I immediately shouted, "Get out of here!"

I’m still anxious when I get here. I cann’t believe there’s such a thing
It seems that all the awakened ones are here, and it is a reaction that almost all the awakened ones are here at this moment.
Let’s retreat first, regardless of the player’s landing. Just say that these terracotta warriors and horses are enough to eat a pot. They all shouted "Get out of here!"
Others shouted, "When the players come, everyone must unite as one. We must hold a group together."
This statement is bound to be a unity to kill the awakened one for the players.
And if the awakened one is in a mess, it is meaningless.
Of course, the awakened ones also have this consciousness, because they all hate that players treat us as np and say "lean together"
The first one came out, Zuo Zhanzhi. "Here, here, we left the soldiers’ families all gathered around here to kill together."
Hirohisa’s character won’t do this.
Instead, we saw five young monks who said, "Let’s act together" and ran to us quickly.
We just got out of the car and there was no room. Nai said, "It’s hard to run when people are enough."
Hong is also white and then blunt come over. Some people and dozens of people all ran in this direction, knowing that Shi’s master is still relatively strong and is preparing to hold a group.
And if we run away at this time, we are outnumbered.
Too many people are messy, so I said, "You take them to play, we can take care of ourselves."
I didn’t care about anything and immediately said to Sister Qing, "Go for a walk and get out of here first."
As soon as I finished speaking, I saw the sudden changes in the sky, and there was a chance that it was not dark, but suddenly it felt bright.
Braving the fire, then a huge flying saucer, yes, ten times bigger than the flying saucer I saw, flew over.
After smoking and buzzing all over Xi’ an, the light came out directly and hit the ground. I saw it exactly the same every time.
The players appeared.
Everyone was afraid to breathe. When they looked at the past, they saw a wave of people after the huge beam ended. The number of people exceeded 300, which is arguably less than that of the awakened ones.
But they were all ready to go, and the light faded, and the spacecraft flew away like a flying saucer, revealing their appearance.
One by one, rubbing their hands is bound to bring many guilds, one of which directly raised his long stick and said, "Slay the sheep."
In a flash, all players attack.
More than 300 people have all kinds of abilities, such as animalisation, animalisation, wolf, dog, tiger, eagle, some people who don’t know each other, some people who have become flame giants, and archery with bows. Anyway, they killed one of us in an instant.
"Everyone rushed to hold a group to fight back."
Zhou Jiayu also came out and took out his pistol, spat and shot directly at many places in the player group.
Yuanqi Dan is generally "boom!" Blow it up with a bang.
Very powerful, a small mushroom cloud appeared, killing at least three or four players.
And Zhou Jiayu’s skill can always "bang!" "bang!" "Bang" continuous fire killed many people. "Fuck you, what are you pretending to do to kill you?"
Overbearing double
Other awakened people can’t help but admire the "awesome" who surrounded the past to help, and it wasn’t raining arrows over there. "Wow!" "wow!" "wow!" Also shot a lot of people and wizards blew a whirlwind.
An Englishman came out wearing a mass dress and shouted "resistance"
I didn’t notice that this vice and the British took the lead in stopping the whirlwind, and it was also the magician who shook the earth.
At this time, Hongzhi was there and said, "Come and help if you don’t hide."
Say that finish and treat people directly and go to the hall number.
We look at each other.
It’s the absolute main force to be angry and financially unreasonable. Just say, "Go, there is no reason not to go."
This is nature.
I took out the seven-star tangdao Road "Fuck".
Hit the door and come out, still counting arrows, attacking and a lot of magic.
I took out the Xuanwu shield and said, "Brother Cai and Brother Qi are cruel people. You can just say hello and kill us by yourself."
Two people nodding directly to soar.
There’s a master ready to pounce.
It’s so annoying that the steed directly flew into the sky, and the abacus and Skynet also worked, blocking the arrows and pressing forward, and shouting, "Kill these players first, so it’s simple."
Take the lead in storming
Zhou Jiayu is still holding a pistol "Bang!" "bang!" The gun is very popular, saying, "What are they still doing?"
Hongzhi and Zuo Zhanzhi over there have also been killed, and they have already made a fire, and there is no wind.
I said to Lin Weiwei and them, "Let’s do it."
Lin Weiwei would have taken out a bow and arrow and kept laughing. "Let them die as much as they come."
At this moment, it’s a confrontation between the two armies. We’re really not afraid of fire, fireballs, smashing bamboo leaves, taking out guns and Pombo setting the evening.
All rushed with me.
I’m also going to come to the crowd of players and kill these pack criminals with a sword-edge storm because people know where they come from.
But everything on the earth is what they hate. When they gnash their teeth and "cling to death", they come with a sword blade.
Hacked one to death
After the blood spatter was very steady and accurate, he said to the people behind him, "I’ll go inside and kill you, and leave me alone."
My strength is higher than theirs.
They just hold their own formation and rush.