Because of the addition of her friends’ six sister papers, there are five self-destructive genders who say they are men!

Who can we trust in this world and this society?
Sure enough, the fake mother said it was really good
Zuo Tangtang burst into tears.
Frustrated pie pie is also called hooking up with a sister paper. I guess I’ve been hooked up. Alas, it’s so sinister to meet someone who is unlucky and make friends carelessly.
You know, she just boasted a lot about herself with Sparkling. If you know that she was hooked up, I’m really sorry about her smug face a minute ago, okay?
I don’t want to tell the night song gang about it, but let’s vent our anger in our own gang.
Ten minutes later, the roof of a multi-storey ancient building in Emei
Zuo Tangtang and the Seven Crows are several meters apart. Face to face with the cold wind, their clothes are blown straight and their hair flutters with the wind. Both of them didn’t speak. A strange but serious atmosphere hangs over them. Suddenly, light rain drops on the two crows. First, the silence is broken.
[Nearby] Seven Crows? N Se/Hey, do you think we look like Ximen Chuixue and Ye Gucheng?
[Nearby] Pig’s trotters stew seriously/Don’t smirk. What are you coming here for?
[Nearby] Seven Crows are not because of you!
[Nearby] Pig’s trotters are stewed because of me?
It turns out that Zuo Tangtang didn’t expect that she just spit out and caused an uproar. When she saw her sister’s paper sending a message, she suddenly became restless. Let’s not say that Muyun was idle. We can’t control it, but if her sister’s paper was hooked up by those dead transvestites in Emei, they wouldn’t be able to die! But what’s hateful is that they all have important things to do now, and they have a faction. Now they are free to grow grass and Xiaoqi is out to supervise their sister paper.
[Nearby] Seven Crows But I really didn’t come to spy on you.
[Nearby] Seven Crows snickered/I’m here to hook up with my sister paper ~
You ….. Zuo Tangtang hasn’t criticized Xiao Qi severely yet, and another person climbed the roof when his thoughts were decadent.
[Nearby] Like a flower hoof, we meet again ~
[4] Chapter 41 Ya Lady Enforcers]
[Nearby] Pig’s trotters are stewed like a flower sister …
[Nearby] Didn’t you say that you shouldn’t call a handsome man so casually?
Zuo Tangtangmo has always believed to herself that things will not be changed by others, maybe others, and she will argue a few words, but she is silent here in Ruhua.
In her opinion, Mu Mu is very powerful. However, if you are like a flower, you can learn from Mu Mu. Although you are like a flower, you can also bathe your friends, but unlike Mu Mu, you still play soy sauce in the game from time to time to see the scenery. This ya is aggressive and often takes part in some activities that are war criminals in Zuo Tangtang’s view. Zuo Tangtang has seen the ferocity of treating the enemy like a flower with his own eyes.
Supposedly, the pacifist Zuo Tangtang, who was physically disabled by his hand, has always had little affection for war, and he has always adhered to the concept of "no common cause, no common goal" and "belligerence" and avoided it far away.
However, Ruhua broke the precedent and got along well after they met each other. From time to time, they teased each other, while Zuo Tangtang preferred to call Ruhua Sister affectionately, but this was strongly opposed by Ruhua.
Ruhua said that he came to take this name because he wanted to express his beauty, soul-stirring, enchanting and charming. After reading it, people couldn’t help but think that this is a beautiful man, not a big smile like Zuo Tangtang, shouting that Sister Ruhua treats him as a woman.
But Zuo Tangtang turned a deaf ear to what he said. This ya is narcissism and has to find so many reasons. Zuo Tangtang is watching the opportunity just like Hua Jiehua shouting but diaphragm is also excellent.
But now
[Nearby] Pig’s trotters stew face expression/What are you doing?
[Nearby] Look at your face like a flower. Would you like to come?
[Nearby] Pig’s trotters stew face expression/Then you should always go home. I feel that every time I meet you, nothing good happens.
[Nearby] You really guessed it this time!
[Nearby] Pig’s trotters stew/Don’t call me Sister Hua.
[Nearby] Pig’s trotters stew face expression/If you don’t say something, I’ll go first.
[Nearby] Like a flower! You come back! If you leave Mu Yunxian, I’ll be guilty if the goods tell me nothing!
Mu mu confessed something? Mu mu confessed something?
Don’t flower elder sister say …?
Ten minutes ago.
Zuo Tangtang had just finished complaining about hooking up with a transvestite on the gang channel, and the private chat lit up. At first glance, he claimed to be busy with something important.
[Private Chat] Mu Yunxian, hey, what are you doing?
[Private Chat] Mu Yun pinched her face/actually learned to hook up with people?
[Private chat] Stewed pig’s trotters? Mu Mu, you also watched me vomit.
[Private Chat] Mu Yun didn’t look at me and didn’t know I wasn’t here. You had a wonderful time.
[Private chat] Pig’s trotters stew pie mouth/What’s wonderful? Hooking up is Chinese paper.
[Private Chat] Muyun idles and rubs his face/You have the nerve to say come back immediately now!
[Private chat] Pig’s trotters stew their pie mouths/What are you doing? I promised others here that I would continue to hook up with sister paper!
[Private Chat] Mu Yunxian won’t come back, will you?
[private chat] I’m really busy with business!
[Private Chat] Muyun, take a good look at yourself and you will come back when you are hunted down!
[Private Chat] Pig’s trotters stew proudly/A troublemaker like me will never be hunted down, okay ~
[Private chat] Don’t talk about the stew of pig’s trotters. I’m busy ~
After the memory, Zuo Tangtang looked at the flowers in front of him and then thought about it. When chatting earlier, he suddenly covered his face with pain. What is death? This is it!
[Nearby] Pig’s trotters are stewed like flowers. Can I ask weakly?
[Nearby] As generous as a flower/You ask ~
[Nearby] Pig’s trotters stew. Are you trying to kill my rhythm?
[Nearby] Like a flower, yes!