(In order to prevent some players from ignoring the props behind the assistant middle school, if such props appear, I will help you explain the flying knife (5 crystal coins). Small flying knives have incredible power. I think that Li Xunhuan, the first concealed weapon master in the past, caused 1 point of damage to his opponent with his single hand, and he was dizzy for 5 seconds.)

For buying flying knives instead of buying potions, although Langby potions are very abundant in my heart, who will let you have the leisure to drink potions during the battle? These things are only supplemented afterwards, so compared with the medicine flying knife, it can make people kill the enemy and cut the enemy.
I bought a new flying knife and went to the front line of the middle road again. I don’t know if it was in the blood pool of my hometown. When the god devoured the blood pool, I did the same thing. I also bought a flying knife and went to the front line of the middle road. The strong man’s mind was almost the same.
This time, God and I didn’t kill each other again, but we each earned crystal coins with a tacit understanding, because we all know in our hearts that if we kill the result now, I’m afraid we will end up in the same way as before. It is better to earn crystal coins quickly so that we can buy equipment and arm ourselves.
In the middle of the road, when two people tacitly earned crystal coins from each other, four players in the road had already fought. The reason was that the rose-purple waterfall hit the guards to earn crystal coins in a wide range, and also attacked the magician Suzaku and the magic warrior Qinglong in the other camp.
In this way, the place where the auxiliary external medicine was made was hit by the waterfall of water for many times. Two bosses in Four Holy Beasts couldn’t hold back any longer and finally got into a fight with rose purple crystal Crysal.
"Little Dragon, come and help" is trying to earn crystal coins. I suddenly received several text messages: "Rose and I were beaten by two powerful players. We couldn’t get crystal coins at all. Come and help" "They are so powerful that Rose and I almost died several times. Come and help." ……………………………………………………………………………..
When I saw this list of short messages for help, I immediately left the bite and went to the path. In this map, the three fronts are interconnected, so there is no need to return to the base first and then bypass it. This is also time-saving and can achieve the effect of surprise attack.
Chapter one hundred and forty-one In the cyclotron strike ()
"fiend wing!" At the front line of the road, Qinglong has put up its flying collar and arrived in the vast sky. At the same time, he also took out the magic piano from his backpack and replaced the magic sword in his original hand. It seems that Qinglong is going to be serious about flying and adding the magic piano. If I were here now, I would certainly be able to recognize this state. It is the prelude to the death song when I fight in the First Martial Art Society of Heaven.
The magic sound flew out from the blue dragon hand magic piano note by note. Fang Shuijing Crysal rose purple body immediately floated with 1, 1 bright red numbers. Just when they felt bad and planned to retreat immediately, they suddenly found that they were surrounded by water.
"Water shackles! 」
When Rose Purple found that the water surrounded her, the two men’s attack moves turned out to be her best at water shackles. The original clear eyes suddenly flashed a little panic. I am afraid that Rose Purple, the mask, must be speechless now. Once upon a time, she was trapped by her best water shackles.
"I’m sorry, I’m a magician, but you’re not the only one who will." Suzaku smiled and looked at being tied up by the water shackles, and rose purple said slightly defiantly. "It’s hard to be surrounded by your own unique skills, but it doesn’t matter. You will soon be out of trouble because of the death song trial."
"Less proud!" Slightly flustered, the rose purple immediately received the mind staff and swayed around. A light blue barrier immediately surrounded her with the crystal Crysal. It seems that it was affected by the light blue barrier. The Qinglong Death Song has no effect, and the battle is about to change.
"oh? It turned out to be the water curtain years of water-level defense skills? Rose purple didn’t expect you to be so skilled. I really envy you, "Suzaku said, but there was no idle staff at the bottom of his hand. He quickly accumulated magic and sang," The great flame god will burn everything and burn the whole area! Burned out! "
When Suzaku sang on the ground, there was a strong whirl, and the earth was twisted, and the whirling posture was broken. A crimson flame emerged from the ground and burned the whole area. After five rounds of contact, the rose-purple water curtain finally failed. As soon as it breaks.
After losing the water curtain, the song of resisting the death of Qinglong once again played an effect. 1. The bright red number once again lost the health of the magician and the magic archer from two people, so it was less sealed after entering the vice.% of the health was even more pitiful, plus the previous consumption. What is left at this moment?
"ding! A camp player magic bowman crystal Crysal died and killed him. It is B camp player magic warrior Qinglong player magic warrior Qinglong chop count +1 "in magic sound 1 attack damage crystal Crysal health finally can not support hanging in the magic sound of death song.
"Great water goddess, please turn the sky blue water flow into a powerful water dragon! Water dragon summons! " On the other side, rose purple tried to make a final struggle. She knew that she could not escape the magic sound this time. Since it was doubtful that she would die, let’s die together. Therefore, in the moment when the barrier of the water curtain broke, she wanted to sing the call of the hose immediately.
Strange to say, the magic sound attacks 1 damage per second, but it takes 5 seconds to summon the water hose. According to the truth, it is impossible for the wizard’s fragile body to have 5 health points after being sealed%, but rose purple is an alternative. She miraculously persisted for 5 seconds when the water hose appeared in front of everyone, and rose purple was not enough.
(The second magic blood necklace is in the rose purple hand! )
"ding! A camp player sorcerer rose purple died and killed him. It was camp B player Magic Warrior Qinglong player Magic Warrior Qinglong chop count +1. "
"ding! Suzaku, the magician of camp B, died and killed him. He was summoned by rose purple, a player of camp A, and the number of slashes by rose purple, a player of waterspout, was +1. "
Hose just a dragon breath attack will rosefinch seconds kill tsing lung genial smile that immediately put away the magic piano exhibition fiend wings to retreat to the rear, but at this time, a proud frost wyrm suddenly broke and accurately hit the tsing lung in the sky.
29 injury floated from the top of Qinglong’s head. "frost wyrm broke?" Tsing lung can’t help but shout.
"Tsing lung, don’t you know passion? And want to escape after killing someone? " Not far from the Woods, a handsome scum (? ? ? ) The corners of the player’s mouth slightly become warped and smiled. "I can’t believe that this time you and I are the same combination. Let me have a good look at the strength of the magic warrior."
This player who suddenly appeared was my dragon soul. I dared to come from the middle when I received the Crysal distress message from the crystal. Unfortunately, I came too late. I saw Rose Purple released the waterspout before she died, and Qinglong also planned to retreat. I immediately released frost wyrm and broke the attack.
"Dragon soul is you. You came from the middle to save the United States? But it’s a pity that you’re too late. They’ve just been killed by my death song. "Tsing lung Zhang Mo-yi flew a few meters to the side again." I don’t have time to fight you now. If you want to fight with God, he is your opponent. "
The Dionysian incident has left a shadow on Qinglong. Anyone who hurts millions will be afraid. What’s worse, the client Qinglong?
"I now have a lose-lose relationship with God, and the result of mutual destruction is finally achieved! Why don’t Qinglong come and practice with me? " Looking at the dragon in the sky, it’s a bit difficult for me to start work. He is now far away from the attack range of the hose. Unless someone can lure the hose, the stupid dragon won’t move the fat dragon.
"Dragon Soul, you want me to practice with you, of course, I’m happy to play along, but now it’s a different story. You want to earn me and then kill me, so I won’t be fooled." The fiend wing behind Qinglong slapped a few times in a sloped way, and I said, "Dragon Soul Theory, I’ll treat you to a meal after this vice-winner and loser. Now please forgive me for not being able to play along."
Qinglong said that he wanted to fly to his base and the dragon soul played against him. He had not yet escaped from the shadow of Dionysus, so he wanted to leave as soon as possible.
But will I give him this chance? The answer isno. Seeing that Qinglong is going to escape, I immediately slapped my palms on the ground. It’s my specialty to crack and stab. Hey, I have to say that this ground crack and stab exaggerates Qinglong’s height. Now it’s a hundred meters away from the ground, but this ground crack and stab is still accurately and mistakenly inserted into Qinglong’s body.
Chapter one hundred and forty-two In the cyclotron strike ()
Now, while this is a line between the ground thorn and Qinglong, I will go to the height of 100 meters as quickly as possible. It took me two seconds to reach about 9 meters, and I saw that the ground thorn had slowly fallen to the ground. At the same time, my body rotated to offset the resistance in the air, holding a blade of grass and attacking Qinglong.
I don’t know if there is something wrong with the system. It is a rotating ordinary attack that can hit 25 points of damage, which makes me a little surprised. When did my physical attack become so powerful? Maybe% seal force was accidentally lifted just now?
Just when I was surprised at how the physical attack suddenly became so severe, Qinglong fell from the height. Previously, frost wyrm broke 29 points of damage plus 3 points of damage caused by the sudden crack and stab, plus this inexplicable explosion, Qinglong lost a total of 39 points of health.
The total health of Qinglong, which was sealed with% attribute value, was 65 points. At this moment, I was attacked by this series of attacks and immediately died in my last blow. The rotating attack was ringing all the time. Now that the battle is over, I have to watch it one by one.
"ding! The death of Magic Warrior Qinglong in Camp B killed him. It was the name of Avenger in Camp A. The name of Avenger was hidden. The number of hidden beheadings was +1. "
"ding! The player’s dragon soul automatic comprehension skill is the first comprehension skill. The player will be rewarded with the experience. Hope 1 asks the player to name the comprehension skill. This exciting moment will share the world. Because you are the first player in the world to automatically comprehend the skill, this event will be recorded in history. "
I can’t believe that a middle spin attack can make me understand skills. Since you want to name skills, you must have a handsome and loud name. This move is a middle spin attack, so let’s call it a near spin attack.
"ding! The player Dragon Soul named his comprehension skill Pro Swing Strike, and this skill will not be changed from then on. "
Pro-swing player’s understanding skill consumes 2 mana at the expert level, and wraps himself with pro-swing gas strength, so that the surrounding gas resistance guides the attack power to give the opponent a fatal blow. It is quite powerful and has a 75% chance to stun the target while being hit by pro-swing for 2 seconds, a 75% chance to fly, and a 75% chance to get the same attack injury. Skill cooldown is 3 minutes.
It’s still quite powerful, with a 75% chance to stun for two seconds, a 75% chance to fly, and a 75% chance to get the same attack injury. If you are lucky, you may get the stun attack and fly injury at the same time, but it’s a secret weapon to win the battle.
"ding! As the player Dragon Soul is the first player in the world to be recorded in the annals of history, the player’s experience is rewarded with 1 hope, 1 gold coin and 1 "
"The player’s dragon soul level has risen to level 29. I hope you will make persistent efforts to create more brilliance." After two rewards and the original experience, my level has been upgraded to level 29 at this time, and then I can wear a ghost device and a fox dress. It seems that I will have to rush after the deputy is over.
"The announcement of the World Instrument: As the mysterious player automatically understands the pro-swing, the player will get the experience reward and will also go down in the history books. As the pro-swing is the special reward of the first skill master’ Yan Long’ in the instrument, the pro-swing has a 5% chance to produce a fatal blow."
A 5% chance of killing a blow can cause a hundred times of damage, and the power is not small.
A group of players outside the vice were surprised when they received the automatic understanding of the swing hit by a certain player, but when it was suddenly included in the player’s understanding skills, the China area was boiling all over the world.
Comprehend skills! What is this concept? This means that players can create their own skills.