"What, Master Duncan?" Grandet asked.

"In fact also have no what? I recently happened to count that you have a magical scroll. With this scroll, you can enter a dreamland. It happens that I need two pieces to have something in it, so I just … "Master Duncan said very implicitly.
The old cat asked directly, "What do you need? Tell us directly and what rewards can we get?"
"all right! First, when I need to hit the magic beast door, I will come out with the magic beast unicorn horn. Of course, the magic beast unicorn horn will not fall alone and needs special tools. "Then Master Duncan took out a delicate knife from his robe, and Duncan continued," And the second thing I need is that after entering the environment, there is a magic devil in every environment. In fact, there is one magic devil in the sense, that is to protect the magic crystal. The second thing you have to help me get is the magic crystal in that environment. After the death of the king, there will be no difference between the dreamland crystal sample and the ordinary crystal. If you want to find the dreamland crystal, you also need special tools. "Said Master Duncan and took out a small mirror from the robe.
"What reward can we get for talking so much?" Grandet asked.
"A whole level of experience value is one such gadget for each person", and Master Duncan deliberately displayed the properties of a black stone in front of everyone.
The magic stone (special magic prop) is very precious. The magic prop comes from the magic master Duncan. It is a treasure that every traveler dreams of. This prop has a very magical effect. This prop can record three cities and a "special point" to return to the city at one time. You can choose a stronghold when you die or return to the city. The magic stone has the effect of returning to the city scroll, which consumes 3 minutes when cooling, and different kinds of props are superimposed when the magic stone cools; After this prop is activated, the player’s binding can’t be traded, and it will never fall or wear out.
Holy shit, this is a naked temptation!
Duncan wanted this effect. When he saw the crowd’s face about to drool, he went straight over and handed the exquisite knife and the small mirror in his hand to Gao Rang and said, "I like you."
Then Master Duncan disappeared directly in front of everyone, and they unconsciously accepted one.
Master Duncan personally entrusts (hides) Lord Duncan needs you to help him collect two magical materials, one is the magic beast unicorn and the other is the dreamland crystal. These two materials can only be collected now because of their special needs. The props have been given to you. You must collect these two materials! Wake up because this difficulty is not low, it is best to fill the team.
Reward everyone. Team members will be upgraded by one level, and each person will get a "magic stone".
Gao Rang and others are finally going to explore the level 3 skeleton nest fb.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-six Test
It seems that I really need to break into a level 3 skeleton nest, deputy.
Speaking of this skeleton nest subtropical high, they have always said that they want to break in, but they have not been able to break in for various reasons.
From the time when I set up a fixed team with Aries, I asked them to break in. Now Aries is a thing of the past, and now no one can get through this new team.
Because of this battle today, everyone’s drug resistance and skill cooling have reached the limit, so everyone is not going to continue today, but they need to do another thing now.
This matter is a discussion between Tutu and Tutu. Tutu hopes to include Ye Ye in the "new alliance", but now the income of the team is not so child’s play. Everyone has considered a decision to test Ye Ye first.
Soon Grandet and the old cat went out of the city hall first.
Came to the door of the castellan mansion Ye Ye that Wynaut was still waiting there.
Grandet patted the shoulder all night and said, "Little one."
"Big Brother Tutu, where are they?" Ye Ye asked with a look of bedroom eyes.
"I knew that your grandson was playing with our rabbit’s idea," the old cat said contemptuously.
"The uncle words can’t say that my fair lady gentleman good Qiu! Besides, Tutu hasn’t married me yet, and it’s naturally beneficial to pursue her. "Ye Ye’s bitch is really persistent.
"Who is your uncle! Your dog looks like an uncle to me. It’s only 33 years old today. It’s like an uncle there! " The old cat, who was called uncle by Ye Ye, was furious when she arrived.
"What? Old cat, you’re only 33. I’m almost 5. Your face is also special … "Grandet didn’t expect old cat to be 33 years old.
"Shit, I just look a little older with a beard. In fact, shaving off my beard looks like a long, long time ago named Daniel Wu Star," explained the old cat, pointing to his beard.
"Forget it! Why don’t you say you look like Takeshi Kaneshiro! " Ye Ye shook his head and said
"Smelly little you say it again, believe it or not, I’ll chop you up in minutes!" The old cat became angry from embarrassment and directly cut out the tomahawk behind it.
"Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t!" I’ve seen the strength of the old cat, and it’s wilting in the night.
Grandet also quickly stopped the angry old cat and persuaded him, "Don’t be impulsive, don’t be impulsive. We all believe that you look like Daniel Wu."
The old cat carried the wave tomahawk back and pointed to Ye Ye Ye and said, "Smelly little, if you hadn’t helped Tutu before seeing you, they would have chopped you up today."
Grandet also came out and said, "Ye Ye Brothers, we are very grateful that you helped us before, and now you are being hunted by flowers because of us. Today, we also helped you out. If they dare to bother you again, we will come forward again. Let’s call it even! Come to this as a little compensation for you, saying that Grandet directly traded a gold coin to Ye Ye. "
After the transaction, Grandet and the old cat turned and prepared to leave.
"Wait a minute!" Ye Ye stopped Grandet and the old cat.
Ye Ye went to Grandet and traded the gold coin that Grandet had just traded back.
"I know that you masters are very powerful. I can’t see the roots of a small swordsman like me, but I also have dignity. It’s nothing for me to help you. I admit that I like Bunny very much. I know that you look down on me, but I will change your opinion by my own efforts. One day I will become strong and strong enough to protect Bunny. At that time, I will come to you again. I can’t accept the money, but I can earn it by my own efforts. I will try my best to find a place from here that won’t be hunted by flowers. Finally, help me tell Bunny.
And at this time, Gao Rang and others also came out from the duke’s house.
Gao Rang shouted at Ye Ye and said, "Brother Ye Ye, wait for one!"
"Is there anything else?" Ye Ye turned around and found that there were so many people behind him and Tutu was among them.