At this time, Zuo Tangtang was about to continue talking when he suddenly caught a glimpse of the channel near the left corner. At this time, there were two people who had just pretended not to see what they were familiar with and could no longer be familiar with.

Zuo Tangtang’s original typist could not avoid a meal, then pretended not to see anything and continued to talk to Cat Ear Niang.
[Nearby] Manman is worried/Xiaoqi ~ Will this beheading really make his head fall off ~
[Nearby] Seven Crows Laugh/What’s the matter? Afraid?
[Nearby] Manman is miserable/hmm ~ I feel bloody and dare not look.
[Nearby] The Seven Crows are fine ~ If you don’t look, let’s go.
[Nearby] How can I walk? After all, it’s because of me …
[Nearby] Seven Crows Oh, don’t think so much! What’s your reason! Don’t trap yourself.
[Nearby] Seven crows will do. If you don’t leave, don’t leave. I’ll accompany you. That was a lie. Your head won’t be broken. Don’t be afraid.
[Nearby] Manmanke * */Uh-huh ~ Good
While typing in a nearby chat box, Zuo Tangtang inevitably saw that the message kept floating on the keyboard for a long time before his hand finally fell again.
[Nearby] Stewed pig’s trotters, er … Overall … There should be no problem. I have been experienced for two hours recently!
Wondering at each other, the cat ear mother finally stood there quietly, with no bubbles on her head and no news in the channel.
Is it disconnected or stuck?
Just as Zuo Tangtang decided to poke a cat ear mother privately, the cat ear mother was chatting privately.
[Private chat] Maoerniang hoof hoof
[Private chat] Stewed pig’s trotters, huh? What’s the matter? Why did you change to private chat?
[Private chat] Is Cat Ear Niang them?
[Private chat] What are the pig’s trotters stewing?
[Private Chat] Cat Ear Niang is the Seven Crows and Manman. Did you fight with them yesterday? I remember the seven crows. You said you were your friend once.
[Private Chat] Cat Ear Niang and he is still in a gang with you.
[Private chat] Stewed pig’s trotters … Did you see it?
[Private chat] Tell me about you! Tell me about you! What a fool!
Cat ear niang hate iron not to produce said
Zuo Tangtang seldom said a word.
[Private Chat] Cat Ear Niang, I just saw you. Tell me, that’s how people die, you and them? Are they here to see you or to show off?
[Private chat] Stewed pig’s trotters … They really looked at me and greeted me earlier. I pretended not to see it …
[Private chat] Cat Ear Niang see? Do you see it this way? I guess I haven’t seen the giving ceremony to watch the fun!
[Private Chat] The pig’s trotters are stewed. If you don’t say it, there are still five minutes to ask what to do!
[Private Chat] You are stupid enough to die.
Zuo Tangtang giggled and replied, looking at the execution np in the distance, but his heart was not desolate. This friend is really chilling enough.
Xiaoqi Xiaoqi said that. What do you mean, it’s not because of Manman? So is it because of her? Did she ask for it?
There is no denying that Zuo Tangtang really sneered at this sentence in her heart, but just as Cat Ear Niang said, she was just stupid. She also understood it in prison last night. Maybe she will help if she has something after Xiaoqi, but she will not do her best as she does now.
It’s like understanding that Zuo Tangtang’s heart is not comfortable at this time, and it’s rare that he didn’t speak again, so the two men quietly ushered in the moment of questioning and judging.
At the moment when the system sent people to the execution place, it was almost the prisoners. People around them didn’t speak all the time. Although this is a game, although this death doesn’t mean that they really disappeared, people seem to forget all this at the moment and vent their feelings on the channel.
Some people are shouting brothers, some people are saying with affection that they will accompany you to leave, and some people are posting on hero posts.
Zuo Tangtang looked at all this with a smile. Although what they experienced was not beautiful, it was so beautiful at this moment. Some people were reserved and couldn’t let go. When these people were infected, they also revealed their thoughts.
All the channels in the nearby scene, World Hero Post, seem to be put on by this group of dying people at this moment.
This is a promise to you …
Zuo Tangtang’s eyes jumped and his hand reached out uncontrollably to the mouse. The comprehensive channel kept sliding, and many new repetitions kept popping up.
Zuo Tangtang didn’t care so much. At the moment, he was like a demon dazed. His eyes were staring blankly at that small box, and his face was abnormal. He kept trying to query with his hands until …
[Gossip] Anonymity is a promise to you …
Gossip channel?
The purple font is really so striking … Zuo Tangtang murmured that striking is shocking.
After a long time, I didn’t even find myself immersed in my own thoughts at the moment. Zuo Tangtang slowly woke up and habitually patted his face to make the original pale face instantly ruddy.
It’s really … What you do is so sensitive.
Zuo Tangtang shook his head with a self-deprecating smile, and sometimes he probably really couldn’t help himself. Even though some memories have been forgotten, some habits and words are still so unforgettable.
Waiting for Zuo Tangtang to wake up completely and beheading is over. The sun is hanging there and shining on people. People are plated with a layer of golden light, watching the people around them slowly disperse. This is also the end. Zuo Tangtang thinks with a relaxed attitude that it is good to end it in his heart no matter what it is.
I said hello to the cat ear mother and had already slipped away somewhere to watch the fun. Pikachu said that she was on the line.
I won’t know that the line has someone, and she has something to think about.
In the afternoon, Zuo Tangtang rubbed the sun * * and looked at the brain screen and said, "Today, you have won the golden lily Shenyang frustration reward, please receive it in the power challenge." I couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.
It’s finally over
Thinking that I’m still exaggerating myself with Cat Ear Niang this afternoon, there’s no problem. Zuo Tangtang can’t help but smile and really know!
Now, it is very difficult for people to kick the pavilion in this area. Most people know that it will take two hours, but it is still not full. But it is 4: 30 on the Zuotangtang line. It is time for the class to eat and eat. Zuo Tangtang is the captain and asks to kick the pavilion. No cars are allowed in the middle. Most people look at this condition. It took Zuo Tangtang a long time to get the group full. Seven pavilions are about to kick. By the fourth time, three people have been clamoring for being embarrassed to quit the team, hurting Zuo Tangtang while trying to continue to shout and bite their teeth.
It’s been almost three hours since Cheng got here, and only two people in the team are exhausted. They say hello, don’t retire, and don’t come back, so they directly sign the line in front of Zuo Tangtang.
After disbanding the team, Zuo Tangtang felt a little overwhelmed. After all, after all, so many things happened today, he was really tired. Just as Zuo Tangtang was preparing to rest later and earlier, the news came from Cat Ear Mother.
[Private chat] Cat Ear Niang hoof hoof! Come on! Join the group!
Then I threw a team invitation.
Zuo Tangtang did not hesitate to point the flag and ruthlessly refused.
[Private chat] Stewed pig’s trotters have something to say.
She is narrow-minded and won’t forget that although she is very concerned about herself today, she has scolded herself several times for being stupid.
[Private Chat] Cat Ear Niang, come and fight! Join the group!
Mao Erniang said that she was very justified and hurt Zuo Tangtang for a second and didn’t figure out what she wanted to say.
[Private chat] Stewed pig’s trotters …
[Private chat] Stewed pig’s trotters, Sister Cat, have you forgotten what I experienced at 3: 00 noon today?