If Mad Dog Dragon didn’t see it with his own eyes, he couldn’t believe it was Lu Chongyun.

Soon Liu Chongyun walked out of the apartment, out of the villa and into the street.
Surprisingly, he didn’t get out of the car but walked along the street.
His route is very strange. It’s just that he took the mad dog dragon in front of the dream. He turned around seven times and walked around a big circle, full of alleys.
What does he have to hide? Mad dog dragon quietly followed behind.
And Lu Chongyun’s purpose is to make Mad Dog Dragon never dream of being personable and paying great attention to his image. Lu Chongyun actually disappeared after entering Shuixiang Street.
Is this product looking for a lady? This is impossible!
Farewell, the tracker has been circled by Liu Chongyun for such a big circle that it can’t be chased anymore.
Mad dog dragon was a little anxious. He took out his music box and scanned the list of friends. His eyes lit up. He finally found someone who could help.
Two minutes later, a female player in a gray suit appeared panting on the riverbank. Mad Dog Dragon has always done enough. Who would have thought that this simple female player was Aisha?
"Brother Cucumber, are you looking for me?" Aisha looks happy although she is tired from running.
At the beginning, after Mad Dog Dragon cleaned up the ghost teeth, Aisha stopped doing that line and ran to the northern suburbs to set up a stall. Because the boss behind this scene was mad at Mad Dog Dragon, it was particularly good for her.
I have sincere respect and gratitude for the mad dog dragon Aisha. Now, as soon as the mad dog dragon calls her horse to let the crazy hand help guard the stall, he comes to see him in person.
Mad dog dragon smiled and said, "How have you been recently?"
"Very substantial! Very heart! " Aisha nodded excitedly. "Brother Cucumber, thank you for giving me a hand. Now I’m not in that line. The boss takes good care of me, but I know that the real boss is you."
I don’t know why I feel very kind and comfortable when I see Aisha mad dog dragon dressed very simply. Although Gu Xiaoyue, Liu Yun and Zheng Xiaoxue are 100 times more beautiful and noble than her, he still likes girls like Aisha.
That’s not what I really like, but from my heart’s empathy for grassroots players.
Mad dog dragon said, "I called you here to ask some questions."
Aisha was flattered. "What’s the problem?"
Mad Dog Long Dao "Do you know the composition of Shuixiang Street?"
Aisha said blankly, "What do you mean?"
Mad Dog Long Dao: "Let me tell you this. Most of the industries in Shuixiang Street are owned by the New Century Guild. Is there any special place?"
"Special? There seems to be nothing special, right? " Aisha murmured, "I really want to say, especially Miss Street, you know."
Mad dog dragon said, "haven’t you seen any big shots in Shuixiang Street before?"
As soon as he asked this sentence, he regretted Aisha’s former status and had access to big shots.
Aisha suddenly said, "If you want to say special, I remember a very mysterious place."
"Oh?" Mad dog dragon came to be interested. "Where?"
Aisha said, "Miss Shuixiang Street is divided into two groups: Fei Dajie and Long Dajie."
"Mommy?" Mad dog dragon frown way
Aisha nodded. "It is said that Fei Yan and Long Jiali came out from walking in the moonlight. People who want to enter Shuixiang Street have to get their permission, but Sister Long occupies a big house alone. Usually, people are not allowed to enter her backyard. Few people have been there. My previous sister has been there. It was only when she was drunk that she told me that there were so many tricks in it. The guests were very rich and told me never to tell."
Mad dog dragon’s eyes lit up and he knew that he had finally found the right person. "Tell me about the situation carefully and I want the most details."
While he was asking Aisha about the situation, Lu Chongyun had taken off his hood and walked slowly into Long Jiali’s backyard.
Long Jiali greeted her personally and smiled. "Is the boss here?"
Liu Chongyun nodded and followed her into a room in the backyard.
In the innermost part of the room is a cargo elevator. After descending 20 meters to the ground, there is a heavy iron gate and a long corridor behind it. This place looks like a grave buried in the ground.
But the door at the end of the corridor is a magnificent hall, which is a ballroom, but the decoration here is more luxurious than many night shows
Who would have thought that behind Shuixiang Street, such a secret and luxurious clubhouse was built?
Lu Chongyun didn’t know how many rooms he had passed before he finally walked into the last room from a flight of steps.
This is obviously a warehouse, and if the mad dog dragon can track it here, he will never think that it is just a smoke bomb from Lu Chongyun.
Because now Lu Chongyun has come out of a cake shop, the neon across the street is actually a 19-story commercial hotel with the four characters "Yunxiao Restaurant" flashing on the rooftop.
The restaurant had already closed at this time, but Liu Chongyun entered the underground parking lot and rose from the ladder to the restaurant on the third floor.
The restaurant seems to be sure that he will come here at this time. The chef who is in charge of cooking inside is wearing a white hat and actively pulls the door for him.
This man is not only the chef of this restaurant, but also the real boss behind the scenes, and he is also a very trustworthy Liu Chongyun.
He has an interesting name called Ning Dazui!
They met many years ago when they were still in the novice village. Like most novices, they had a hard time.
Lu Chongyun is determined to be a big shot, but he dreams of becoming a generation of gourmets, but no matter what dreams he has, it is absolutely impossible to have no money anyway.
At that time, Ning Dazui went everywhere to collect materials for business, and Lu Chongyun was responsible for finding buyers. The two of them got along very well.
Later, Lu Chongyun was brought to the new century, but Ning Dazui was still hanging out in the novice village. Later, Lu Chongyun really soared. He did not forget that the old man transferred Ning Dazui to his side to let him run this restaurant.
For Lu Chong Yunning’s big mouth, he was neither respectful nor enthusiastic. He asked coldly, "What do you want to eat and drink tonight?"
Liu Chongyun seems to be particularly satisfied with his attitude and patted him on the shoulder.
Ning mouth also not much words directly turned to the kitchen.
Four cold dishes and four hot dishes in the rich and elegant decoration were quickly served. The cold dishes were braised pork platter, boiled peanuts, cold dishes with three shreds, and dry steamed edamame. This is obviously a dining table.
The hot dishes are braised lion’s head, braised pork, braised tofu and stir-fried Chinese cabbage.
This is Ning Dazui’s personal cooking. Nowadays, there are not many people who can cook in person by chef Jeannin. After all, he is a star chef, the president of the conference or a celebrity. There is no way that celebrities can ask him to cook.
Although these dishes are the most common home-cooked dishes, it is necessary to make the taste of home-cooked dishes unusual, which really tests a chef’s basic skills.
Ning mouth end up the last stir-fried Chinese cabbage when Liu Chongyun just picked up a bottle of white wine on the table, tore off the exquisite packaging and directly looked up and killed half a bottle.
Half a bottle is half a catty, and wine is the most stinging kind of cellar Fenjiu, not to mention Lu Chongyun’s capacity for liquor. If someone sees him drinking like this, he will be surprised.
Lu Chongyun is the most calm, sober and graceful person, but he seems to be the most reckless, ferocious and alcoholic at the moment.
After drinking half a bottle, he sighed with satisfaction. "Where did you get forty years of old wine?"
Ning Dazui said faintly, "Spend money to buy it from Master Jiang!" to be continued