Ye Zhang and others are sitting around Deke City at this time, recovering their anemia because they just died.

No one would have thought that the door to the ruins was a one-way street. When they went to the door, it was like Mars hitting the earth. When the mirror was full, the headache didn’t disappear, and all kinds of magic bombs behind the BOSS rushed to kill them head-on.
It’s the ruin gate that you can’t enter. You can’t enter this gate in this way. It’s for you to close, not for you to experience the life of the people in the ruins.
At this time, the most embarrassing person is Ye Zhang himself. The plan is that he thought of all the drafts and finished them, but but before he could conquer, he was dead may be the mood of everyone at this moment.
"There is no time when Ye Zhang will always encounter a pothole when playing games."
In fact, the famous battle is to suppress a belly laugh and not forget to comfort Ye Zhang. To tell the truth, it is not much to see Ye Zhang hang up in the glitz, and a person who can witness the big whirlwind blood stick become a player several times is actually a kind of fun to talk about.
Although fame and bad taste make Ye Zhang feel much better, so do punk and sheep, but the problem remains unsolved.
The entry of the ruins method means that the last seal stone of Exedia is not in the ruins. Of course, it is also possible that they did not find the right way to enter the ruins, but this body is no longer important.
"What should we do when Ye Zhang takes over?"
The problem of teddy boy made Ye Zhang shake his head. He didn’t know what to do next. It can be said that Ye Zhang had a clear clue in his mind, and he guessed that he would never fail in glitz with his own experience. Although it was tortuous and difficult, it stumbled to this day.
No matter what choice he makes, he has hardly met the bottleneck, but now he knows that not everything is arranged according to the player’s wishes
"Ye Zhang, why don’t we close the door to the ruins and finish the last lost continent?"
When there is no implementable plan to get everything back to the original point and complete the body through the most normal way, there may be no way to make a name for it. The words made Ye Zhang feel a little tempted, and he felt that he had been delayed for too long.
But why is he always a little uncomfortable in his heart? What’s more, a boss pimple is stuck in his throat, which makes him feel uncomfortable.
Although this seems simple, because of the failure to save the demon race, in today’s column, there are only three closed doors from Diablo magic dragon, and the last one is the ruins. They can also complete Ye Zhang’s resistance to all BOSS by the same method as in the Dark World. Others need one person to guard against closing the doors.
This is really not so difficult. Everything is possible with Ye Zhang.
"No, let’s go back."
Ye Zhang raised his head at this time. He felt that if it was done, he would be extremely uncomfortable. The mysterious goddess of fate, the red-haired man Heinze Exedia, sealed the secret of the rune stone. He knew that even if he could solve all his doubts perfectly, he could not leave any regrets here.
"Where to?"
The name war asked Ye Zhang, pointing to the direction of ancient delivery.
"Let’s go back to Greenland."
The mirror world leads to the cartoon castle, which leads to the kingdom of Greenland, and the disappearance direction of Exedia and the sun god must also be this route. Ye Zhang thinks there will always be some connections in this.
They didn’t say much. They need to fight a situation now. No matter what kind of situation it is, it is much better than being stuck here and unable to find a sense of direction. But in this way, Ye Zhang will apologetically talk to the sleeping sheep and others.
"Brother Sheep, Brother Fei, I’m sorry for letting you out for nothing."
Teddy boy shook his head and put his hand on Ye Zhang’s shoulder and laughed
"Come to me again if you need anything."
The three of them couldn’t go to glitz two years ago. Maybe they could go through the fifth floor of the cartoon castle, but it was too difficult. When everyone came to Ye Zhang and the famous war again, they went back to glitz two years ago. When they went to Greenland through the light door in the cartoon castle, he immediately saw anger and sent him a message.
A lot of news can be seen because friends are not talking to each other at the same time. These news are urgent. Although he keeps in touch with Ye Zhang, all the changes here can be sent to Ye Zhang through offline messages.
And when Ye Zhang typed the first message, the whole person was shocked.
"Brother Cyclone, I remember. The slate you got in the Dark Arena can be inlaid with three grooves. Besides sea sandstone and amethyst, can it also be inlaid with runes?"
"Brother Cyclone, when will you come back? Can the seal stone be embedded in the slate?"
"Brother Cyclone, the devil received this surprise in autumn, and he wants to plant three gates to other planes in the kingdom of Greenland, namely, the dark world of the underworld and the angel world. Now they have become enemies with the kingdom of Greenland. What should I do if they want my help?"
"The NPC of Cyclone Gegeland Kingdom is so cruel that we are not rivals at all. At present, the first door to the underworld has been opened, and we have become friendly with the necromancers!"
Every news of Ang Yan was told in Ye Zhang, and at the same time, together with others and famous wars, it was extremely shocking. What exactly was the strange thing that the devil received in autumn, and Ye Zhang did not delay when he knew that things had changed strangely.
"Angry inflammation, where are you?"
Ye Zhang sent a message to Ang Yan, but the other party didn’t reply for a long time, which seemed to be in a state of war. When Ye Zhang entered the kingdom of Greenland, he immediately felt that he was screaming and killing in the northeast.
When Ye Zhang and his wife rushed to the northeast, they saw a very chaotic war. The warring parties were the players and the defenders of Greenland Kingdom, and among the players, they could see at a glance the devil crying in autumn, rain, red leaves and big pineapples.
Now they are all lost in the lost continent, and the commander-in-chief in the player’s mind is responsible for resisting the defenders of Greenland Kingdom at this time. When they triggered the establishment of three gates in Greenland Kingdom, all the changes have not come.
Obviously, when the magician NPC was delivered, he was no longer a magician in the kingdom of Greenland. He wanted players to open three doors in the kingdom of Greenland, but his heart was different
At this time, there are a large number of undead army bones, ghosts, zombies and even two 15-level violent death dragons beside several players.
But it is such a huge army that can do some damage to the kingdom of Greenland. The holy wizards have the same attributes when dealing with these undead armies. Moreover, this is the camp of the kingdom of Greenland. There are several magic towers and various venues suitable for wizards around the whole town. The number of casualties of magic players is increasing gradually, and they seem to be unstoppable.
"Big whirlwind!"
"Brother Cyclone!"
At this time, when several players saw the arrival of Ye Zhang, it seemed as if they had seen the savior. Several players were still fighting and cheered. They needed a real strong man to lead them to this difficult victory.
Chapter four hundred Doomed the enemy
The famous fighter put his hand on Ye Zhang’s shoulder and handed a firm look to the latter. Ye Zhang knowingly turned his head to look at the two warring parties in front. At this time, he was not in a hurry to enter the fighting state, but went over to Ang Yan and others on the other side of the battlefield