At the same time, the magic gate has once again gathered a group of disciples, and then prepared to head for Cuiming Mountain. Vowed to take down Cuiming Mountain.

"oh? Has Zhengdao sent someone back to report? " Meng Qi looked at the information passed from the Dragon Soul Temple and muttered to himself. It should be said that the right way now should be to stick to Cuiming Mountain, and it should be no problem to stick to Cuiming Mountain with their strength. Why go back and report?
Suddenly, Meng Qi remembered that the transmitting array of Cuiming Mountain was blown up by tens of thousands of explosive charms of Cheng Rewei. Maybe they want to build a transmitting array?
Thought of here, Meng Qi felt very possible. But then he smiled again, in fact, anyway, the right way is to call people to come back now. In this way, it is in line with the strategic policy of Meng Qi’s encirclement of Dayuan. In this case, what’s the difference between calling people here for what reason?
"Let them pass, now in the territory of Zhao, all monks are allowed to enter and leave!" Meng Qi gave such an order, and then he closed his eyes again and began to practice with the source of faith.
"Report, found the way big brother forces. Headed by three Yuan Ying brothers, there are about fifteen Hua Ying brothers, about eighty Jin Dan brothers, and about a thousand people are enlightened. " A friar then went into a very hidden place in a hurry and said to a friar Yuan Ying.
"Three yuan baby brother? Gee, there really is a big fish this time. It seems that we can’t eat it alone. Where are they now? " The monk Yuan Ying was not worried when he heard such a powerful force. Listening to the tone, the monks in the right way were like fish on a felt board, letting them kill them.
"Now it is about in Wuling County, and it is estimated that it will arrive in Gaixia County in two or three days." That monk then knew the area around here like the back of his hand, and he did not hesitate to tell the location of those monks who were right.
"Note? Hey hey, that’s a good place. All right, that’s it. Go down and have a rest first. When the order goes on, the teams will rest, and there will almost be a big battle. " Brother Yuan Ying said so.
"Yes!" Hearing Brother Yuan Ying’s words, the brother then did not worry about the coming battle. On the contrary, it was a very happy response, and then it was a joyful command.
Brother Yuan Ying looked at those monks who were not afraid of the war but rejoiced, and once again felt admiration for the commander who was not very high in cultivation.
Then he quietly left this hidden place, and then turned out to be a busy city with a lot of Terran reproduction, and then turned into an ordinary Terran appearance and entered a magnificent temple.
The temple is full of incense, and even if it is only in the morning, people come to pay homage in an endless stream. And there is no need to burn incense in this temple, because the whole temple is covered with a faint and elegant fragrance. Naturally, those earthly incense can’t destroy this fragrance.
Brother Yuanying walked into this temple, and then he saw dozens of terrans in different clothes praying sincerely in the hall. Among them, there are several demon disciples, all of whom are very sincere, kneeling and praying to the dragon statue in the center of the hall. No one even raised his head to see him when Brother Yuan Ying came in.
Friar Yuan Ying couldn’t help shaking his head when he saw this. No matter how many times he watched it, the sight still surprised him immensely. And he also found that the demon disciples who came to pay homage turned out to be several more.
It is said that after the visit, the whole body and mind will be transparent, comfortable and clear-hearted. For cultivation, this state is extremely good.
At this rate, I’m afraid it won’t take a few years. I’m afraid these middle and low-order disciples of Kyubi no Youko Cat Demon clan will all become followers of the leader. Thought of here, the brother Yuan Ying shook his head, and then he saw the temple that had led the people to pray together get up and walk towards him.
"benefactor Wang, how are you recently?" That temple is not a temple temple, either bald or Daoji. He just casually let his hair go to the back of his head, and only the solemn robe on his body proves that this person is not an ordinary believer.
Wang Lixin, the monk Yuan Ying, nodded and replied, "Brother Zhao is welcome. He came here to pay a visit to the inner hall."
Zhao Yun jumped out of the corner of his eye, and then said quietly, "Then come in." Say that finish also no longer hello Wang Lixin just take the lead to cella.
Wang Lixing followed Zhao Yun and looked at this should be an ordinary Terran, which actually gave him a feeling of being extremely difficult to shake. I can’t help sighing: it seems that the rumor that the commander has integrated the dragon spirit of this Zhao country is probably true.
And the reason why Zhao Yun let him be treated politely as a brother Yuan Ying is only because this Zhao Yun serves as the temple here. Blessed by thousands of beliefs, although these beliefs are not like Meng Qi’s sources of belief that can be used for cultivation.
But it can bring them considerable power, although this power is just a rootless ping. If you leave Meng Qi, even if you leave the Dragon Soul Temple, you can’t exist, but actually you will turn an ordinary person into an existence that can compete with Godsworn then.
Although the existence of a monk then does not make Wang Lixin so polite, Wang Lixin knows that Meng Qi is behind Zhao Yun. Moreover, with the increase of believers, the breath of Zhao Yun turned out to be more and more intense. If it goes on like this, it will be terrible.
After Zhao Yun brought Wang Lixin to the inner hall, he no longer looked like an expert outside. He asked eagerly, "Senior Wang, is there any news about this visit?"
In theory, even Meng Qi is a junior of Wang Lixin. Although Meng Qi is now the head of the Kyubi no Youko cat demon clan, there is no need to call it that, but the people of Scott clan can’t, and they just do a little disguise outside.
Wang Lixin nodded and said, "We have found out the position of the right big army. We will return to Gaixia County in about two or three days. Please report to the commander at once."
Zhao Yun nodded, and immediately began to call Meng Qi. Soon Meng Qi, who was in the capital of Zhao, had a reaction: "Zhao Yun, but have news?"
Zhao Yun said: "Senior Wang has found out the news, and now please ask the bodhi old zu to make a decision." After that, he told Meng Qi what Wang Lixin said.
After hearing this, Meng Qi thought about it for a moment, and then said, "You ask Brother Lixin to take his men to Gaixia County, which is the only way for a monk. I’ll send the rest of the troops to meet him, and then we’ll have a beautiful battle. " Say that finish Meng Qi is disconnected from both sides.
Zhao Yun told Wang Lixin Meng Qi’s reply, and Wang Lixin did not delay after learning the situation. I immediately went back to prepare for the transfer of personnel.
While in the imperial tomb, Meng Qi murmured, "Three Yuan Ying monks? How can this person be so talented? In recent months, the right path has suffered a lot. I thought it was at least twice as powerful now. Will it be a trap? "
Thinking of this, Meng Qi felt that it was necessary to be on the safe side. So Meng Qi stood up and went to the depths of the imperial tomb. After walking for a while, Meng Qi came to a room. After knocking, a voice came from inside: "Meng Qi? Come in. "
Meng Qi walked in, and the person inside was Meng Qi’s master, Cheng Fei. After Meng Qi entered, he didn’t talk nonsense. He said directly, "Master, the right path sent someone here again this time. I think there is fraud in it. Please also ask the master to go there, otherwise, if we let this army go to Cuiming Mountain and take it to the right path to set up the transmission array, I’m afraid it will be difficult for us in this state of Zhao. "
Cheng Fei nodded and said, "In that case, I’ll just go." Meng Qi nodded, and then went out. Meng Qi, who was going to go back and continue to practice, took a few steps and suddenly went in another direction.
Chapter V Dayuan Around Points
Chapter V Dayuan Around Points
Soon, Meng Qi came to another room and knocked on the door. But this time there was no movement inside, and Meng Qi pushed the door open directly and went in.
Ai Zhuoshui sat on a Xuan Bing bed, her eyes closed, and there was a layer of flying frost about three meters around her in Fiona Fang. This was forbidden by her, and she didn’t have any reaction to the arrival of Meng Qi.
Meng Qi looked at AiZhuo water, but there was still no sign of waking up. But the frost around her is getting stronger and stronger.
"Look at this, it should be smooth." Meng Qi thinking is and went out. After Meng Qi left, the air in the corner of the room suddenly floated, and then a figure appeared.
The figure looked at the figure of Meng Qi leaving, and then fled into the darkness again.
However, Ai Zhuoshui was not in a coma at this time, but nearly 200 years after entering the Yuan God, Ai Zhuoshui was finally going to break through. This is not good news for Meng Qi.
Because now is the time to need combat power, Ai Zhuoshui’s retreat is undoubtedly missing an ultimate combat power. And although Ai Zhuoshui commanded his younger brother before he closed the door, that is, the Godsworn Yuan, who came from Kyubi no Youko’s cat demon clan, had to obey Meng Qi’s arrangement. But Meng Qi knew that without Ai Zhuoshui, how could he command the Godsworn Yuan?
But it’s not without benefits, at least if AiZhuo water can break through smoothly. The strength in Meng Qi’s hands is that it will once again reach a higher level. The initial stage of Yuan God and the middle stage of Yuan God are not the same.
After Meng Qi left, he was still worried about those who were sent by the right way. The right path can’t be all idiots, but it’s still the case after suffering. However, Meng Qi has requested Cheng Fei to go forward, which is supposed to be no problem. But I don’t know why, Meng Qi is always worried.
"No, I’d better go and have a look." Meng Qi secretly thought, and this time, Meng Qi had informed the monks who were hidden in Gaixia County and all nearby counties to go to Gaixia County to prepare for an ambush.
After Cheng Fei also left, Meng Qi didn’t leave, because of the Dragon Soul Temple, Meng Qi could go directly through the Dragon Soul Temple.
Three days later.
"This group of Righteousness is really idiotic. After such a big loss some time ago, they still only send such a strong team of monks. Isn’t this something for us?" A monk then smiled and said to the monks who began to understand beside him.
And those who begin to understand the monks also laughed. Indeed, in recent months, whether it is the right path or the magic door. All those small-scale teams were eaten by the demon race.
However, Meng Qi, a large army sent by Magic Gate to Cuiming Mountain, did not stop them, so that they reached the foot of Cuiming Mountain smoothly. Then the magic two ways are confronted again, and this is exactly what Meng Qi wants to see.
The magic door naturally wants to shoot down Cuiming Mountain, but the right path will definitely not let it out. Therefore, the two sides have fought war after war, and the Monk’s team of monks is much more powerful than the one led by Elder Qi before.