But boss didn’t intend to let this guy sneak up on him, so he went to shield his left hand and then blew a palm at Grandet.

"dazzle the dance and break the palm!"
This palm damage is also very powerful. In this series of attacks, Grandet’s blood volume has been reduced by more than half in an instant.
However, the treatment of white crape myrtle came in a second. This amount of treatment is really horrible and worthy of being a three-turn player.
With the super backing of white crape myrtle, Grandet went to work with boss regardless of the direct gun.
Old cat and Ye Ye are also rushed to fight with boss.
Tutu and Gao Rang limit their babies by magic attacks on the periphery, and they are responsible for blocking all routes of boss like those melee players.
The cat was transformed into a magic attack posture, learning to harass and attack with Gao Rang and Tutu in the periphery.
This kind of crowded and strange fighting still makes them use this method for the first time, although it is not as good as the former control method, but it can also delay more. Of course, this tactic can only be used if there are many teams to summon babies like the new alliance
It took boss about five or six seconds to break through the entanglement of melee players. Just as he was about to break through the defense line and prepare to rush toward the rain, the old cat suddenly bumped into the doctoral student with a collision skill behind him.
The old cat felt dizzy. I didn’t expect this damn boss to contradict so much, but the boss also entered a syncope state with this collision.
Baby and melee once again went around to the front of boss to continue the tactics of blocking monsters before.
In this way, the boss broke through the entanglement again and again, and then was controlled. After that, the melee and the baby entangled it again, and the boss pushed it bit by bit to the rain, but it never reached her.
It ended when the boss was three or four meters away from Tonghuayu for three seconds.
This skill has enough fate!
Chapter two hundred and thirty-three Ancient biological crushing
Tong Huayu hands spread a green light from the boss’s feet to the sky.
A three-finger thick green vine instantly cracked on the ground and wrapped the boss firmly.
This vine wraps the boss all over, and then connects the roots on the ground to break directly and automatically, so that the vines can make a number of hair-thick fibrous roots and penetrate into the body of the vine monster through physical contact.
After these roots penetrated into the monster’s body, the color of the monster’s body changed from dark to dark green now, just like a piece of black jade.
"Beat Reservoir Dogs!" Said ye ye directly to the monster launched his unique skill, green fire and five swords.
Critical strike 2364
Critical strike 227
Luckily, I hit two crit damage directly.
Then the old cat also directly waved the hammer and axe in his hand and killed him. This time, he did not reserve the strongest skill, the dragon and the phoenix.
Thousands of injuries floated from the boss’s head
Grandet naturally had to show himself, so he put his own lotus dance on display.
Critical strike 3324
This time, Grandet’s skill roll points turned out to be 6 points, plus the number of job changes and the level of 10, which caused 12 injuries to the opponent.
At this time, Ye Ye’s other swordsmanship was also put to use.
"Ask for a sword!"
Crit 3
A 30,000-plus-point injury has completely ruined watching a play.
At this time, Tong Huayu was thinking that this is the combat effectiveness of the new alliance! It’s really horrible. Everyone in this room is so abnormal. This is the strength of top experts!
In a series of attacks, boss was fooled a little.
However, when I got used to it quickly, boss became angry.
The long sword in the boss’s hand is held high and ready for everyone to strike a "mountain sword"!
This mountain-splitting sword is very similar to the old cat’s split blow, and it does great damage to all enemies in a certain range in a straight line.
At the moment when boss came out with the sword, there was still more than 2 points of blood on his body. Ye Ye excitedly shouted "Flash me to pick it up!"
As soon as ye night talks, everyone is white. He wants to use his talent to make cheap moves again.
Others flash to both sides, and take the initiative to meet the boss attack at night.
Looking at "self-defeating", Ye Yetong Huayu unconsciously shouted "Be careful!"