"We all like to be brave in our mouths, but our hearts can’t get hard," the Tibetan monk said. "Many people have this problem, but people with this problem will become achilles’ heel when they sit in your position."

Skyfire immediately stopped talking, which is also one of his characteristics. He doesn’t like to refute other people’s views.
Dacang sighed. "I know you don’t want to admit it, so I’ll ask you who the man who killed Hongwu is?"
Skyfire gritted his teeth. "I don’t care who he is, he must die sooner or later!" "
"You’re not sure about that man, are you?" Dazang stared at him.
Skyfire doesn’t want to admit it, but he has to say that even if he faces Hongwu himself, it is impossible to kill Hongwu with one move. Of course, this must rule out the factors of fierce fighting before Hongwu mad dog Dragon Cold Front that day.
Skyfire said, "I asked Hongwu and learned in detail all the details that happened that night. In fact, many things can be scrutinized."
Da Zang Dao "Tell me about it"
Skyfire said, "To say a little, this man looks like a new century, but he is by no means a new century man."
Great Tibetan Road "Oh?"
Skyfire said, "Hongwu said that this man has been wearing gloves and just flashed a watermelon knife. With this, I dare say that this man must be someone everyone knows. He dare not expose his martial arts style. Ten * * is the master of the sword. This is one of the second things. He pretended to be a cold front body, covered his clothes and let go of a hard cucumber. He deliberately pretended that he was a new century person."
"On purpose?"
Skyfire definitely nodded. "Although Hongwu died at that time, he told me that he noticed the expression in the eyes of hard cucumber in ghost mode. It was definitely not the arrival of a companion to relieve or relax, but the great fear and indecision were obvious. Even hard cucumber was questioning the identity of this person."
Dazang sighed, "To tell the truth, a person was afraid of seeing that scene at that time."
Skyfire looked into the distance. "It’s a pity that Master, her old man’s house has already retired, and Yan Shen and Mr. Jun have also left such a monster. Who can control it?"
"Lao Zheng is still here. He is definitely no match for Lao Zheng," said Da Zang.
Skyfire looked at him. "What about you?"
"Me?" Dazang looked down at his hands and took a deep breath. "I haven’t done it myself for a year."
Skyfire said, "Can’t anyone stop this monster?"
The great Tibetan silently said, "It’s not without it …"
In his eyes, the beautiful blue image, the generous and enthusiastic smile, and the touching song …
Skyfire said, "Who is it?"
Dazang smiled. "I think there is something wrong with your thinking."
Skyfire frowned. "Huh?"
"Why don’t you think about it carefully when you sent Hongwu? Why did the cold front of the Eastern Dynasty meet in such a short time?"
Skyfire is not talking again. His pupils are contracting.
Dazang patted him on the shoulder. "I won’t stay here early in the morning."
Skyfire looked up and said, "Where are you going?"
"I’m going to all the strongholds, and I’m going to the front myself," said the Tibetan monk.
Skyfire immediately showed a grateful expression. "Few presidents can take the lead like you."
Dazang smiled. "I just want to get a closer look at the dynamics of the first-line battlefield. Maybe I can meet that monster. I believe he is still on this island."
Skyfire’s expression became solemn again. "If you really meet that guy, you must inform me at the first time."
Dazang laughed. "Don’t worry, I may not be his opponent, but it’s not easy for him to kill me. It’s really necessary to guard against Gu Xiaoyue. This woman really makes me sit up and take notice again and again."
He didn’t talk nonsense. At this moment, Gu Xiaoyue has arrived at the Agate River and entered the dense forest opposite the bank of Tiger Mountain.
Camp has long been stationed in the frontier command post, which is a temporary tent. Although all kinds of facilities can not be compared with xiao yue, such facilities are quite good in such a harsh and complicated environment
Dongfang Xi and Dongfang Yao have been waiting in the main business for a long time. These two people are a couple. When Mr. Zheng was still here, they were experts in the new century. They were very experienced and suffered a defeat in their lives.
Gu Xiaoyue, instead of abandoning them, respected them more. Now, in the new century, 70,000 troops have been deployed along the Manao River, and two of them are commanders.
Strategic operations are planned by high-level officials in the new century, but the first-line battlefield is commanded by these more experienced people. After all, strategy and actual combat are two different things, and professional things are left to professionals to do.
Gu Xiaoyue nature is not a person to peer well old man and a young girl.
At first glance, she personally arrived at the front line. Dongfang Xi and Dongfang Yao immediately got up "Gu Jie!"
Gu Xiaoyue smiled and nodded. "Don’t mention it. Sit down and talk to me about the current situation."