answer in a little spirit, but I didn’t hear Mo Xiaoyan think he might be washing his hands or playing high notes in the locker room and called out, "Make sure your phone rings and answer it yourself."
Ears pricked up and there was no Xia Shuqing’s joy. Mo Xiaoyan rubbed his eyes and wondered. He got out of bed and looked at the situation. There was one person in the room, and the window cabinet rang and the phone style seemed to be his own.
"When did I change this sound?" Mo Xiaoyan is quite strange. When Didi Goo turned and took the mobile phone to see it, it was already half past six when Chen Lian came. No wonder Chen Lian came to urge them to have dinner.
Blame the smelly man for being naughty and bullying her, causing her to sleep for so long during her lunch break. Mo Xiaoyan and some people didn’t wake up and yawned again. They cleared their throats first and then answered the words.
"hello! ……”
I didn’t say anything. I just confessed to Chen Lian. "Dude, come on. Your man was robbed …"
"Huh?" Mo Xiaoyan was puzzled. Staring at her eyes, did she hear wrong? Or did Chen Lian blame them for inviting them to dinner?
And how could Xia Shuqing go to play with Chen Lian and them alone? If you want to go out for dinner, you will definitely ask her to join you. It is absolutely impossible to lose her, right?
Mo Xiaoyan thought so, but Chen Lian said something in three sentences even if he was in a hurry. "Qing Xiao Ge took us out to eat Japanese food, but the little brother left in advance, and Qing Qing seemed to be drunk. We wanted to send him back, but just arrived at the hall and was robbed …"
"… where’s the bodyguard?" Mo Xiaoyan calmly asked a few words that seemed true, but the last few words seemed false. Don’t leave aside, isn’t Chen Lian a local strongman? How could it be so bad? Besides, when Xia Shuqing goes out, she will definitely arrange bodyguards to talk to her.
"I chased him back." Chen Lianxian changed her mobile phone to another person over there.
"Master Bugatti’s new sports car license plate number is the city."
This sound is that the big Mo Xiaoyan is listening to the big one and asking,’ What should I do if the young master picks it up?’
What should I do? Do I still ask? Mo Xiaoyan secretly sighed, "Let Nana check my horse."
It seems that Chen Lian is telling the truth. Damn it, An Lan took her man out and didn’t look good. She actually left halfway and got lost halfway.
At this time, it is not the time to complain. Mo Xiaoyan took out the fastest speed to trim himself for more than ten minutes and went to the hotel lobby head-on to walk in with Chen Lian and a group of people.
"Let’s talk here" Mo Xiaoyan invited everyone to take a table in the lounge area of the hall and wait for everyone to talk about the situation
"The thing is …" Everyone is very depressed. Chen Lian is telling me what to do.
It turned out that they managed to gather together two tables of people playing double-breasted until more than five o’clock. An Lan came to Xia Shuqing. When Xia Shuqing saw that his patron was there, he dawdled and insisted on asking Xiao Ge to take everyone to eat. An Lan was very fond of Xiao Qing’s younger brother. How could the audience add one or two generous words and agreed with a wave of his hand?
Everyone discussed that there was a Japanese restaurant near downtown. I heard that the beer was good, and love said that her lover took her to eat, and the taste was really first-class. At that time, she liked it very much. She asked her lover to get a VIP card before going to drink.