I don’t know how long it took me to wake up when the first ray of sunshine shone on my face in the morning. When I looked at my mobile phone, it was 7: 15. It was time to get up, or I wouldn’t be able to pull out the luxury tanker at 1: 00 this afternoon.

Liu Lingfei hasn’t got up yet, so when I finished washing, I woke her up. The two of them had some breakfast at will, and I sent her to the airport. Before I left, I left a note at home to tell my parents that my friends and I were going back to H city for some things, so that they wouldn’t worry about me.
When I arrived at the airport, there were still many flights to the United States, so I bought Liu Lingfei a 75-minute first-class luxury ticket and accompanied her to the plane to check in, saying that it would only take about a minute to check in, and it wouldn’t delay me long.
Because Liu Lingfei was in the first-class luxury class, she entered the plane without queuing when checking in.
When she disappeared from my eyes, I left the airport and drove to H city in a car.
It took me three hours and minutes to go from H city to J city. This time, it took me three hours and 25 minutes to return from J city to H city, which was much higher than the last time. That’s because I didn’t have the power to speed up. After all, the second purpose was to abscond, but this time it was to go to a party. The situation is different, and the speed of the car is naturally different.
At 11: 35, when I arrived at Haitian Port by car, a huge luxury oil tanker was stopping at the dock. The ship was 167 meters long and 24 meters wide, but it was a famous luxury cruise ship in China. At this moment, tourists were rushing to the tanker in twos and threes, showing that most of them had reported their troubles.
Since I arrived at the dock, I immediately took out my mobile phone and dialed the mobile phone number I love gold coins. "I love gold coins. Where are you now?"
"Eldest brother, there is a small restaurant called Juxiangyuan opposite the port. Have you seen it? Coca-Cola and I are having lunch in Juxiang Garden with ice. "Just when I was going to ask him why he didn’t go to the oil tanker for lunch, I found that I love gold coins." Luxury oil tankers won’t put lunch in the restaurant until late. You should solve it yourself, boss. Come with us. We will wait for you in Juxiang Garden. "
I looked around and immediately found out where Juxiang Garden was. When I went to the small restaurant, I replied, "Yeah, I’ll be right there."
Talking and laughing, the third-year students of Haitian International School in H City ranked first in the same grade in the school. They are the most promising people in this college entrance examination, and they can also be said to be the first player of Haitian International School.
However, the family situation is not very optimistic. Her parents are both rural working people, so they don’t have much ability to learn well at her expense. She usually works hard and gets excellent academic performance every year, so that she can always study at Haitian School.
Talking and laughing, a figure is not first-class and can be said to be moderate in appearance. Although it is fresh and beautiful, it is because of a pair of nearsighted glasses (look at the children now! ) make her look much less beautiful. These combinations should be difficult to attract the attention of boys.
However, it is annoying that Jason, who has the title of beauty killer, somehow caught up with her at the end of the third year of high school, but laughed and refused Jason again and again with the aim of studying hard and getting into a key university.
It’s a pity that Jason’s perseverance really made people admire her after being rejected for ten times. She was finally moved by him and agreed to associate with him. The two of them could grow by leaps and bounds. If it weren’t for her laughter and ancient thoughts, I’m afraid she would have had a room with Zhang Jieqi.
Labor Day is approaching in Jason, and when I get a vacation just because of the update of the "Say" game (Jason is also an opportunity for professional players of the "Say" game like me, but it is still unknown until now), so Jason asked his friend for two VIP tickets for a luxury tanker and planned to have a two-day and one-night trip with him.
Will choose to go to sea, Jason intends to take a good rest and adjust his mood during this period. Secondly, this luxury tanker is two days and one night. Jason intends to take advantage of the holiday now (saying that the update is a holiday for professional players) and get close to talking and laughing.
You know, Laughter has been studying hard since he promised to associate with Jason. Every day, there is no chance to meet each other. Two nominal lovers have never seen a movie from beginning to end, and there has never been a chance to hold hands.
In * * *? Don’t joke. I’m famous for listening to my mother. Because one generation’s thoughts go deep into her mind, her views are naturally the same as those of the next generation. She won’t marry a man until she gets married.
Therefore, when Laughter received the invitation from Jason, she didn’t intend to go. After all, the college entrance examination was just around the corner. She didn’t want to be distracted by other things, but on second thought, she had been studying hard, which was not good for her health. If she fell before the college entrance examination, it would not be worth the candle.
After all, my body knows best and laughs. I can confirm that I seem to have a slight cold now. Maybe I have been reviewing the results. Therefore, after thinking and laughing, I decided to go to a luxury tanker to relax and relax, which is to relieve my pressure and recover a cold by the way.
The luxury tanker didn’t ship until 1 o’clock, so it needed to be solved by itself at lunch that day. Therefore, Laughter and Laughter came to Juxiang Garden opposite the pier at 11 o’clock and asked for a fried rice to eat. In Jason, he and Laughter made an appointment to meet in Room 16 of the luxury tanker, so he didn’t appear here.
(Room 16 is the matching room for Jason to talk and laugh about a VIP ticket.)
At about 11: 35, I talked and laughed. As soon as I had lunch, I planned to go to the tanker first to see if I didn’t know if I had a cold. She blushed a little and her eyes were heavy. She was so distracted that she accidentally bumped into a guest who had just entered the door and planned to eat.
Chapter one hundred and forty-nine Dragon Soul Organization
I just walked into Juxiang Garden and was thinking about what to eat. An absent-minded girl with glasses just bumped into me. Fortunately, my body is quite big. The girl’s strength is obviously small in front of me, so although I was hit, nothing happened.
The girl who bumped into me was none other than talking and laughing. At the sight of her steady heel, her left hand slightly raised her glasses and said, "I’m sorry …"
"there is no time to pay attention."
I didn’t look at the hotel until I left Juxiang Garden after seeing someone bump into me and laugh.
"The boss is in the box here" is a middle-aged man in a suit and tie, with a fat face and a long height, which is no different from that of a spherical base. But I can recognize him at a glance. It is "Said" that the world is in the limelight. The owner of the money auction house loves gold coins
I love gold coins. They asked for a box in Juxiang Garden, but when I entered the box, my brain crashed immediately.
Next to my favorite gold coins, Coca-Cola and Coke with ice are competing for table food. I casually took a reason for my arrival. If it is other old words, I am afraid I will be angry if I see my hands, but I know that their personalities are like this. I will not care if I smile.
"Boss, come and eat together quickly. If it’s late again, I’m afraid it will be robbed by Bing." Coca-Cola woke up to me while competing for food. He was afraid that I would be robbed of the food on the table by Coke with ice, that is, Bing.
On the other side, Bing pushed Coca-Cola and chopsticks with food in their mouths. At the same time, he even said to me, "Boss, don’t listen to Yang Le. How can I grab something that respects the boss? But then again, boss, you’d better come here quickly. You didn’t eat anything late. Don’t blame us for not leaving you. "
Watching Yang Le (Coca Cola) and Li Bing (Coke with ice) constantly scramble for food, I couldn’t help but drop a cold sweat on my forehead.
You know, one side of the dining table is now full of five plates, and the dining table is now full of six exquisite dishes again, and those two are still trying to imagine the speed of dividing up the food. I wonder in my mind that they haven’t eaten, have they?
(Hehe, it’s a little exaggerated. Please don’t mind.)
"Boss, don’t mind." I love gold coins. I coughed and walked away. I said awkwardly, "Yang Le and Bing didn’t arrive until midnight last night. They were going to have a supper and then have a good sleep to replenish their energy. I didn’t think we were going to hold a dragon soul summit party in H city today. They both heard the news and even came to eat supper without hitchhiking."
"This ….. seems to eat with them? And in the real world, don’t call me boss again. It sounds weird. My name is Wang Xiaolong. Well, you can call me Xiaolong. "After all, the game is not reality. I am naturally willing to accept calling me boss in the game, but it is different in reality. Listening to the title of boss feels like a triad.
"Well, in the real world, I’ll just call you Xiaolong. They didn’t meet me at the dock until 1 o’clock this afternoon." I love gold coins and said, "You also know that professional players like us will last for a long time. Yang Le and Li Bing were dragged over by me yesterday just after they didn’t even come to eat supper. I preliminarily estimate that they haven’t eaten for at least two hours."
Maybe everyone will think that it’s not unusual not to eat for two hours. After all, it’s the highest record of not eating or drinking in history, but it’s only one day after a week. But if you spend a lot of energy in the world of Shuo and then race all the way, I’m afraid you won’t think so.
"Xiaolong, let me introduce you first." I love gold coins and pointed to Coca-Cola. "Coca-Cola’s name is Yang Le, the master of the Magic Spirit Group, a well-known enterprise in China, and the twelfth generation heir of the Magic Spirit Group."
I love gold coins. Then I pointed to the coke with ice and continued to introduce, "The name of coke with ice is Li Bing, a famous enterprise in China, and he is also the ninth generation heir of the shiny group. They are both giants. If the magic spirit and the shiny group work together in the future, I am afraid that the China market will be their day."
"You’re not bad either." At this time, Li Bing stopped chopsticks and pointed to my side. I love gold coins and introduced to me. "Qian You, honorary director of the multinational group SENLIN (Forest), was honored as the first president of SENLIN Group."