"Do you think it’s fun for me to fly around in the sky?" Yang Chen cold way.

Mo Qing no longer said anything. Yang Tie looked at it and said with a busy smile: "I have to go out in advance." The person who said that the water in the room flashed Yang Tie had disappeared in the room.
Yang Chen explored the realm to make sure that Yang Tie went to control the spread of sound waves with spiritual power and asked in a low voice: "Mu Yu, tell me the truth, have you used what I forbid you to use?"
Yang Muyu knows that he can’t hide it from him. Even if he didn’t doubt it at first, it’s hard to doubt it now. Only crustily skin of head nodded his head. Yang Chen suddenly whisking a slap on his face hard smoke in the past.
Mo Qing sat next to him, and naturally he wouldn’t let his finger-like golden light flash in front of Yang Chen: "Qing Qing, if you dare to start work, I will turn my face." Get in his face and beat his baby when he’s dead?
"Why don’t you ask him what he did?" Yang Chen growled angrily.
Yang Muyu was infinitely wronged: "When I rescued him, he was a living dead man. I just tried it. How do I know that he is a practitioner on the Do and not a person …"
Yang Chen said angrily, "Why don’t you just find a beggar on the side of the road to try it?"
Yang Muyu bowed their heads and did not dare to argue. Although Mo Qing is in Yang Chen, he will not be educated with sticks. But his heart is that if Mao Mo Qing knows the truth, will he be so angry that he will use French?
"What’s going on in the morning?" Ink qing puzzled asked.
"I taught him how to reverse chaos in the star medicine." Yang Chen whispered.
"Reverse chaos?" Mo Qing almost vomited blood in anger for a long time before saying, "You should know that it is a taboo in the city of Qingyao. I always wondered who broke into our Mohist ancestral temple and stole it. It turned out that you did it?"
"That’s what your mother did." Yang Chen whispered, "When your mother urged your cousins to mutiny, it was an ambush at home on the night when Emperor Jin ascended the throne. As long as you came back, it was inevitable to die. As a result, it was me who came back first. We looked similar. Ordinary people naturally could not tell at a glance that these people thought I was you, so your mother took the poisoned wine for me, and then your cousins swarmed up and tried to dismember me. But you also know that I am an expert in poisoning. It is really ridiculous to make poison in front of me.
Yang Muyu only knew that when Yang Chen bloodbath the city of Qingyao, he killed all the ink clan of the city of Qingyao, regardless of the old and young. His heart has always been very dissatisfied with Yang Chen’s practice. No matter how to say Mo Qing-or Fan Zhenggui and his enemies don’t need to implicate the innocent. Now it seems that there is another story.

Chapter 15 What should I do?
Yang Muyu asked curiously, "What happened to you?"
"Later, I killed them all with a sword, but at this time, the old woman flew out of the ancestral temple. I looked at it and chased it. As a result, she grabbed Mingfei as a hostage and caught you by the way." Yang Chen cold way.
Yang Muyu didn’t say anything. Obviously, Yang Chen saved him in Fan Zhenggui’s hands, and then with hatred for Fan Zhenggui in his heart and Mo Qing’s misunderstanding of him, he didn’t want to explain, so there was a feud between the two people involving fifteen years.
"Her purpose should be to reverse chaos." Yang Chen said again.
"But even so, you shouldn’t teach this thing to Mu Yu." Mo Qing sighed.
"Do you think I want to?" Yang Chen suddenly mentioned voice nu way.
Yang Muyu stood behind Mo Qing and said, "Can I still force you if you don’t teach me?"
Unexpectedly, Yang Chen didn’t get angry this time, but just smiled faintly: "I know that you blame me in your heart, but when you were a child, I really didn’t know what to do-when you were three years old, your whole body suddenly shifted, and I couldn’t control it when I used a needle to cross the point. I couldn’t watch you die. I had to take extreme measures."
"What did you do?" Mo Qing suddenly asked in surprise.
Yang Chen said faintly, "I changed his meridians with meridian tonic …"
"What?" As a result, not only Mo Qing exclaimed aloud, but even Yang Muyu couldn’t imagine that he had adopted such an extreme technique.
Yang Chen snorted coldly: "His operation is not as good as those children who are delivered by the winner’s door. It took me two days and two nights. I thought the operation was successful, but as a result … "
Yang Muyu boldly asked, "As a result, the operation failed."
"Ah?" Yang Muyu was frightened. The operation failed? Shouldn’t he have died long ago if the repair failed?
"Poor feather!" Mo Qing holds Yang Muyu’s hand and can’t help but tremble gently, which shows that Yang Muyu is standing in front of him now. But he is still worried.
Yang Chen sneered, "Why don’t you have pity on me?"
"I pity you. I can’t wait to catch you back now. Serve the family! " Moqing Road.
"You have to thank me!" Yang Chen looked at Yang Muyu faintly. "Otherwise, you would never see this unlucky child now."
"My Mu Yu is not an unlucky child." Mo Qing laughed.
"Yes, he’s not unlucky. It’s me." Yang Chen grumpily added, "The mending operation failed, and the feather died. I really don’t like it when I look at the little child’s body. So. I used the flower pulp to help him wipe all his body again, put on his clothes and prepare to hug him for you. As a result, when I hugged him, his body was still warm. Although his heartbeat had stopped, the meridians were still slowly displaced.
I had to. Fill his body with the spiritual force in his body. Want to hold his meridians … "
This method is what Yang Tie used to do, using his own spiritual power. Run in Yang Muyu’s body to stabilize the gentle meridians.
"But no matter how hard I tried, his blood began to freeze and his body became colder and colder …" Yang Chen looked at Yang Muyu hiding behind Mo Qing and sneered, "Don’t be afraid of me. I won’t hit you."
Yang Muyu smiled sheepishly: "I’m just curious that I’m not dead yet?"
"I replaced all your original blood with mine. While stabilizing your meridians and acupoints with spiritual force, I injected my own blood into your body to make your originally solidified blood gentle again. You breathed a sigh of relief for two days, but I almost died." Yang Chen didn’t good the spirit tunnel "it took you two days to wake up, but the first sentence when you saw me was-dad, don’t hit me. It hurts. Honestly, I was so angry that I really wanted to slap you. Did I hit you?"
Yang Muyu smiled awkwardly and said, "I didn’t play less later!"
"That’s your boy!" Yang Chen continued with a snort of cold. "You know that under such circumstances, Feather’s life was recovered. Although I don’t know why he did this, Feather is ruined in this way. I spent a whole year studying and couldn’t find a solution. Even so, Feather’s body still doesn’t twitch all over the body. I can’t think of that way to reverse chaos."
Mo Qing just nodded silently to reverse chaos-it is really a dry day!
"This unfortunate child has never been worry-free since he was a child. He is eccentric and clever. If I hadn’t often taught him a lesson with a whip, I would have turned his head. As the old saying goes, if I didn’t hit this unfortunate child for three days, I would definitely go to the house to uncover the tiles." Yang Chen took a look at Yang Muyu added.
Yang Muyu said with a sad face, "My house is a thatched cottage. I have never uncovered tiles." Heart a little understand the original … It turns out that he already has Yang Chen’s blood. No wonder they are compatible with each other. It’s not Moqing’s side that has negative blood, but Yang Chen’s mother and others may have negative blood.
Mo Qing smiled and said, "There is nothing to wait for when you get back to Qingyao City. It’s all tiled houses. You can expose them any way you want."
Yang Chen smell speech almost no anger vomiting blood have such a father?
"Don’t spoil him. He has a bad temper. You are spoiling him." Yang Chen didn’t good the spirit of the way.
"There is a windbreaker in heaven and a sea family in the sea. Children in our family are not afraid to cross the border and have dark wheels." Mo Qing faint laughed.
"Yes!" Yang Chen cold way "anyway, feather things I made it clear that the old man’s cause of death I also closely check if you care about mother and child, then you don’t have to start work I-"Yang Chen said the body flash green light flash people have disappeared.
"Father!" Yang Muyu looked at Yang Chen with a wry smile and disappeared into the room for a long time before whispering, "You shouldn’t take him away."
Mo Qing didn’t speak, just lost in thought for a long time before asking, "Feather, you and Clever, help me think about what I should do for my father?"
"Why don’t you go to see my master and give everything here to your brother?" Suddenly, a little head popped out from under Yang Muyu’s pillow, and the rabbit medicine popped out again.
"Father can’t leave, absolutely not!" Yang Muyu suddenly said.
"Why?" Yaoer jumped on Yang Muyu and asked, "Don’t you want to see your mother?"
"If my father leaves, my father can’t stay alone." Yang Muyu sighed, "Father, I know you are in a dilemma. You want to avenge the old man. You want to wash away the humiliation that that man brought to the city of Qingyao, but … she is your own mother. You can’t do it."
"Feather is!" Mo Qing nodded. Anyway, Fan Zhenggui is his own mother.
"But have you ever thought that you were her own flesh and blood when she plotted the rebellion in the city of Qingyao? Have you ever thought that if it wasn’t dad who came back early that day, but your present Qingyao City, I’m afraid that the marriage of the old man who has long been a vassal of Tianyimen is a conspiracy in itself. You don’t have to kill her, but you have to keep what the rest of the dads in Qingyao City want. That’s his business. It’s no exaggeration to ask her for one of the more than 300 lives in Xiuyu Valley. " Yang Muyu light way.