"All right, all right, I’m going on. First of all, we have to win the trust of the people …" As he spoke, the fudge’s brow became deeper and deeper, and his voice became lower and lower because he suddenly thought something was wrong. "Ah! Who will let me repeat this sentence for the fourth time? "

It was quiet in the channel, so we didn’t want to interrupt after we said it, okay?
Seeing this scene, fudge nodded with satisfaction. "First of all … ahem, after getting the support of the letter, we can receive information from the people accurately. Secondly, let the people be emotional about hoofs and feet and persuade her to come back. At the same time, we immediately rushed to the scene to incite and move the onlookers and then moved our sister back …"
"… finished?" After waiting for a long time, I don’t know who didn’t resist asking 1.
"ah? To finish "asked one leng one leng fudge after a good half-day just to react to nod for sure.
"intellectual hardness"
Soft candy …
On the other hand, Beique has long been silly by the superficial view of fudge. Is it that he touched the top ten people in China to make soy sauce?
Also moved … North finch suck up his tongue.
But a fudge fell down and tens of millions of fudge got up!
After a brief evaluation of the fudge plan, soy sauce was picked up and the paper was analyzed, and it was noisy and chaotic.
Got a little sunflower mother class
North finch rubbed his some pain the sun * * shook his head
It’s really hard for these idiots to hear each other, but he almost couldn’t hear them clearly, but he didn’t expect that these people were actually reading their own plans and at the same time being able to hear others’ plans clearly.
Oh, my god, wonderful …
The northern finch can’t bear to look straight.
"You … you don’t know which scene you are going to directly search for a hoof. Can’t you just go to those frequent spots?" North finch finally unbearable mouth way
All "…"
The preliminary tracing plan is tentative, but …
"What shall we do if our sister joins another gang?" It is naive to call me the truth emperor asked.
However, as soon as this statement came out, it was immediately sprayed by all the people.
How can your sister abandon them and go somewhere else! This is simply a vexatious question!
The soy sauce makers are aggressive and panting from their nostrils.
"Well, that’s a guarantee." After all, it’s a sign that close friends have joined the gang. I’ve never seen Beique without a gang for hooves.
"Why isn’t the hoof online!" I can’t help but take action to search for people’s fudge and ask eagerly
"No?" Beique was a little puzzled and muttered, "Didn’t you just see the list of best friends still on?"
When I was talking, I was ready to hit the list of friends. As a result, before the mouse clicked, I saw the right corner showing that your best friend’s trotters were stewed.
It seems that there is really no line for how long.
Beique touched the bar and looked at the noisy crowd in the channel. Just as she wanted to say "Wash and sleep, the tubes", she was interrupted by a hoarse cry from fudge.
"I won’t give up if I can’t find my sister! ~”
"Never give up!"
"Never give up!"
Beique felt a swarm of mosquitoes buzzing in her ear.
It’s been nine damn days and I don’t know where to surf! Give him this rotten stall, peat, and how can he play games happily after taking an oath in the street?
"Ah!" Beique scratched his head and yelled at Mai.
The soy sauce makers were scared by this and immediately reacted with a more miserable voice than before, shouting "oath! No! Stop! Hugh! "
Sooner or later, he will take a break.
The northern finch is full of black lines. It seems that he would rather let them curse others than himself.
Otherwise, this can live?
Looking at the slogan, soy sauce is very rhythmic, shouting slogans and not knowing it. It’s also a sports meeting.
"Little ancestors, let’s stop it. I still have a way," pleaded the North finch.
Almost instantly, it was like pressing the pause button, and the soy sauce was not uneven. The soy sauce was quickly collected and let the north birds sigh.
"say it!" Uncle fudge sat tall and domineering and asked with a wave of his hand.
"Can’t I know where Hoohoo-hoo has been recently by checking the information of Hoohoo-hoo to see which channels she has recently added?" Beique is very immoral, selling a pair of dead friends and being original.
"That’s a great idea!" Soft candy nodded. In this case, you can forgive the disrespect for not calling yourself "small" just now.
Beique doesn’t know what fudge is thinking, just copy and paste the latest channel number on the crooked screen and prepare to withdraw people.
After getting the number to play soy sauce, we didn’t pay too much attention to the North finch, and the dynamic novelty was sent directly to the past.
Less than a second.
The fart Dian Dian rolled back.
"What’s the situation?" They are looking forward to asked.
"No, it’s not … the hoof is not there …" It’s like meeting something dynamic and new, and stuttering.
"That’s good ….." Soy sauce all breathed a sigh of relief. After that, my sister not only didn’t add a gang, but also didn’t have any clique with good friendship. It’s just around the corner for them to recover their sister, okay!
Thinking that the front hooves will hang in their soy sauce when they have something to do, and now listen to the dynamic new report …
Soy sauce makers have answers in an instant.
"No …" Seeing that the atmosphere in the channel is not quite right, Xiaoxin quickly reported that "that place is Heifeng Village!"
Heifengzhai? ! !
The heart in a surprised.
Is that person who has good personal development ability and strong strength, and has a lot of praise in the Jianghu, but everything is not as good as their scattered gang?
I don’t know how thick-skinned I am.
Hmm … It’s a bit tricky … The soy sauce makers have realized that the Black Wind Village is so changeable that it’s confusing …
I have never been very interested in these sweets. Is it really unpredictable to listen to everyone’s analysis and become very serious? Is it more elegant than their soy sauce?
"Well, yes," replied the round pie with a serious nod to the rare question of soft candy. "Changing the name every day often adds a lot of trouble to our intelligence network!"
At last, I was deeply touched that the soy sauce makers nodded in unison and said firmly, "That’s right! That’s them! "
"Look … it’s really tricky." I heard these fudges echoed.
Ah, hello ….. There’s Xiaoxin, who is still awake and dynamic, who is trying to help her. Is it time to evaluate the other party’s name change?