Yes, he was really deleted.

Chapter three hundred and forty-two Again
"Brother Cyclone, I will also delete the number and I will play with you!"
Angry inflammation and the bartender are almost the same tunnel.
Delete number?
They don’t care about anger, inflammation, Poseidon’s refuge staff was blown by solitary rain with the wind. Now his equipment is also incomplete. More importantly, he believes that Ye Zhang will be by Zhang Ye’s side even if he gives up everything.
The bartender is also so equipped that he can get up again if he doesn’t see the important stone.
"No, you can’t delete the number. Don’t forget that we have to deal with Lin Youxuan."
Ye Zhang’s words calmed the anger inflammation and the bartender in the excitement, and they were silent for a long time. Some anger inflammation asked naively.
"Brother Cyclone, what shall we do to deal with Lin Youxuan?"
Ye Zhang didn’t speak. He smiled and pointed to the distant world and then said,
Angry inflammation and the bartender looked at each other. They didn’t understand Ye Zhang’s meaning. At this time, the sleeping sheep eyebrows seemed to think of something. He said
"You mean Lin Youxuan left evidence in glitz?"
Zhang Ye nodded. From the fact that he met Lin Youxuan several times, one thing can be found. Although Lin Youxuan is a schemer, he is really making glitz. Every look in his eyes is like loving his own child, and every detail of glitz is carefully taken care of.
"Don’t you think the revival of the Elf Dynasty is strange?"
Ye Zhang suddenly uttered such a sentence, and the sleeping sheep floated in the distance before his mouth. A man walked in front of Ye Zhang with a sentence.
"Lin Youxuan is deliberately hiding something."
Seeing Feng Zhi’s figure, Ye Zhang gave each other a friendly look, but his heart was full of mixed feelings.
At this time, Feng Zhi is still willing to deal with him. At this time, he is really all. Without the convulsions, the vanity of Ye Zhang is bleak. Without Caesar and Jie Shen, these people have never appeared again, but Feng Zhi is still fighting by his side.
"It’s glitz, it’s the fruit of Lin Youxuan’s hard work for one year. There are wars everywhere. These wars are probably to tell us something that may be Lin Youxuan’s real heart."
Ye Zhang said today (Monday) that Ang Yan and the bartender suddenly understood.
It is really strange that the revival of the dynasty forced a large number of players to fight for their lives. However, when Ye Zhang’s Li Shimen was going on one after another, when it was about to be completed, there was a brainwashing event in the prosperous world. At the same time, it seems that Lin Youxuan and the player named Tian Killing deliberately defended the kingdom of Greenland.
They don’t want Ye Zhang and others to finish it, so what are they trying to cover up?
"It’s a pity that I have cleared up these secrets by your first step. I don’t know when I will catch up with your level!"
Ye Zhang’s words made Ang Yan look pale and he walked in the opposite direction.
"I’ll go to the forum and say"
Ye Zhang didn’t stop him, but focused on Feng Zhishen. Feng Zhi smiled at this time
"Come to Honggao if you need anything!"
Feng Zhi walked angry inflammation also line Ye Zhang looked at the left bartender smile tunnel
"Why didn’t you leave and take me to train?"
The bartender’s chest is stuffy with a whirlwind. It seems that he has never thought about this problem. After glancing at Ye Zhang’s white suit, he can’t help but ask.
"Brother Cyclone, don’t you really want to fight for it? Maybe if you fight for glitz, you will still be compensated!"
The bartender was exactly the same as Zhi Re at that time, but Ye Zhang didn’t want to put any pressure on Tao An. The real reason for the glitz method to resign from the social worker Lin Youxuan was that glitz would really be destroyed.
And at this critical moment, there is no other way but to revive himself.
Ye Zhang, the bartender, thought about his current situation. He was dressed in a white suit and couldn’t go anywhere, but he suddenly thought of something. When he hit his attribute column, his eyes lit up when he saw the column.
In former Ye Zhang, he once gained a great deal of popularity in many places. The sacred valley of Cologne, the canopy of death, the city of sunny days, Atlantis, and the Khan Temple of Klimkhand all reached a maximum of 50,000 points, but this popularity did not disappear with his deletion.
Ye Zhang thought about it. He never took care of Wangtong, including when he got Princess Murphy and the sacred valley was upgraded to a second-class town.
Now, when he is a family, sometimes he decides to study unification and see if it is possible to rise as soon as possible.
When Ye Zhang helped the bartender to cross the ruins of Gore and enter the sacred valley, he found that NPC here still respected him very much and there were many restrictions on the level of the dialog box, but these levels were all at level 35, which he could not do at present.
When Ye Zhang walked into the town hall of the sacred valley and saw Princess Murphy, his career disappeared because of the little whirlwind role. Now he and Princess Murphy have triggered a professional dialogue.
However, Ye Zhang was immediately attracted by a nearby NPC named Town Chief, which is what he was looking for today. In fact, Ye Zhang knew about this NPC a long time ago, but at that time, he didn’t value anything other than managing the guild to strengthen his personal ability
Click on this NPC dialog box and Ye Zhang suddenly sees the benefits that players enjoy when they look forward to worship.
The urban goods purchase department hides the goods from the exchange, does not pay the consignment, Jincheng will not be wanted for murder, and can receive part of the fixed income of the town every week, and can apply for siege warfare and stronghold warfare and freely transfer the guild camp.
And in the end, Ye Zhang found two benefits he wanted.
Qiwang Exchange Vocational Skills Appraisal
When Ye Zhang looked at the exchange list, he was quite excited by the dazzling array of money changers in front of him. This merchant is very uniform, from life skills materials to various equipment, including hidden gold equipment, but it is also quite expensive to look forward to.
It takes 2 points to exchange a secret gold equipment, and some custom-made materials range from 5 to 1 point. Ye Zhang pondered and decided to make up the exchange first. He was afraid that once the exchange expectation was reduced, he could not reach the worship level and would enjoy these benefits.
And when Ye Zhang made a professional skill appraisal, he suddenly appeared in front of him, which made him completely excited, because the first skill in the first row was a divine blessing
Chapter three hundred and forty-three Vocational skill appraisal
The preconditions for divine blessing are similar to those imagined by Zhang Ye. Because these professional skill appraisal lists have complete conditions for learning skills, Ye Zhang is no longer blind and groping like a person to explore the footsteps of human race as it was at the beginning.
Divine Blessing Learning Conditions Level 1 Professional Sanctuary Officer Five Attributes Reached 1 Point Race Humans When Ye Zhang returned to Cologne and helped the Lord Mutu to successfully transfer to the position of Sanctuary Officer again, he finally got the divine blessing and belonged again.
However, he is now blessed to return to level 1, and this skill is not good at all. However, it is not the first time for Ye Zhang to play a little flashy. Today, there are only three sacred monsters in the southern continent to refresh the location.
It shouldn’t be long before the divine blessing rises to level 6. Once he reaches level 6, he can gain the ability to attack the epidemic and die.
When Ye Zhang returned to the sacred valley again, he slowly looked at the preconditions of Shengguang and Rapier in the vocational skill appraisal list, which was still as general as he imagined.
When the divine blessing is upgraded to level 5 and level 1, he can get it through special means twice, but he is stunned when he sees the fifth person behind the heavenly punishment who can learn special skills.
This skill requires the holy judge to learn when his intelligence attribute reaches 5. Seeing this condition, Ye Zhang lamented that his intelligence was 46 when he transferred to the Apocalypse. It seems that the secret of the holy judge has not been excavated by other departments. Is this every cloud has a silver lining?
The effect of divine prohibition is also very good. This is a passive chain skill. When the divine skill attacks the enemy, it can gain additional damage and silence the opponent according to the divine resistance of the other party.
Passive skills and shield skills have always been Ye Zhang’s favorite, and in the forbidden area, it is the fifth holy judge’s skill called oracle.
Similarly, according to the opponent’s sacred resistance level, there is a chance to kill the object, and the player can’t double the chance of the undead monster.
The learning conditions of this skill are more demanding, not only after the holy blessing reaches level 15 for the third time, but also the player can’t learn the skills of the holy judge