In such an unfavorable situation, the dragon soul should have ordered the stars to launch their own weapons to attack the Upanishads-the punishment of heaven!

After all, the scourge attack grows according to the number of enemies around it! Nowadays, many small Griffins are surrounded by many people, so that the punishment attack of Xingchenwu every day can play the best and strongest attack effect!
"The scourge! 」
"Buzz!" In the hands of the star Wu Tian, the artifact Tian Congyun trembled and sang, and at the same time, several air currents immediately broke out in the sky and were severely bombed in the flying Griffin trend group! Therefore, when the dazzling golden word "penalty" appears in the center of the bombing range, the kilometer range is directly leveled!
Terrible punishment!
Heart-pounding terrorist force!
Ding! Found the fifth floor to the temple of life! 》
Yu Feixiang Griffin is directly killed by the scourge attack! -heaven punishes heaven!
Power is not ignored!
"Boss, this flying Griffin doesn’t seem so good either!" Star Wu Tian looked at the potions and equipment all over the floor and couldn’t help but curl his lips and say lazily, "It will take nearly a day to find this place. I didn’t expect the battle to be so short!"
In fact, the strength of the four-level keeper of the Flying Griffin Temple of Life is naturally very strong! It’s it. This time, the opponent is a natural punishment! -Day punishment! -the more the number, the more punishment damage! The star martial arts punish attacks every day just to restrain the Griffin flying and dancing Griffin trend!
The next day!
The ninth battle of the final of Tianjing Competitive Ring-Coca-Cola in the first ring VS Death spokesperson in the first ring! The game is official! 》
Coca-cola VS death spokesman!
There is almost no suspense in this battle!
After all, he has the immortal death spokesman, and his opponent is the magician Coca-Cola! There is no magic sucking skill to suck magic; In addition, it can effectively give the spokesman of death the effect of killing with one blow. Therefore, when the spokesman of death has to delay the swearing and blood collection step by step, he can directly launch the seal of death to end the battle!
"Coca-Cola, don’t be so depressed. It’s normal to lose to the death spokesperson!" Just after the battle, Coke with ice looked at it to suppress some depression. Coca-Cola immediately talked about it. "Then rose purple and immortal sword fight forever!" I really want to see if my sister-in-law is as powerful as the dragon soul boss! "
"oh? Then you have to look carefully! Now rose purple is very powerful! " I don’t know when the dragon soul has come together and smiled mysteriously. "Especially her righteous attack-the four-spirit beast summons the North Xuanwu. I’m afraid the effect will never be hard!"
"Four Spirit Beasts Call North Xuanwu?" Coke added ice and said in disbelief, "This rose purple was released during the qualifier against Jasmine! However, the power does not seem to be strong. At that time, Jasmine lost more than 50,000 health points! "
"Want to know four spirit god beast summoned north basaltic power? Then watch the game well! "
"The tenth battle of the final of Tianjing Competitive Ring-the second ring champion rose purple VS the seventh ring champion forever fairy sword! The game is official! 》
"Miss Rose Purple said that the wife of the world’s Avenger Dragon Soul Leader, I advise you to give up and surrender!" As soon as the game started, the immortal sword shook its head and told it directly, "It’s useless for you to fight me!"
"Are you? But I still want to learn from you! " Rose purple when slowly took out the purple and gold staff from the baggage, I still didn’t intend to take weapons before my eyes. I always said with dissatisfaction, "Fight to take out your Excalibur fairly!"
"Miss Rose Purple, then I’ll never be polite!" Forever, Xianjian took out the seven-star Excalibur directly from his own baggage without nonsense. "In order to let this unnecessary battle end as soon as possible, Miss Rose Purple will pick me up and Rapier Dragon will fly!"
Show no rose purple himself in the same level forever XianJian when directly launched the strongest attack Rapier dragon flying! Therefore, when the seven-star Excalibur was thrown into the sky, the golden light instantly lit up and the hot fire dragon circled around the width of the seven-star Excalibur!
Forever, the strongest sword attacks the Upanishads-Rapier Dragon Flying!
"Is it a big move? Whoops is exactly the same as the dragon soul! " Looking at the dragon that has been sacrificed to Rapier, I dare not neglect the purple fairy sword and purple rose forever. I have to lift the purple and gold staff in my hand quickly and recite the magic spell in a long string!
In the rose purple hand, the purple and gold staff waved in her mouth, and the magic spell chanted around the water, and the divine power immediately condensed in the competitive arena! Therefore, in a second, the huge Xuanwu turtle gradually wakes up in the water power!
North Xuanwu-the ultimate beast of four spirits and water!
"Four spirit beast summoned north basaltic! 」
The outcome of this competitive ring battle seems to have directly evolved into a decision!
Is the immortal sword Rapier dragon flying forever?
Or is the rose-purple four-spirit beast calling North Xuanwu?
This should have the speed of competition, right? Whoever finishes the spell first and releases the skills will surely win the battle! Of course, this assumption has a premise-the rose purple four-spirit beast summons the North Xuanwu to kill up to 100,000 health points forever!
The one hundred and twelfth chapter Upanishads VS Upanishads
Four Spirit Beasts Call North Xuanwu VS Rapier Fire Dragon Flying!
The speed of the rose purple wizard is relatively faster! Therefore, the Four Spirit Beasts summon North Xuanwu to release it first! The sharp Xuanwu claw directly attacked hard. When the 7542 damage per second of Forever Fairy Sword floated, everyone already believed that Forever Fairy Sword was about to win!
After all, Xuanwu’s first attack method kills the immortal sword forever, so there are still more than five seconds to Xuanwu’s second attack! This five seconds when people believe that the rose purple root can’t carry the Rapier dragon flying! Then the outcome is naturally known!
"Forever, the sword will win or lose now!" However, at this time, rose purple suddenly changed its hand tactic and directly released the water dragon call! -the quasi-forbidden spell magic can summon the water dragon to help fight, which can not only attack but also defend!
Forever, the fairy sword, the Rapier fire dragon, flies directly into the water dragon! Therefore, damage per second rose from the top of the summoning biological faucet, but her blood was not damaged!
"hmm? How is that possible? It turned out to be a hose call? " Looking at relying on the waterspout to offset yourself, Rapier’s fire dragon is flying, and the rose purple is always a fairy sword. I don’t believe that "the waterspout summons needs six to two seconds to prepare before it can be successfully summoned?" When will she be? "
After all, it’s only a second to summon a hose, and no one can believe it!
"Dragon Soul once said that I can do other things when I have 5 o’clock at the moment when the Four Spirit Beasts summon North Xuanwu to release it!" Rose-purple holding the purple-gold staff faintly said, "The Dragon Soul will let me try whether I can summon the four-spirit beast to summon the North Xuanwu and the water dragon to summon it continuously!"
"Continuous release of summoning?"
"yes! Grasp the four-spirit beast to summon the North Xuanwu skill and release it for 5 seconds! " Rose purple nodded slowly, and then said faintly, "Let the two skills overlap each other when finished, so as to continuously summon and release Xuanwu hoses!"
"Isn’t summoning an enemy if the current situation progresses?" Forever fairy sword can not help but be horrified! Current-limiting summoning skills. How scary will this be? Summoner players have to hide in the dark to limit summoning. I’m afraid no one can resist it?
"It turns out that the current limiting call is not there! After all, I haven’t heard of any other skills that can pause when they are released! And there is no pause. If you release a skill and then release other skills rashly, you will be bitten by skill repetition! "
On the way to skill release, the game will determine that the skill is being released! If you are interrupted halfway or release other skills, you will be repeatedly attacked by the skill release in the game! Therefore, it is almost impossible to limit the flow and release the skills!
However, it is very surprising that there will be a 5-second gap when the skill of summoning North Xuanwu by Four Spirit Beasts is released! Although 5 seconds is very short and almost negligible! However, if you add a little bit, you can have a skill superposition effect!
After all, you will be in a state of skill release in the game in 5 seconds! If you release other skills at this time, the system will automatically judge that the release skills are successful! At the same time, because this gap is released after the four-spirit beast summons the North Xuanwu, the system will automatically judge that the release is also effective!
Two equally effective skills are released and passed by the Ministry of Nature!
And the nature represented by the adoption of the department is the superposition of effects!
"Forever Xianjian, do you think it is necessary for us to fight again?" Rose purple pointed to the beast Xuanwu hoses beside him and said faintly, "Level 1 top BOSS Xuanwu plus Level 5 hoses, although it takes only one second to summon, should it be more than enough to kill you?"
"alas! If you are not careful, it seems that you have been recruited! " If you just face Xuanwu or Shuilong forever, you may still want to fight so hard! But at the moment, facing both Xuanwu and Hose, Xianjian always knows that even if he struggles, there is no possibility of success!
Since it is impossible to succeed, why do you have to call again?
"I give up!"
Ding! The second ring champion rose purple VS the seventh ring champion forever fairy sword The second ring champion rose purple wins! 》
Ding! Take a five-minute break! Five minutes later, the eleventh battle of the final of Tianjing Competition will be held-Qinglong, the champion of the third challenge, VS Aino Mina, the champion of the sixth challenge! Ding dong! There will be four battles today, and there are still two dragons left. VS Love Wild Mina Dragon Soul VS Eat God! 》
"The eleventh battle in the final of Tianjing Competitive Ring-Qinglong in the third ring VS Aino Mina in the sixth ring! The game is official! 》
Ding! Qinglong, the champion of the third challenge, has not crossed the line, so the system will wait for five minutes! If it is still overdue after five minutes, it will not be automatically promoted by Aino Mina! 》
"Tsing lung this small? Why is there no line yet? " The dragon soul looked at the gray name displayed by Qinglong in the friends bar and couldn’t help wondering. Immediately, it launched a communication message to Suzaku in Four Holy Beasts. "Does Miss Suzaku know what Qinglong has no line?"
"I don’t know much about this! Bai Hu and Xuanwu have called him now, but it seems that no one answers his cell phone! "