When Ye Zhang and the famous war came to the lost continent 15 years ago and just entered the demon territory, a unified sign appeared in two personal news columns.

"Congratulations on completing the demon disaster, gaining 250,000 experience, 10,000 gold coins, and 25 hopes for Obsidian. You won the guild award because you didn’t join the guild law."
When Ye Zhang saw this reward, he suddenly became one leng, but at this time the famous war was laughing.
"Ye Zhang, it seems that I shared half of your reward!"
It’s absolutely a wonder that Ye Zhang turned over his eyes and closed the three doors. Which one of these three doors is heavily guarded? If there is no big whirlwind, even if a million people are dispatched, it may not be possible to go from three. ? ? Level ultimate BOSS hands close the door.
However, Ye Zhang didn’t care whether the reward was taken by himself or shared with the famous war, so he saw that there was no one left in his column except two.
In the end, these two departments were collected from the goddess of fate.
Do your best to level the war and lead the goddess of fate to find her home.
And these two obviously have no clue while Ye Zhang seriously wanted to think.
"Let’s not do anything after the famous war, but continue to watch this epic drama."
Ye Zhang’s words immediately made the famous war laugh, so that players would not have the possibility of changing the flashy historical track, and according to the final destination of Exedia, he would be permanently sealed in the cartoon castle.
No matter who sealed him or how he was sealed, these have been played by players, because the flashy system is absolutely logical, and AI will not cheat.
When Ye Zhang and the famous war went back to the flashy and angry people two years ago, they told them not to care about anything during this period. If only they felt chatting, otherwise no one would continue to receive it. Then the flashy will naturally "justify itself" according to the historical process
After arranging everything, Ye Zhang and Ming Zhan returned to the South China continent. As soon as they entered the sacred valley, Residual Blood and Teddy Boy came to the front of them.
Canxue asked with a smile that it was the first time he met Mingzhan, and at this time Ye Zhang smiled easily.
"It’s finished!"
The residual blood glanced at Ye Zhang curiously and seemed a little surprised at his wording, but he did not dwell on this topic but accompanied Ye Zhang into the bloody carnival camp.
When Ye Zhang saw Sleeping Sheep Toothbrush Superman, the three of them could not have a greeting. When Sleeping Sheep asked about Angry Inflammation, Ye Zhang and Ming Zhan smiled at each other.
"Don’t worry, the little man has been exiled. I’m afraid it will take a lot of effort to run back."
Chapter four hundred and ninety-five The venue storm ()
For Ye Zhang, this period can be regarded as the lightest day of his glitz. There is nothing for him to be busy and desperate to kill him, and then he will get revenge quickly. He runs back and forth at both ends of the bloody carnival and the League of the Braves every day, taking his friends out to practice and play equipment, and he also has the leisure to go to the 12 th level deputy to reminisce about the passion he had with sheep, Dong Ge and others a long time ago
And Ye Zhang also went back to the glitz two years ago from time to time. He communicated with Ang Yan and others and chatted with everyone. After the arrival of Exedia, everything seemed to have entered a peaceful period before the storm, and nothing was stirred up.
For Ye Zhang, who is still wondering here, he has temporarily put the unsolved riddle, and there is still no solution, and the law has not been completed, as if to keep some mystery. In this strange, Ye Zhang can’t help but laugh with great enthusiasm.
"I will come back again."
This made Ang Yan and others laugh. With this period of time, the demon autumn and others gradually disappeared from Ye Zhang. Each of them was assigned some equipment to make up for some losses. Now they want to end it as soon as possible without thinking about anything. They have fallen to level 19, which is a bit different from the level of players outside.
In such a very quiet game and real life, it seems that everything has returned to the past. Ye Zhang sometimes thinks of Zhiruo, a lonely and mediocre little girl who doesn’t know how she is, and more often Ye Zhang will chat with Xu Yin, which is very happy.
The glitz is gradually showing signs of rebirth after the rain. Now it seems that there is no war, no darkness and glitz, and a large number of new players have emerged. They have been leveling up in the game and many guilds have been established.
However, the number of people on the flashy line is still poor. In such a situation, Ye Zhang, Residual Blood and Feng Zhi were invited to participate in a flashy player meeting.
This meeting is an opportunity for the glitz department to regain its reputation, but it is very embarrassing on the day of the meeting because the number of old players who really come is too small
Almost every face gives Ye Zhang a familiar feeling, and residual blood and teddy boy have always been in front of Ye Zhang, and naturally Xu Yin is among them.
"Ye Zhang side!"
Feng Zhi and the little beauty called for a Ye Zhang and others to walk quickly in the past. Feng Zhi was surrounded by another young woman who was very elegant and luxurious, and Ye Zhang couldn’t help but think that this would be the eldest sister-in-law
The woman chatted with Feng Zhi with similar interests, but when she saw Ye Zhang coming, there was a look of disdain in her eyes. Ye Zhang captured this moment, but he didn’t say anything.
"Ye Zhang, this is Miss Dong."
Feng Zhi introduced the two men. When Miss Dong nodded politely at Ye Zhang, Ye Zhang was attracted by another familiar face behind them.
"How come it’s 1 o’clock here!"
When Ye Zhang passed in front of Miss Dong and Feng Zhi in this way, Feng Zhi gave Xu Yin a very nai smile, but Miss Dong’s face was a haze.
Ang Yan, a 26-year-old young man, looked miserable when he saw Ye Zhang. He said that the traffic in Rongcheng was like a traffic jam, and it was a good time to find a stranger here, which made Ye Zhang, Canxue and Teddy boy grin.
When Ye Zhang and Ang Yan were together, although they established the friendship of life and death in glitz, they were not different in temperament because they walked this circle. They were still two purebred people who hanged their mouths and said that they were most often predicted. It was obvious that Residual Blood and Teddy Boy found that they didn’t seem to understand what Ye Zhang was talking about.
At this time, when Ye Zhang and Ang Yan chatted about the rise of residual blood, his head suddenly turned back to what he had captured. His brow wrinkled tightly, and he could detect some strange things in the venue with a hint. When he slowly turned his head, he smiled at Teddy boy.
"I’m going to wash my hands."
The remnant blood left him alone and came to the corridor according to his own feelings. Although there are not many players invited today, almost all the people in the glitz are here, so there are still many mobile people
The bloodstained face was gloomy, and his eyes quickly flowed on every face, and then he went down the corridor to the back hall to clean the aisle. When he pulled the aisle and walked along the escalator with his heart, he suddenly heard a sound when he came to a very high floor.