But is the blue sky willing? At this moment, the blue sky doesn’t know what it is like in my heart. If I want to be two housekeepers, I can learn how to be the most powerful. When the time comes, it will be simply wonderful to have women like Du Qianqian and Xiao Yueye around me. It can be said that the blue sky has been living in an environment that has never been wronged, even if it has been wronged, it has never been exposed to women or women in the past 20 years. No matter how the problem of blue sky lewdness comes at this moment, a man or a real person has a goal, that is whether the goal is bad or good.

At the moment, the goal of the blue sky has changed from pursuing beauty to getting stronger power now. Of course, these are all connected. The desire for beauty is that the blue sky has been stubborn and naive since childhood because of practicing broken-hearted determination. Of course, this line has grown stronger in the process of continuous growth. On the other hand, it has to be strong because of the integration of its own personality. Of course, many aspects have to make the blue sky strong. From the game to the reality, information and strength feedback have to make the blue sky strong, and the powerful benefits are needless to say.
When the blue sky took Li Xinjing’s hand and walked into Li Xinjing’s office, I saw the beautiful teacher Lin exaggeratedly opening her mouth. I didn’t know what she was thinking. The blue sky blinked viciously at the beautiful woman Lin, and then I saw the beautiful woman Lin scream and ran away in the other direction in horror and fear, but the blue sky felt funny. Of course, after entering Li Xinjing’s room, Cong Li Xinjing also realized what would happen next.
If not, the blue sky jumped on Li Xinjing after saying a word.
"Let all those idiots wait. Now I’ll make out with my little kiss first."
In the case of Li Xinjing’s hair, weakness and trembling, Li Xinjing was held in her arms by the blue sky, and then the plump sphere was squeezed out. The blue sky nose almost bled, and the heart whispered that this ripe woman’s figure was plump and hot, and I was careful and quiet. When the blue sky stripped Li Xinjing naked, Li Xinjing appeared in front of the blue sky like a white jade. Finally, the blue sky could not stand such stimulation, and the sperm head almost died without excitement.
"Woman, woman, you are so wonderful that you will have such a body and skin. Your structure is so different from that of men. Oh, my God, you are so great. Now I finally understand what the world can’t live without women and men. Men and women are so complementary together …"
The blue sky sighed with emotion in Li Xinjing’s ear, while Li Xinjing looked at the blue sky with a red face and a naked face, charming and seductive, so the blue sky pounced on it, and after some pain, it was a charming song, and finally Li Xinjing, a big girl who struggled in the blue sky for 30 years, finally officially became a woman. An absolute temptation is absolutely unbearable and irresistible to women.
The fourth chapter Yan Fu Qi Tian
After some passion, Li Xinjing cleverly lay in the arms of the blue sky, and her messy black hair was collected by the blue sky. The blue sky smiled and said, "I didn’t expect this day to be so soon. From now on, I will be calm and be my blue sky person …"
The blue sky said arrogantly that Li Xinjing turned a blind eye after listening to the blue sky, and buried her head in the blue sky, but the sweetness in her heart was not what Li Xinjing could express at this moment. Just as the blue sky said that although it is now a time of free love, men and women are truly equal, but men are naturally strong enough to complete women’s levy, unless some women don’t take love as one thing or some women have an independent and tough self-awareness and personality, there will never be women’s unfinished business with men.
The blue sky is quietly thinking about something, and Li Xinjing is also thinking about something. At the moment, Du Qianqian, a few women outside the United College, is anxiously waiting for the news of the blue sky and Li Xinjing. At the moment, they finally can’t stand it, and then Du Qianqian got through the video communication for the blue sky.
Blue sky one leng hit the video com as usual, and then the blue sky saw Du Qianqian’s girls, but blue sky and Li Xinjing’s naked bodies appeared here at the same time. Although half of the body was exposed, Cong’s girls had already thought of it.
Du Qian and several women’s faces turned red before the blue sky spoke. The com broke the blue sky. When I was wondering, I saw that Li Xinjing was trembling like a little girl. The blue sky was surprised, but I didn’t expect to show such a little girl’s look today in Leng Yan. This immediately led the blue sky to have evil thoughts in my mind.
While Li Xinjing was still confused, the blue sky horse jumped again, and Li Xinjing was once again attacked by that crazy violence. When they calmed down again, Li Xinjing frowned and glared at the blue sky. Obviously, that violent meal made Li Xinjing’s sexy body suffer a fierce attack and rubbed Li Xinjing’s face flushed and looked at the blue sky in fear.
It’s uncomfortable for Li Xinjing to look at the blue sky like this. I can’t help but ask, "What’s wrong with looking at me like this?"
After that, the blue sky turned red, which made Li Xinjing very surprised. Blue sky Nai hurried to the window and looked outside, only to find that nearly two hours passed, and there were more and more students gathered. But at this time, thousands of teachers suddenly came from the teachers’ building. This is obviously still a light side. Li Xinjing said in surprise, "These guys are really stupid. This is the teachers’ building. If they hadn’t all gone back, it seems that there would be 40,000 or 50,000 teachers alone."
Sure enough, I saw a large number of teachers sending Cong students from the teaching building around the ladder. More students have disappeared, but wait for a while didn’t know what to do. These students who were stunned and lost in thought also scattered around and fled, but they were caught by thousands of teachers, and nearly 10,000 students were escorted and interrogated. At this time, the blue sky and Li Xinjing quietly took another around ladder and ran to the door of the United College.
In the blue sky, Li Xinjing was instructed to change his teacher’s professional clothes and then walked out of the Union College safely with the blue sky. I didn’t expect it to be so simple, but it was strange that those teachers would come out to deal with those students in nearly two hours.
This is actually what Blue Sky doesn’t know. Because of the long class, more than 40,000 teachers have left four or five thousand people, and these four or five thousand teachers are distributed in the hundreds-storey teacher building. It is also a hassle to let all teachers know and come here in time. What’s more, the students around the teacher building are also regularly around the exits of the teacher building. If there are not teachers preparing to go out through the teacher building, they don’t know that there are so many students around the teacher building, so a teacher gathering will take place.
First of all, the teacher informed a small owner of the largest union college at that time, and then the owner rang the bell of the teacher building meeting. Then all the teachers gathered in the hall of the teacher building in twenty minutes, and then they discussed the matter. After that, an hour passed, but the culprit, Blue Sky, still said in the romantic atmosphere that he didn’t know much about it.
Several teachers came out and asked a large number of students. As a result, the students said that there was nothing but nothing to gather outside the teachers’ building, which attracted the attention of the high-level college. Although there were few high-level people left behind, after some discussion, several students were invited, but they still didn’t get the answer after asking.
This is also the case. There is a stipulation in the United College that of course every student is protected by the United Law. If there are no students who break into the teachers’ building without permission, then the senior management of the college will not do anything with the students. But at this time, it is different. If there are tens of thousands of students in a huge battle, the teachers’ building will be surrounded.
So the teachers and students formed an odd balance. The teachers were waiting for some students to violate the rules of the college, but the students were waiting for the blue sky to appear, but no one expected that it would be another hour. So some students got impatient and tried to break into the teachers’ building to look for it, but soon after they broke in, they were caught by the teachers when they stopped them for a while, and then they disappeared. At this time, the blue sky just came out happily with Li Xinjing and took advantage of the chaotic opportunity to run out of the joint college as Li Xinjing. Of course, this way came after all.
It’s bad luck for those arrested students. According to the college rules, if they want to get away, they must be punished. Of course, there are many beautiful women calling the blue sky indecent assault. The news of thousands of beautiful students was known by the college teachers. Later, after those students were punished and released, the name of the blue sky was paid attention to by the college executives, and then the fate of the blue sky will be unknown.
At this moment, the blue sky is surrounded by Li Xinjing, Du Qianqian and Wen Ran, and went to a luxury villa. This villa is owned by Li Xinjing alone. The blue sky and others are understood. Although it is much worse than the blue house, the Li family’s power is not small in such a power-conscious interstellar situation. Of course, at this moment, the family situation of Wen Ran, Xiao Cute, Bing Bing and Zhang Xiaoyu is also understood.
To the surprise of the blue sky, I didn’t expect that these people’s families were all not Li Xinjing, and what’s more, they were not much worse than the blue family. One of them is Bing Bing’s family. After doing some understanding, the blue sky is spared. It is strong enough for the blue sky’s family. I don’t care much about the blue sky. If they are not where their family lives are, the blue sky is full of thoughts, but the blue sky doesn’t know the family of several women in the blue sky, including the goddess Xiao Yueye. They have greatly helped the blue sky. Some big things have made the blue sky absolutely stronger than the blue house. From then on, the blue sky knows that the blue house can’t do everything. Even with Du’s family on this big planet, it is just a powerful one. But how can things be as bad as the blue sky? The blue sky has suffered a lot from this idea.
The villa is very big, and you should have the blue sky, but you like it even more. According to the rules of blue house smelly fart and you can’t do anything casually, you can’t do what you want in the blue house. Although the blue house is huge, it is proud of the blue sky itself, but there is no freedom in the matter of men and women. But at the moment, it is completely lost in fantasy to look at these big beds and then at the beautiful blue sky.
"If you eat it, you must eat it. They will eat all their departments in the next few days." The blue sky sent out the idea of making all the women feel horrible and laughing at the blue sky. Some women obviously guessed it, but they were shy, but they could not resist the blue sky’s eyes and smiles.
Then the blue sky and the daughters lived in this villa for a while, and there were still several days before Du’s arrival. It was said that the blue sky was absolutely free these days, and with so many beautiful women accompanying them, the blue sky was what to see, what to eat and what to smell. From time to time, it seemed to be lewd laughter, which would make the daughters blush.
"Darling, I didn’t expect my sex day to come so soon. I have to think about eating that one first." Blue sky sat on the sofa and fantasized.
But several women all ran into the kitchen and started together. Then they ate in the blue sky in the living room. Listening to the kitchen laughing and screaming from time to time, they couldn’t help but feel deeply intoxicated. I imagined how great it would be if I could be by my side on the moonlit night of the goddess Xiao. But thinking about the blue sky was like thinking about the blue sky. Thousands of naked women appeared instantly in my mind. The impression in my mind was clearer than that of the naked bodies with different shapes, which made the blue sky react quickly.
There was a sudden scream, and then several blue sky suddenly woke up only to see Du Qianqian’s women looking at themselves with red faces and hatred, while the blue sky looked down at itself in confusion only to see that its symbol of men had come out of those narrow pants, and only then did the blue sky realize that it was so great to be strong.
Suddenly, the blue sky blushed instantly, and after a few quick laughs, the blue sky held the greatness, but I didn’t know what to say when I got up.
"Sex maniac …" Li Xin was silent.
"Super sex maniac …" Wen Ranyin
"Big brother, it’s so big there …" Little cute silly let the blue sky hear a headache.
"… how can it be like that …" Du Qian muttered.
"Why would I like him …" Bing Bing Yin.
"Husband is so strong," Zhang Xiaoyu said.
The blue sky was completely silent, and in an instant, it became a soft worm and disappeared, which caused several waves of powerful waves to make the blue sky want to hit the wall and die.
Sighed, blue sky glared at several women in turn, and then said maliciously, "You dare to say that about your husband after dinner."
Several women blushed again, but Xiao Cute said excitedly, "Big brother, husband, will you pick up and bully me first? I want to be a husband and woman."
Suddenly, including the blue sky, everyone had some short circuits. The blue sky came to my mind and grabbed the little cute into his arms and said, "Okay, cute, come to my husband’s room late, okay? My husband will eat you late."
Gal daughters are flushed, cute but very excited to embrace the blue sky neck greasy in the blue sky bosom not to come out, while Du Qianqian is narrow-minded and a little jealous. If it weren’t for an agreement with the blue sky to get engaged, I can’t say for sure that Du Qianqian is in the blue sky bosom at the moment, but several other women can’t stand the silly actions of the little cute and the seduction of minors by the blue sky.
Of course, everyone here is underage. According to the current interstellar age, there is also Li Xinjing. One person is just an adult. It can be seen that the blue sky and others are playing with fire. But then again, in the ancient times, even when I was 1 year old, even when I was an adult, how many people would care about it now, and this has become an excuse to deceive people, which has been continued until now.
Li Xinjing, who has just been nourished by the blue sky, has not recovered from the shock for two hours at the moment. Until now, Li Xinjing has been afraid of writing. How can she resist the blue sky’s natural bravery? Yu Bingbing and Zhang Xiaoyu are both young girls in love. Look at the appearance of spring in the corner of her eyes, and it will be eaten by the blue sky on the other side sooner or later. The gentlest and most considerate, the most sensible and clever, is the misty eyes after being stimulated by the blue sky and the little cute.
But this charming expression was laughed at by several women when they saw it in their eyes. However, after seeing the warm eyes like fog, the blue sky couldn’t stand the hard jacking in the secret place of the little cute, which immediately made the little cute moan.
This groan made a few women laugh at one side and immediately looked at them. Both Wen Ran and Li Xinjing knew in their hearts that it must have been the blue sky that touched the little cute hand, otherwise the little cute wouldn’t make such a boring sound.
After a flush, the cute face turned out to be completely ignored by several women behind her and opened her mouth. She bit the blue sky with a big mouth and snorted. She was frightened by the cute face, but her crude kissing skills made the blue sky feel funny, but she didn’t laugh yet. The cute little wet small tongue had got into the blue sky mouth and twisted her tongue. Suddenly, the blue sky felt her soul flying and her thoughts flew in an instant.
At this time, in the eyes of several women, it seems that the little cute is holding the blue sky face with his eyes open, while the blue sky is slightly closed. The little cute controls him so that he disappears and the strange scene, and at the same time, the position of men and women has changed, which makes several women feel uncomfortable in their hearts, but they also feel that their bodies have responded.
That strange reaction wants to scratch, but can’t find out where it is, but the last few women all give up looking for that strange feeling and look at the passionate scene of the two.