"Can’t stand you have to stand! Look at your bear. It’s not our family’s opponent! Don’t forget that we smoke in our house, but we have a sacred object in hand and a fairy beast as a bodyguard. You bear-like, just give it a second! Also want to destroy our family handsome! Is it possible? "

"well! Beauty, who are you? One bite at a time, is your family this? I am a handsome guy and I owe a girlfriend? "
"well! No! I am a handsome fan group! I have his picture. It’s so handsome! I want him to have children! "
"Depend! This product has fans and brain powder! How can I live while waiting for diaosi? Luck is still so bad for your sister! "
"You are brain powder! People are wise, okay! "
"Wisdom will say that I want him to have children? Then I ask you what is 3+6+7×5? "
"Go to your sister also mixed operation! Don’t you know that girls have the biggest headache in math? Do you have math problems and wisdom? "
Feather who listened to a pile of black lines on the forehead is really extremely! Since when do you have fan groups? Why don’t you know? But Yu Fan knows that the world is completely fried when the fairy beast hatches! Everyone is talking about whether they are related to GM or not. Although Yao Shili is not in GM, people are always reluctant to admit that others are luckier than themselves!
After ignoring the sound of talking about himself all over the street, Yufan played a pet and summoned the little swallow beast to see what it really looked like. As a result, Yufan was almost damaged by thunder. This product is not as vicious as expected. It looks very cute.
This product is just a small snake with a one-horned horn. Where is the beast that devours the sky? What’s more, this cargo has a pair of big watery eyes, and there is no mouth at all, which is different from the big mouth that Yu Fan imagined. How can you swallow the sky without a mouth? This is what Yu Fan is very puzzled about. When Yu Fan observes this small swallowing beast, he is also observing Yu Fan.
"What are you looking at! Never seen a handsome guy! Look at you, I’m really sorry for the audience! "
When Yu Fan and the swallow beast looked at each other, the little swallow beast suddenly spoke. Grandma’s voice was very happy. If she didn’t say it, she would just criticize Yu Fan for being ugly and narcissistic and calling herself a handsome guy.
"I’ll go! Little thing, do you know what a handsome boy is? You are always the first handsome guy in the list, and you are the super handsome guy who looks sorry for the audience! No mouth! Hey! How can you talk without your mouth? "
Yu Fan didn’t expect to be despised by his pet, and he was still the most proud of his appearance. What surprised Yu Fan was that this little thing had no mouth and even talked, which can be sure that it is a fairy IQ! Be proficient in human language from birth.
"Hum! It’s strange that you humans can be called the first handsome guy for being sorry for the audience. It’s almost as good as being the first handsome guy like me! Who says a handsome guy has no mouth? The long mouth scares you to death! "
"All right, don’t tangle with you in appearance! You don’t have a name yet! Let me give you a name! "
"all right! But it must be nice! I won’t do it if I don’t listen! "
"Don’t worry! It’s not easy to name the old level? Let me see! You are a devouring beast, just call it Xiao Tun! How’s it going? Listen! The name of self-gross naming ability is absolutely beautiful and nothing to say! "
"Listen to your sister! You have no heart at all! Can you take a snack? "
"Lie trough! If I remember correctly, you should have just been born! How can you curse? Your sister, your sister! Who to learn from? "
"Lie trough! You found out all this? Who else can I learn from? Of course, you learn a lot! You taught me badly when I was an egg! "
"Lie trough! Is it an old teacher? Forget it, don’t worry about who taught you, or my rough naming ability will name you! Just swallowing the name was really perfunctory. Let me think! Swallow the beast! Then you can call Xiaotian! "
"get out! Your child is easy to bully, isn’t it? Brother is not a good fool. Do you dare to take a heart and give me a name? "
"Slice! You’re the only grandmother who’s angry with me! Castration is more like it! You are not satisfied with my thick naming ability! This is forcing me to do my best! Think of another one to ensure that your heart swallows the beast. Then call you a little beast! "
"Fuck you! You’re the one who feels bad! Your ability to name is still rough? It’s a disgrace to the word bulky! And why do all the names stay in the junior generation? Are you still a pupil? "
"Ah ah! I am your master! Do you despise your master so much? You are ungrateful to have so many brain cells to help you name! "
"Get Mao Qing! You’re fooling around! Just put a small in front of the word "swallow the beast". Is this also called naming? I also blew my name ability! "
"Oh lie trough! Sister pets are too smart, not good and troubled! It’ s too much to take a name. That family’ s tea keer is called Xiaobai Xiaofei. People’ s pets don’ t dislike this product. Grandma looks very fooled and the result is always despised! "
"hey! Master, can you be professional? Handsome guy is waiting for your name! What are you whispering about there? Hurry up and get a nice and domineering name. "
"well! Nothing … Nothing! Nice and domineering name, right? Let me think! Hey! Got it! What about Ximen Qing? Nice and domineering! "
Yu Fan was overwhelmed by the little beast Cui, and suddenly he had a flash of inspiration and remembered that there was such a nice and domineering name in Jin Ping Mei, and he blurted it out.
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77 Ximen Qing [the number of words in chapter 37 was last updated at 21411 23:7:22]
"Ximen Qing! Ximen Qing! Ximen Qing! This name sounds good! But how do handsome guys feel that your master is so mean and insidious when you smile? This is not a good bird name! "
Looking at the small swallowing beast, its grandmother’s breath sounds a serious chanting and thinking about the name Ximen Qing. Yu Fan laughed at the moment without holding back. As a result, the small swallowing beast saw the clues and asked Yu Fan if this is a good name.
"Ah! How can you say that your master is mean and sinister? I’m smiling with sunshine. Okay! You can rest assured! How can the master give you the name of a bad bird! Am I that kind of person? "
"well! I said, little guy, can you save some noodles? At least I’m your master! Besides, the name Ximen Qing is your master. I will use my rough naming ability to give you a name that meets your requirements. How can you think the worst of me? "
"What you said is true?"
"Of course it’s true! I spent a lot of brain cells working hard to come up with this name! Just say that the character does not meet your requirements of being nice and domineering! "
"well! Meet! But handsome guys always feel that something is wrong! It seems that you have given yin! "
"All right! All right! It’s so certain! Just look on the bright side of your master! How can I cheat on my pet? You say so! It’s such a happy decision! Just call Ximen Qing! "
"But …"
"No buts! Menqing! Go! Let’s go and see the golden lotus … Eh! Let’s go to train! "
"… is the Yin! Who is Jinlian? Handsome guys despise you as a black-hearted master! "