Oh, oh! Isn’t this man heart breaker who left his sister alone yesterday? That girl shouted at the top of her lungs on the nearby channel, but this bastard ignored it and rode away directly! How can such a thing happen in front of you as a brave and helpful little creature in the Jianghu? Go! Go to Lu! Oh, I’m still a deputy leader here. Alas, the soy sauce makers shook their heads to see that hostility is indispensable.

Hostility can only be established by the senior management of the gang leader. To be honest, it’s not a matter of playing soy sauce. If you want to be hostile to any gang, you have to look at it after nine days. But can it be allowed after nine days? Absolutely not. You know, he hates this kind of thing.
But this gang can’t be called soy sauce if everything can be planned according to the meaning after nine days.
You know, this gang is really the main root, and it’s either going to be soy sauce after nine days! That’s right! They do have this power!
They are miraculous! They can pester one person to the whole gang to declare them hostile! They are rotten! They can go after this serious moment and talk about the enemy as good friends and go to farm together when they are finished.
If the Jianghu people hadn’t positioned them as cute creatures, they really wanted to call themselves Poké mon!
However, it’s normal to hang the infusion bag or bottle. For example, this time, they pursued hostility, which was not as inexplicable as soy sauce. Maybe they could laugh and laugh, but it was real hatred.
Hanging the infusion bag or bottle gang is probably the antonym of soy sauce. Generally speaking, it is not too much to bury one’s head in the pursuit of things. Because the fighting capacity is not weak, the hero posts are often scolded by the enemy after defeating the enemy, but they have never seen fierce exchanges.
The object of hunting is called night games, and the most contradictory reason is also very simple. When hanging bottles and practicing together in Feng Shui treasure land, several people were inexplicably red.
In the game, people * * get into trouble, which is all we know. Hanging an infusion bag or bottle is very calm and red, killing those night game people to continue Yong ying.
I didn’t expect that it was these night games, but they were like staring at them. Every time they hung up, everything would be slaughtered. Some new gang members were also red from time to time. This kind of thing can’t be regarded as tinkering around the edges and must be solved.
Mu Huasheng found the night game Wang to ask for an apology or kick out those people. I didn’t expect that the night game Wang didn’t cooperate, but we helped him. So what?
Hanging bottles can be regarded as a famous sect in the Jianghu. Although it is not as common as other clans, local heroes often post and brush their own guild, and it is not as popular as soy sauce gangs from time to time to make Jianghu people remember them. However, their fighting capacity is never ignored. Since they are bullied like this, they are not low-spirited.
In that case, let’s be hostile.
Pastoral Hua Sheng is very clean, and the night game gang is hostile. Since then, he has often started to hunt down and kill.
What’s so important about this hunt? There is not such a night game gang, but there are others who are arrogant in the night game gang. Let’s not say beforehand that there are many local tyrants in it, and there are quite a lot of people who fight and share soy sauce.
Every kill must be announced in the hero post area. Although hanging the infusion bag or bottle is usually low-key, how can you lose at this time?
Just like this time, but a simple chase was actually shouted by the local tyrant of the other side, whether it was a hard-line player or a player who had been in the game all the time, there would be hanging bottles and night games.
Chatting and playing soy sauce is also through this that people know to bring it for nine days.
! Fight back! The war is coming!
The trump card should be wild!
Travel the universe and settle the world!
h! Fight back! Fight wild!
The passionate song rang again, and the tyrant bear even commanded "everyone double knives!" Double knife and nine palaces come out! Jump off the roof! Get ready! When I say shoot, shoot together! "
"There will be a pianist! Piano player! Now go to the wall next to Yizhuang! Get ready to play! Pay attention to whether there is anyone around you to check. If you are found by the night game, you should quickly close the piano and die! "
"Soy sauce brothers! Uh ….. "The tyrant bear is rarely stuck. After all, he has never commanded the soy sauce makers. Although he knows that they have good fighting capacity, they can be seen in contact before, but how to manage a group of wild horses?
Besides, the soy sauce players didn’t kill them at night. In a short time, if they blindly let them kill the enemy in front of them, if they die after killing 2, they will go directly to prison.
"It’s okay, don’t worry about directing us," said Beique. Nine days later, he had already taken out his double knives. He was very excited to watch the night game outside Yizhuang and didn’t notice the command situation at this time.
"But we don’t have a pianist, and we don’t like learning that," Northfinch immediately added.
So this ….. Is there really a risk of going to jail? The tyrant bear hesitated. After all, killing this is a man’s body spreading layer by layer to fight. If it is not just killing the red name, it is inevitable that the purple name will be finished. Is it possible?
"Soy sauce brothers to wait for a stay in Yizhuang pianist? Piano player? What, I see a blood-returning harp now? " The tyrant bear temporarily put aside the soy sauce and looked at buff in the right corner of his team and roared.
"The tyrant wall was surrounded by several people! The pianist can’t play the piano! " There is a hanging bottle in the crooked room, so it is reported.
"A team! Team one goes … No, team one stays where it is. Which team hasn’t entered the battle yet? I haven’t entered the battle yet. Deduct 1 on the team channel. I will pull the team to your team to clear the people! " The tyrant bear immediately came up with a method.
"The tyrant can’t! We have broken through here! " The man just said
"ah? Breakthrough? "
"Uh-huh, the soy sauce brothers helped us!" Hang infusion bag or bottle violinist is very grateful and said
"Hey, hey, where, where, this is a trivial matter ~" Fudge and others are very modest and say with a smile on the crooked channel. After all, they are still very happy to hear their friends appreciate them.
"Hey? Isn’t this your red name? " The tyrant bear was very anxious and said, then it will be easier for you to be sent to prison later! "
"No …" Said the soy sauce makers.
"Soy sauce brothers! Send it to Yizhuang, Suzhou at once! There, the old man led a killing buff, and that one hour was enough! " The tyrant bear said, after all, no matter how you say it, you usually think that soy sauce is unreliable, but now you should help them if you don’t worry about killing the red name and go to jail.
I don’t like the fact that my gang won the hunt, but the people who helped me are all in prison. That’s really ironic.
At this time, the tyrant bear was very worried and said
"But …" What do the soy sauce people want to say?
"Soy sauce brothers! You go quickly! " The tyrant bear’s attitude is very strong. "If we put you in jail because of us, we will have a hard time with our conscience! Let’s go now when we are brothers! "
"But! We are all wearing masks! " The round pie finally managed to break through the tyrant bear’s words and said,
"Go! ….. What are you wearing? " The tyrant bear hasn’t reacted yet.
"Mask?" Incredible asked.
"Yes!" The fudge also chimed in and said, "Look!"
The city wall is full of soy sauce, and the tyrant bear can see clearly that everyone is wearing a mask, which is a mask that does not increase the killing.
Your sister!
If he wears a mask, he won’t be so worried!
"Why didn’t you say so earlier?" Strength tyrant bear is very frustrated and said
"You didn’t ask ~" Nine days later, after leaving the army with a double pole, he rushed into the enemy group to kill, which was very sour and refreshing.
Why am I always like this?
In that case! Then he will do his best!
"Soy sauce brothers! Rush in from the right side of Yizhuang! Pay attention to control! Let’s kill it! "
"ouch ~! ! !”
The soy sauce makers stormed out to be continued.
[144] Chapter 146 Soy sauce rushed]
The tyrant bear’s idea is really good. Playing soy sauce helps the public to give great strength. From the fact that the enemy on the right side of Yanjing Yizhuang dumped a corpse, we can see what a one-sided situation has happened here.
In fact, the night game gang is not to say that its fighting capacity is much lower than that of soy sauce, so it will be so strongly suppressed. After all, the two gangs are different in terms of fighting strength, soy sauce and hanging bottles. You should know that the night game gang is a famous local tyrant gang in the area, and everything in martial arts is dressed in jade.
How can the gang be beaten so miserable like this?
I have to say that this is due to the high morale and fighting spirit of the soy sauce gang!