Although people are reborn, the temperament of the master is still on the side. Passers-by see a cloth stinger coming out of the rebirth point. They know that this will not be a novice. They sigh slightly, "Another master has been reborn in the Jianghu and killed too much …" Although they think so, they still lose their swords … On the other side, they were reborn in the battle just now. Some people watched the stinger go away at the rebirth point and remained silent. They all saw his loneliness and heard his words …

At the same time, Sinian and Midnight woke up from meditation. They have won the battle. Everyone in the gang is collecting things on the battlefield, focusing on the living and staying behind. Sinian and Midnight leaned against the willow tree and stared at the long lake. Although they won, they were not happy. At that moment, they saw a lot of things.
"Si nian, you said that those ordinary people don’t practice martial arts to the primary mountain? Only the basic martial arts strength can make them fall into cannon fodder. "
Si Nian’s left hand lifted her hair and looked at the distance. "In fact, we are also cannon fodder. Even masters like stingers are cannon fodder. Everyone in the Jianghu is chess except those high above people …"
In fact, midnight knows that he wants to get affirmation from Sinian’s mouth. In fact, what he wants to ask is this question … "Sinian, did you see the stinger’s eyes? Good nai good lonely but have so a little relief … "
Si nian certainly saw it. Although he had little experience in Jianghu and was almost white, he did understand those thoughts hidden in his eyes.
"Jianghu is a game rule, that is, the winner is the king and the loser is dead, but this Jianghu has another rule-rebirth stinger. People like that are a minority. After many people are defeated, they will make a comeback again. They will be menacing. They will look forward to the Jianghu and their desire for levy will remain unchanged. They will eventually come back again. Today, thousands of people have been reborn. Maybe one day, some of them will treat us like dirt and easily wipe us off."
We … All beings crawl …
Chapter 23 Choice
Listening to Si Nian in the dead of night, he said nothing. He acquiesced that this is the Jianghu. This is the fate of entering the Jianghu. If you don’t want to be obliterated, you have to practice hard all the time. Don’t let others catch up with you, because once you chase it, you may be pulled back to your horse and plummet. But how can you make money if you hold it in your hand …
Si Nian asked slowly, "Is it wrong for us to join the gang at night?"
Knowing what Sinian was thinking, he whispered softly, "Sinian, we have just become deacons …"
"Jianghu is a mess. There will be many such things after fighting every day …"
"But we can still practice outside the battle!"
"Don’t be silly at night. We are deacons, not Wang … many things are not something we can choose to do or not …"
"Si Nian, I really don’t agree with you this time … if I don’t surf, no one will be faster than me with my understanding roots!"
Si Nian looked sideways at the midnight with a firm expression, as if he was not the midnight at this moment. He was really not the night before. The night before, Lan would always agree with his words. No matter right or wrong, he would follow his Si Nian with a faint smile. He almost forgot the day when he questioned himself and the reason why he entered this Jianghu …
Now that the end of the world is near, once the world has dissipated, "Different Life" is a reality. Now it seems that he really has a belief in his heart …
"There is something I don’t want to tell you at night." Sinian quietly looked at Tianxin and had thoughts.
"You say" looked at him in the dead of night and looked at him carefully. He vaguely guessed …
"Last night, I received a note of rain sunseeker." Sinian slowly bowed his head and looked at Slender West Lake with indifference.
"Notes she turned out to be so high? Worth millions of notes! " The midnight is unbelievable, staring at Si Nian is unbelievable.
Si Nian smiled bitterly and swung a willow branch in front of her left hand. "Now the third master in America is her suitor-her family is in America, and she is struggling to support it …"
"Do you think you can compete with him?" Staring at Si Nian in the dead of night, the emotion surged but his face was dull.
"I want to compare" Sinian looked back at the midnight eyes and never hid Zhang Qi’s lips.
"Then you need power more!" Night rush
"I need strength more." Si Nian’s fists held tightly and I didn’t know what I was thinking.
"Si Nian, I still want to say that she is not worthy of you …" The midnight rose.
Si Nian didn’t get angry this time. He barely raised his lips and said, "Who knows? I decided to go at night. "
Stop talking at midnight and turn your back on Sinian and step forward to meet him.
Because he is not sure whether his decision is right or wrong this time, he is not dissatisfied with the midnight opposition, but has a little comfort. When he grows up, he no longer agrees with himself, and he will stick to his point of view …
Si Nian put his left hand on the dead of night and smiled at his right shoulder. "When you grow up at night, we will choose a different road today, and then we will see who is right and who is wrong."
One leng leng in the dead of night, and then nervously said, "Si Nian, I’m just saying that you don’t leave me."
Sinian shook his head gently. "You are right. Anyway, there is no death here, and I am not worried that I will come to see you often after you."
The midnight is hesitant, but hiding behind Si Nian since childhood, he has a voice in his heart at this moment. "Let him go. Your choice is right. You can’t let him show off in front every time. You can’t look up at his back every time!" At midnight, he shook his head and dumped the idea, but he didn’t say that he would go with Sinian.
Si Nian said that in his mouth, but his heart still hoped that midnight would show a bright smile and tell him "whatever you want!" " But he was disappointed after all. He kept bowing his head at midnight and didn’t give him an answer. He smiled and got up slowly. "Work hard at night and I’ll go."
The midnight finally looked up and said, "Sinianzhen, don’t go."
Si Nian smiled and shook his head and patted the midnight shoulder. "I’ve decided … after I’m not around, you should take good care of yourself." Say that finish and turn away.
Looking at the figure galloping away on the back of the prancing horse in the dead of night, he didn’t regret "I’ve decided …"
Driving a fine horse on horseback, Si Nian looked up slightly, and the spring breeze was so gentle and swaying, the branches rustled and the leaves danced in the wind …
It turns out that I will be so obsessed with kendo one day, but is it really obsessed? The reality is that the dream of rejuvenating the family has dissipated with the end of the world. Now there are Iraqis in different places who are still dreaming in their minds. They dare not forget her smiling face or their vows to her …
When I entered the Jianghu, I found out that it would be like this. The weak at the bottom have been climbing to gain status, money, conspiracy, conspiracy and calculation, but the strong are also happy to appreciate this ugly human nature. They look at their hands lightly. When these monkeys are happy, they will throw a peach into the monkey group, which will lead them to tear each other and eventually fight for the peach. When they are in a bad mood, they may win the credit with a wave of their fingers. When they are in a bad mood, they will eventually die. After their rebirth, they will cry bitterly and turn into muddy tears.
Stepping into the Jianghu, Si Nian doesn’t regret it, because the world of fighters is Jianghu unless he is willing to break away from this circle and become a peddler in the streets or a tailor, blacksmith and pharmacist in a shop … He has no feelings for this Jianghu, and he wants to tear it apart to make it more chaotic, so he can easily create his own things, but he loves the sword, and the smooth body seems to be his woman’s skin. He likes to wipe his sword very much, even if it is shiny and spotless, he will take out his silk and gently wipe it, enjoying the mental process. Only then will he forget her for a moment.
Si Nianyin is a boat. I’m sorry. After explaining these things, a boat didn’t say much to make him be careful. He would take good care of Si Nian at night. After thanking him, he asked him about a hidden brush strange place. He directly lost his voice and found the cave where Si Nian said, and his eyebrows slowly pulled out his back and entered the cave for five years …
Chapter 24 Five years later
I have never forgotten that obsession in my heart. It seems that it can only make me crazier, crazier and crazier. I want to climb the peak of rivers and lakes. How can I find you in words …
Desire language is a brother of Lingjiu Palace. She is talented and diligent, and she has always been far ahead of the same group of brothers.
"Drink!" Desire to talk jiao knocked the last monster in front of her to the ground. She bowed her head and gasped. She already felt very tired. Sweat kept seeping from the tip of her forehead and moistened her hair. Her cheeks were wet and her eyes were slightly raised. That slender figure once again fell into her eyes. He had just finished cleaning up a group of monsters. When the sword was pulled out from the last monster in his hand, he swept away from another group of monsters and continued to talk. He couldn’t see a trace of fatigue from his face. It had been a day in a row. His eyes are like a deep pool of stagnant water … It’s a robe with broken hair tied to the back of his head and a bearded man at random. It’s been five years since she found this practice point. In the past five years, the man has been here when he first arrived. At that time, his eyes will show the difficulty of killing monsters. At that time, he will be injured every day. After the injury, his swordsmanship will become very flustered and he will be in a mess to avoid from around among monsters … But now he can easily kill cave monsters even if he is occasionally claws by monsters. Scratched, he will not care to continue his quick sword. A year ago, he wanted to speak with a senior martial sister who took good care of them. That senior martial sister has a high position in the door. In a word, several people helped her accumulate enough contributions to practicing martial arts, and nine of the top ten recommended her to practice intermediate martial arts. Lingjiu Palace brothers are very United. They take good care of their senior martial arts. Unlike other sects in the Jianghu, they are not willing to let others practice advanced martial arts.
Desire is not white. She is now level 3 and her proficiency in the intermediate martial arts "Bai Hong Palm" has been improved to 7. She is not so much weaker than this man? She’s not white. She’s confused …
Si Nian’s facial expression shuttles through the strange group, and the evil spirit quickly draws out the sword. The Thai sword is covered with blood in five years of killing and abusing. Si Nian has been in the cave for five years. When he is hungry, he eats and grows in the cave. When he is thirsty, he drinks from the rock and flows out of the spring water. After five years, he has a constant belief-go to the United States!
"Ding … congratulations on your proficiency in the primary martial arts" Wind Sword "reaching 1!"
To "boom!" Si Nian suddenly wielded a 6*6 silver sword awn to cover the remaining dozens of monsters. The monster body suddenly blew up the whole hole, and the flesh and blood were everywhere. He stared at the cruel scene of the hole in amazement. Rao was the one who killed the weirdo all the year round and turned pale and could not bear to grieve.
"I can’t understand other verses, and the proficiency of Violet Sword Song is still rising …" Si Nian looked at the property board and stopped at 17 proficiency of Violet Sword Song and shook his head gently.
"In that case, it’s time to go …" Whispering the sword slowly into its sheath, God looked at the ground and walked softly outside the hole.
"hey! What’s your name? "A beautiful sound entered Si Nian’s ear.
Si nian stopped, slowly turned around, and looked straight at Yu Yu. She was so beautiful, so beautiful that I didn’t find her …