Like a door panel, the benefits of the mountain axe appear immediately.

The pike was easily blocked by an axe like a shield, but it saved a life by taking this opportunity to enjoy it.
After blocking the pike, longitudinal Ma Xiaoxing wanted to kill Xu Chu when he was chasing. Longitudinal Ma Xiaoxing quickly turned and ran away.
Chapter 52 Almost
It’s a pity that Lingyun in the city wall almost died in the mountain axe. I didn’t expect that he finally picked up a life.
If Xu Chu is a little late, it will take a few seconds to beat Ma Xiao and the west wind to slay Le Jin.
Yu Jin’s arrest has already suffered a loss. Now Cao Cao is always ready for Xu Chu.
If it had been like that before, Le Jin might have really died, but now Cao Cao and his generals are very close to the city, and Xu Chu is riding a horse to come over for more than ten seconds.
When he saw that there was something wrong with Lejin’s horse, Xu Chu had already rushed over before Lejin jumped from the horse.
The five-star peak reaction is much faster than that of Xia Houyuan and others. When they react in Xia Houyuan, Xu Chu has already rushed out of the three zhangs.
It is this three-foot distance that makes Le Jin save his life.
At that time, Xu Chu was actually a little far away from the longitudinal Ma Xiao Xifeng. It was still possible to kill Lejin, but after killing Lejin, the longitudinal Ma Xiao Xifeng himself would die in the hands of Xu Chu.
Longitudinal Ma Xiao westerly wind naturally won’t change one life for another, and it’s not like he has any sworn enemies. It’s not worth changing one life for another.
"If you are defeated, please punish your master." Lejin knelt before Cao Cao and said,
"You lost because of the war horse. You have to blame me for not matching a good horse," Cao Cao said.
Le Lang’s war horses can be regarded as ordinary Cao Cao and there is no way to get too many good horses. Generally, good horses in the grassland will not be sold to the Central Plains people.
If there are any horses shipped from the grassland, they are either bought at a high price in private or simply robbed.
Cao Cao, the top warlord, also has a way to get good war horses, but the number will never be more in the face of joy, and Dian Wei Xu Chu and others are naturally given priority to these people
Therefore, Lejin has always been a war horse, although it is better than ordinary war horses, but it is not first-class and can be regarded as a second-rate war horse.
And longitudinal Ma Xiao Xifeng stayed in Liaodong for so long, although he didn’t meet the top horses, he could still find the first-class quality horses.
Besides, the Xianbei House Tower is now a minister to Lingyun. Every year, hundreds of horses will be sent to Lingyun, and five or six first-class horses will be selected for Lingyun.
In this way, Lingyun wields a military commander and doesn’t worry about having a good horse.
A war horse is my second life. A good war horse can often make a military commander play a stronger role and reduce the danger of a military commander in the battlefield.
If Le Jin’s steeds were more westerly than longitudinal horses, there would be no danger this time and he almost lost his life.
If it weren’t for Xu Chu’s coming, Le Jinji would have died in the west wind mountain axe of longitudinal Ma Xiao because his horse couldn’t compete with the west wind.
I don’t know how many military commanders died at the hands of the enemy because their horses slipped.
"If you can blame the master, it’s still bad, otherwise you won’t give him this chance," Lejin said.
Cao Cao said, "Just take your weapon and find you a good horse in the future and fight him in the first world war."
After the longitudinal Ma Xiao and the westerly wind ran away, Xu Chu picked up Le Jin’s pike.
Cao Cao didn’t send anyone to the city for a few days after Lejin lost.
But to let people find good horses, and to change all his five-star generals into first-class horses anyway.
I have to suffer again in the war horse, like Xia Houyuan Xiahou Dun’s war horse, although it is better than Lejin, but there is still some gap from the first class.
It’s okay to fight for a short time, but if you fight for hundreds of tricks, the importance of the quality of the horse becomes more and more important.
When people are looking for a good war horse, Cao Cao also plans with Guo Jia and others to defeat Lingyun.
Cao Cao no longer wants to send people to fight because of the defeat of the ban and Lejin.
Obviously, it’s not cheap to single out the generals on his side. It’s better to go on, but the wave time difference is a little bit. Maybe another commander will be killed or caught.
Cao Cao and Guo Jia have planned to attack the city on a large scale, otherwise they will not know what will happen to Liu Biao, the official servant of Jingzhou.
Cao Cao wanted Xia Houyuan and others to fight in the city and take the opportunity to slay Lingyun’s military commanders to reduce the difficulty of siege.
But for more than half a month, instead of slaying the military commander here in Lingyun, he gave up the ban and almost died.
Since one-on-one combat is not possible, we can storm.
Cao Cao and Guo Jia and other counselors discussed for several days and finally decided.
And this time chui fook also has returned from Yuzhou with Yu Jin’s family.
In order to convince Yu Jin that Xu Fu will bring Yu Jin’s wife into Changshan County and Yu Jin’s parents and children will be sent to western Liaoning.
It’s still too difficult to get a month from Lingyun’s promise. Although Yu Jin’s family has been brought to Lingyun, there is no horse to let Yu Jin choose, but Yu Jin’s wife will be delivered to his room in person.
"I am very sorry that you were seriously injured in the general’s visit, and the general was alone in the city and there was no caring person to take care of him, so I asked someone to take care of the general’s family." Ling Yun said.
Yu Jin glared at Lingyun. "You are so mean."
Lingyun laughed. "I’m a general, too. I said I would never kill the general, but I can never let the general go back to Cao Ying if he stays with me."
"In any case, the general is destined to stay in western Liaoning forever, and his family is far apart. It is despicable for me to bring the general’s family."
Yu Jin said, "Don’t be so nice. I can’t see your heart. You just let Cao Cao miss me and I have surrendered to you. Just let me have no way out. Hum, you got it."
In the future, the brain of Wuliangjiang is also very good, so that at the moment when I saw my wife, I was going to Bai Lingyun.
Lingyun’s connection to the forbidden family is indeed as he said, but it also contains the mind of the forbidden family.
It is really necessary to break away from the forbidden retreat, because Lingyun will not put it away no matter how he chooses to be forbidden.
Will Cao Cao still want his family even if he wants to escape?
Lingyun sent undercover, didn’t he?
"Ha ha ha ….." Lingyun laughed. "Let’s talk about everything when you are healed. If you don’t leave my site, you can do whatever you want and you can say that I can give it."
Lingyun believes that Yu Jin will definitely surrender himself in the end unless he wants to live the life of a farmer and herder now.
Is he content to be so young after learning all this?
Chapter 53 Siege
South Gate Dian Wei, if Hong Zhong, counted Jun and rushed towards the gate.
Simon Xu Chu is also attacking with hundreds of troops.
Dongmen Xu Huang Xia Houyuan Xiahou Dun keeps killing.
There are four gates and the north gate is calm.
"GongSunYing sits in the south gate, south gate worries about Zhang He Zhao Feng guarding the west gate, west gate worries about Zhang Tong Shi Meng Zhao Yun guarding the east gate, east gate worries about"
Lingyun is also in the south wall.
"If Cao Cao is so rooted, he can’t break my Changshan."
Although Cao Cao, a counselor in Guo Jia, is now fighting a few percent higher than Lingyun’s, it is impossible for these soldiers to break through the city gate.
Even though these soldiers doubled in strength, they were offset in front of the high and thick walls.
In addition to * * Wei and other generals, they can hold off some troops in the wall and they have a chance to climb the wall.