With a wave of his hand, the residual blood smiled and six people shot at the same time, but their horses noticed it coming from the passage in every corner of the room, and a large number of players poured out of the door.

"Let’s go back first!"
The venue is too small to display residual blood and resolutely retreat to a delivery door behind them. According to teddy boy, this is room 14.
"Don’t be sick!"
As soon as I entered the delivery door, a student was born, and the residual blood sounded in my ears. I looked at the front number of alien columns and locked three figures.
Caesar, blood, and Asura are really old friends.
"How come the three major guilds have figured out that they want to formally establish diplomatic relations with us?"
Tang Yidao smiled and humored, but the atmosphere gradually turned cold.
Caesar looked up at Ye Zhang and then slowly moved to the residual blood face.
"The establishment of diplomatic relations can only promise us one condition!"
"oh? I would like to hear the details! "
The remnant blood also asked calmly that it was time for the two sides to get together in this place.
"If you want to play something strange in the future, you might as well come out with us. Wouldn’t it be faster if we split the accounts fifty-fifty and develop together?"
After listening to Caesar’s conditions, the remnant blood eyebrows stirred up a trace of murder, and his light eyes swept the players in front of him and then said
"What if I don’t agree?"
Chapter one hundred and twenty-four Defeated zhongzhou
The atmosphere is even more suffocating, while Caesar reveals a mysterious smile and says,
"Isn’t your card the forbidden black hole? But the forbidden black hole is not unique to your family!"
As soon as Caesar’s words were exported, Ye Zhang’s heart shook violently.
Did Caesar get the spell, too, or was he just being mysterious?
"The curse is like a nuclear weapon, Caesar. You should know better than I do what’s in it!"
Caesar naturally knows that the spell can’t be released indiscriminately. You can release me one, and I will release you one. In the end, both sides will lose, but it is obvious that the blood is still wrong.
At this time, Asura said a words.
"This is thanks to the fact that President Caesar’s Temple of the Dead also got a forbidden spell. I think the president of the bloody blood will be so grateful. You were enemies of life and death in those days. I didn’t expect a small whirlwind to make you shake hands and form an alliance. Life is just like a play. Haha!"
Asura’s words finally made the residual blood sink.
It seems that Caesar has made a desperate decision. He not only got a forbidden spell, but also got a forbidden spell for Somali Night and the Temple of the Ghost in the same way.
In this way, everyone has a spell, but the number advantage is highlighted. Zhang Ye can give one to the other party, so the other party will retaliate against the three last red mansions, which is estimated to have to be destroyed.
Why did Caesar do this? Was he really forced to take such extreme measures as larger foe?
The residual blood is not clear, but things have been put in front of us.
"The remnant blood wants another person of our three guilds to die at your hands. Caesar swears that the sacred valley head will definitely drop three forbidden spells!"
Caesar’s firm tone made the six people on the residual blood side feel a ripple.
"Is this a threat?"
Residual blood asked quietly.
"Don’t order the remnant blood to lead you and Ye Zhang out of Zhongzhou at this time, or I will visit the sacred valley one day later!"
After Caesar uttered this sentence, the momentum of the other side reached its peak, and Ye Zhang and Ang Yan had been shaken a little, especially Ang Yan. He deeply realized that it was unrealistic for a few of them to really hit these behemoths.
This time Caesar made an ultimatum. If he really made this crazy anger, imagine that the three forbidden spells will wave to every corner where they are from now on.
"Is that what you think of blood washing?"
Caesar was really driven crazy, and the remnant blood set his eyes on a bloody face, and the latter looked up and said in a gloomy tone
"Ye Zhang, at the beginning, I once said that if you want to solve the game, you will have to break the road of the three major guilds, so we don’t have to be merciful and completely ruin you … otherwise, we have no way!"
This sentence is said from a bloody mouth. So far, the three major guilds have given Ye Zhang the highest evaluation. They bet that the three major guilds will completely clean up Ye Zhang from the glitz in the future. This time, they are determined to die and really put Zhang Ye on their own parallel.
Ye Zhang is also full of anger now.
What will come to this point today? From the descriptions of the remnant blood and Jie Shen, the Somali night should also be the highest center to dominate the online game industry. What can they do but not themselves?
"Ye Zhang, do you remember when I talked to you?"
Caesar’s tone changed at this time, and he gradually suspended from the fanaticism. He looked at Ye Zhang with a trace of residual temperature in his eyes.
Ye Zhang looked up at Caesar puzzled.
"You are still so naive. I once warned you that your hand is too long. You are full of food and drink, but at the same time you want everyone else to be hungry. Who are you against?"
Ye Zhang said nothing. He really didn’t understand how naive he was and where his hand was too long.
However, Caesar was finally disappointed when he saw Ye Zhang’s eyes confused. His eyes were determined again and he looked at the residual blood and waited for the other party’s final decision.
The remnant blood hesitated. They no longer have a windy attitude. Now there are guilds behind them and they have scruples.
"I know that you have found the spirit of heaven, the soul of mourning for the army, the spring and autumn suit of Heshibi (Hepu) and the suit of sweeping Liuhe. A small part of the three suits have been occupied by you. After the second day, the expansion ended, and the red chamber was the only one. Maybe this is what you Ye Zhang wanted?"
Ye Zhang said yes from the bottom of his heart, but his expression didn’t say anything. He saw Caesar smile with disdain.
"I didn’t expect you to give away the two big suits, but you’ve got enough in the expansion of the Emperor through the ages. Should we also share it?"
At this time, it was seen that Caesar still had a little fantasy about Ye Zhang, and his heart secretly sighed and stood up and said
"Caesar, you talk too much nonsense. Ye Zhang will leave immediately or you will not leave!"
Residual blood and Ye Zhang divorced.
This is the first time for them to lose. Ye Zhang’s face is full of unwillingness and humiliation, and it is also a shame for a soldier to lose before the war.
"Brother Blood, do we just listen to them?"
Teddy boy shouted at the remnant blood for the first time. Now his head is full of killing desire. Guild players have a p-other method with him. It is Caesar’s group who treat his blood brother like this.
That’s their soul.
"Let’s talk about it!"
The remnant blood is now full of contradictions. He knows that if this matter is not solved, they will be completely confined outside the door. Caesar and others will use this excuse to force them to leave.
And the so-called too long hand is just Caesar’s excuse. How can there be complete justice in this world, where the law of the jungle survives the fittest? Do you still want the enemy to give alms from God?
It’s ridiculous!
The residual blood glanced at Ye Zhang’s gloomy face. He wanted to slap Ye Zhang to wake up, but he sighed and held back these things. He had to explain them to others himself. There was always a thorn in his heart.
Directly from the game back to reality, Shen Cen and Jie Shen are already waiting for them there.
"I know what happened. There is a way to go before our eyes!"
Shen Cen focused on the residual blood body, and the latter blurted it out without hesitation.