"ah? I forgot you can’t see … "

"People are not speakers, and my mobile phone is not a megaphone! It’s strange to hear it so far away. "
"Alas alas alas you in this case that I also can say what …"
"I can help and I am helping … after all, we all have a purpose, right?"
"But, you know, it’s not you that I really support. I’m sorry …"
"Well, it depends then …"
"I’ll pay attention."
"Yeah yeah I know …"
What the hell is this dead orange talking about? Why didn’t she understand a word? Feel mysterious
Looking at Su Orange, the figure is getting farther and farther, and the words are getting smaller and smaller. Zuo Tangtang nai shook his head.
Maybe it’s some hexagrams again.
Who cares?
Once again, the door went back to the brain and looked at the box of private chat with fudge. After she just left a message, fudge continued to tell her.
Zuo Tangtang was rarely silent.
[125] Chapter 127 The so-called curtain]
[Private Chat] Soft Soft Sugar has been played with Manman several times, which is a kind of apology compensation for Manman.
[private chat] pig’s trotters stew apology compensation?
Zuo Tangtang is not white at all
[Private Chat] Soft Soft Sugar Because we refused Manman’s request at the beginning, er … it’s a euphemism, but she should have felt it.
[Private chat] Pig’s trotters stew request?
[Private chat] Soft soft sugar bites your finger/er, do you want it? Begging? Or …
[Private chat] Pig’s trotters stew fire/fudge! Who told you to say this!
[private chat] pig’s trotters stew fire/fudge. Can you finish your sentence at once?
[Private chat] Soft soft candy can be * */oops ~ It’s always that we had a good time with Manman ~ Plus, doesn’t she have a gang?
Seeing this, Zuo Tangtang suddenly remembered when Gai said to himself, "I really don’t know what happened when Manman came to this gang." After all, soy sauce makers are always very interested in playing. At any time, when one thing is being done, they are attracted by another thing and forget the situation. It also happens from time to time.
But fudge just said no request. Is it …
[Private chat] Pig’s trotters are stewed. Does Manman want to help you refuse her?
[Private chat] Soft soft candy touching your head/er … This is not …
[Private chat] Stewed trotters. Oh, oh, that’s good.
[Private chat] When the pig’s trotters are stewed … After all, it’s Xiaoqi’s sister, right? It’s hard to do this. It’s a bit unfair …
[Private chat] Soft soft sugar, what hoof?
[Private chat] Is the pig’s trotters stewed?
[Private chat] Soft and soft candy giggle/In fact, things are almost the same. We didn’t directly refuse Manman, but refused Xiaoqi in front of her.
[private chat] pig’s trotters are stewed in panic/ah?
[private chat] pig’s trotters stew you to death!
[Private chat] Soft and soft sugar pie mouth/It’s not Xiao Qi that bastard!
[Private Chat] Soft Soft Sugar Let’s play. We’ve been listening to Manman all the time. At this time, I heard Xiaoqi say …
[Private chat] Soft soft sugar! Manman, I just found out now that you don’t have a gang! Come to us, and we will take care of you.
[Private chat] Soft soft sugar, tell me about wool! That’s his sister. We all play together, but why take care of it?
[Private Chat] Pig’s trotters stew to help forehead/fudge. You said that you called it casual, but did you say it casually? Still in front of that manman?
[Private chat] Soft soft sugar dislike/hoof? Do you think we are that stupid? Could this happen?
[Private Chat] Soft Soft Sugar We have always been so considerate and generous …
[Private chat] Stewed pig’s trotters stop stop stop …
[Private Chat] Pig’s trotters stew and squat in the corner/I know, I know you won’t do such a thing …
Zuo Tangtang is very fond of her. There are some things that she wants to know clearly, but the more she talks to her, the more she just! Actually! Be! Candy! This pit! I am disgusted!
God forbid!
[Private chat] Pig’s trotters are stewed. So what exactly did you tell Manman?
[Private Chat] Soft Soft Sugar Dislikes/When she talks to Xiaoqi! Hoof hooves, have you looked carefully?
[private chat] pig’s trotters stew/I was wrong, so what do you say?
[Private chat] Soft soft sugar sunglasses/Let’s say this, Keke Xiaoqi, it’s really unkind of you to do so! Although we have our own sister, Manman is still different from our sister in nature! If you recruit and help us like this, won’t you live with all kinds of envy and jealousy every day?
[Private Chat] Pig’s trotters are stewed and honked.
This reason is decisive, and soy sauce people have come up with it.
[Private chat] Soft soft sugar? Hoof, hoof, how come your reaction is the same as that of Manman?
[Private chat] Is the pig’s trotters stewed?