Others are bombarded by group attack skills, while Ye Ye and Qian Long are attacking special monsters while taking advantage of the chaos.

In white crape myrtle, this strategic policy is not only to brush off the blood volume of special monsters, but also to wipe out a large area of other monsters around.
The beheading of the second team is also in an orderly way.
The third beheading squad, the Brave Knights, chose special monsters in the center of the battlefield with the densest number of monsters.
In this position, the special monster bodyguards, like Ziwei in white, are all elite bodyguards of 6 physical melee, and for the brave knights, these melee attacks on monsters are nothing.
In the state of oriental fruit, Tianyu and his seven wives shuttled back and forth on the battlefield. Not only special monsters were around, but all monsters in the sprint route of the Brave Knights were pierced or trampled.
In the brave knights, this unreasonable charge again and again. 6 The physical melee elite can’t even stop when it doesn’t work.
In the eyes of others, this attack method of the Brave Order is simply a bug, but you know that they can have such abnormal impact because of their special occupation and long-term fighting cooperation. If other knight teams lack any of them, they can’t do it at all.
As the brave knights charge again and again, the blood volume of special monsters is constantly falling.
The members of the fourth beheading squad are at least two people, the black wolf and the remnant, but they are not as bad as the other beheading squads.
Because the people are the least, the black wolf and the remnant choose a special monster, which is also one of the most remote corners.
There are four bodyguards of this special monster, including two physical melee elites and the other two long-range magic attack elites.
The worst name of fighting is a bow and arrow that pulls away two physical melee elites, while the black wolf directly kills special monsters.
The black wolf is not only strong in attack skills, but also powerful in control skills. First, the two control skills of the black wolf cool down for a very short time. When it cools down for about one minute, the black wolf directly attacks the special monster and then keeps controlling the other two special monsters.
Although the speed is not as fast as other teams, the blood volume of special monsters is still slowly falling.
The fifth beheading squad, Sijun and Zuo Mark, are a relatively sparrow-shaped configuration. The special monster they chose is the one farthest from the city gate.
The bodyguard configuration of this special monster farthest from the city gate is the same as that of the first beheading squad, which is composed of three physical melee elites and a later healing magic attack elite.
Although the bodyguard configuration of special monsters is the same, the fighting strategy adopted by the fifth beheading team is not the same as that of the first beheading team. They choose to kill special monsters more rudely and directly.
Zhu Gong, who fought the most, launched a feint to attract the attention of four bodyguards, while Ju Gong quietly sneaked behind a special monster and launched a blow to it, backstab.
Then Mei Gong started the group ice attack spell to attack the special monster and his four bodyguards.
The left mark is to constantly bless the special monsters with various negative States, and occasionally lead away the elite who try to protect the former three physical melee.
Lan Gonggong is even simpler. His main job is to give blood and state to his teammates. In addition, he is also responsible for interrupting elite monsters every time he tries to add blood to special monsters.
There is a specialized skill institute in Yinlan, which will add blood to the elite monster, but it can’t make a treatment skill at a time.
The four elite bodyguards were restricted, so the blood volume of special monsters was still knocked down in an orderly way.
Chapter 394 beheading in progress ()
If it’s the most wonderful, it’s the sixth beheading squad. They choose that special monster. The four bodyguards around them are the remote elite of magic attack, and there are many ordinary inferno monsters around the special monster.
In the sixth beheading squad, these guys are all pieced together temporarily, and nothing is even worse. Among them, there is a wasteland flash, which never knows what a team wave cargo is!
Before the team can formulate a tactical wasteland flash, they directly summon their new mounts and kill them towards the monsters.
I have to flash this new mount here. It turned out that his mount was a dark horse, but now this panther is hatched from a pet egg he laid not long ago. Fortunately, this pet comes with mount ability, which makes the wasteland flash even more surprising. What’s more, the pet’s moving speed has reached 1 point, and it also comes with the abnormal attribute of adding 15% attack speed after riding.
This panther’s short-range explosion speed is very fast, and people’s coquettish waves are faster than the wilderness flash, which directly makes the panther rush towards the special monster at the fastest speed.
At this time, four magic attack bodyguards, a special monster, launched an attack towards the wasteland flash for the first time.
Although the wilderness flash is reckless, he has long expected that he will start his defense skills when attacking and falling.
"The knife protects the body!"
The wilderness flashed and danced quickly, and the knife in his hand danced quickly. He and the panther formed a spherical pale gold protective cover.