At the same time, this yellow card also attracted the attention of TV broadcast.
At first, everyone just thought that although meireles had Yang’s arm movements, his movements were slow and his strength was not great.
You shouldn’t beat Boots Cox so hard, right? With a scream, burying his face in a self-effacing fall to the ground …
According to this way, meireles should have spent half a day, then leaned forward and swung his elbow back hard to do it.
And if it goes on like this, Boots’s face can’t be so clean, and he would have a nosebleed.
In addition, as everyone can see, after meireles’s elbow was lifted, it was not Boots’s face that he came into contact with, but his chest!
So obviously, this is a dive!
Commentators from all over the world have no objection to this.
In addition to the commentator in Catalonia, he felt that even if Boots’s fall was exaggerated, he could not deny that meireles’s upward movement of his arm was a foul …
But then, the TV broadcast signal embarrassed the Catalan commentator.
It also made many commentators laugh.
The TV replays the scene that just happened in slow motion.
No, this time it’s about Boots Cox falling to the ground.
In the picture, Boots, burying his face in the grass, rolled painfully. Just looking at this, it really makes people think that meireles must have hit Bilianggu hard just now, which made him suffer from nosebleeds. Even if the nosebleed didn’t come out, the tears must have come out.
The Catalan commentator then said, "Look, look at Sergio’s pain!" Meireles just absolutely can’t be lightly touched … "
Taking his word, Boots, who was rolling in the red, suddenly opened his hands covering his face and quickly glanced at the referee from the gap!
Look at his nose, intact, look at his eyes, sly and proud.
Where is there any sign of being severely punished by meireles?
Then he quickly covered his face and continued to roll on the grass …
Seeing this scene, the Catalan commentator couldn’t say anything below. He really couldn’t wash the floor for Butzquez again!
The other commentators all laughed: "Good acting!"
"Boots Cox was heavily concentrated on his face, and he didn’t forget to care about whether the referee gave meireles a card. It’s really dedicated!"
Of course, the Italian commentator was not happy, but angry: "This is really ugly! This face is disgusting! This blatant fraud is a violation of the spirit of fair play! " Italian commentator righteously accused Boots of diving.
"UEFA should investigate this matter after the game! This is simply a scandal! "
Audiences from all over the world and their friends in front of the TV were also shocked.
Some people didn’t see it clearly before, but they really thought Boots Cox was hit.
Now look … This is a naked diving!
Throughout the process, Guardiola sat on the coach’s bench and seemed indifferent.
He knew that Boots Cox was diving, but it was good for his team after all, and he was not a saint. He could not stand up and tell the referee that Boots Cox was diving.
He even had an idea in his mind that when Boots Cox fell to the ground, he hoped that meireles would be sent off with a red card.
In this way, your pressure is much lighter.
The thought made him feel guilty.
So he has been sitting on the coach’s bench and has not participated in this matter.
Then vilanova, the assistant coach around him, rushed out and accused Changsheng of not abusing the players, but he remained indifferent.
He has a good personal relationship with Chang Sheng, but he must win this game.
But in order to win, he tore his face and threw away his friendship for many years, but he still couldn’t do it …
When meireles didn’t get sent off, he felt exactly the opposite-he was relieved again.
If meireles is sent off because of Boots Cox’s diving, he feels that he will not know how to face Chang for a long time …
Chapter two hundred and thirty Insulting the referee’s IQ
Lazio scored a goal in Barcelona in the first half, but everyone’s focus was on Boots’s natural performance.
The TV broadcast replayed the scene that Boots Cox fell to the ground and rolled again and again, and there was still time to open his hand and peek at the referee.
Boots Cox’s superb performance stunned fans and commentators all over the world.
In front of such a great performance, everyone can do nothing but be dumbfounded.
This is no longer a performance that can be described in words.
Everyone can only watch it over and over again and immerse themselves in this amazing performance over and over again.
It was not until the end of the first half that I came to my senses.
"The score of 0: 1 is still within an acceptable range for Barcelona." The commentator in Catalonia is cheering for the fans.
For Barcelona, which is one side behind, the fifteen minutes of halftime will be very long.
In the dressing room, meireles knew that he would miss the Champions League final because of this yellow card, and he even shed tears in disappointment and surprise.
He felt more and more wronged.
Because he thinks he didn’t foul at all!
He just opened his arms to protect the ball. Whether he really met Boots Cox or not, he doesn’t know.
He didn’t think it should be met.
Everyone came up to comfort meireles, who was so sad.
Changsheng didn’t say a word, didn’t stop it, and just watched.
It was almost time before he came up to meireles and said, "I know it’s unfair, Raul (raul jose trindade meireles). You did very well in the game, but you were suspended because of an unwarranted yellow card. The club will do everything possible to appeal for you. But if, I mean if … if the appeal fails, I can assure you that I will give you another chance to play in the Champions League final, and I mean it, Raul. "
"So now, dry your tears. We have 45 minutes, and so do you. If you can’t play in the final, then consider this as your Champions League final, and Barcelona is barely worthy of the opponent’s status in the Champions League final … "
Meireles nodded and stopped crying.
Changsheng turned to all the players and said, "Our opponents want to beat us at all costs. Their fans set off firecrackers outside our hotel in the middle of the night, and their players set you up with despicable diving on the court … I saw their weakness and incompetence from these! When a team wants to beat us in this way, it means they are dead! You should be happy, because you let them have no face! But it’s not over yet, there is still a second half, and we will use these 45 minutes to tell them that even if they are shameless, they still can’t beat us! This is the fact! "
At half-time, Guardiola euphemistically criticized Boots, telling him to concentrate on the game in the second half, rather than other crooked ways.
"I’m sure the referee has noticed you, Sergio. You should be honest in the second half. "
Boots, nodded.
The head coach will be honest even if he doesn’t say anything.