Behind me, Xie Yiming chuckled. My cheeks were boiling hot.

Looking at my face in the health mirror, I turned on the cold water pipe to wash my face to calm my abnormal mood.
When Xie Yiming and I packed up and left the room early, Chufei had already left the hotel one step ahead of us.
Xie Yiming and I bought breakfast and took it to Xiangbiao Store to eat with Wang Dalang.
Wang Dalang was in good spirits this morning. When he saw me and Xie Yiming coming, he laughed and said that he also enjoyed the treatment of not being able to eat at home.
I asked Wang Dalang if there was any cola, and everyone was happy to tell it.
Wang Dalang told me that Director Zhang called him at five o’clock this morning, saying that Liang Zhou started to keep his mouth shut after he was detained. Finally, he confessed all the bad things and took them out of Meishan.
Meishan bears many murders and has been arrested. It is estimated that this generation will die of old age in prison.
Wang Dalang said that such a thing is a happy ending, of course, to be happy.
Wang Dalang told me and Xie Yiming to come early after school at noon and have a big meal at noon to celebrate.
Wang Dalang’s news is really popular. I nodded at Wang Dalang’s suggestion that Xie Yiming and I should learn to sneak over at noon.
Having breakfast, Wang Dalang said that we would go to Meishan’s house again in the afternoon to see his old well. He said that he had told Director Zhang not to let anyone touch the old well in the courtyard. There was a problem.
After breakfast, Xie Yiming first sent the car to the parking lot in front of the Xiangbiao store, and Xie Yiming and I went back to school together.
As it was still early, Xie Yiming and I chose to go back to school by bus.
There are passengers on the bus at every stop. I asked Xie Yiming if the ghost car would ever appear again.
Xie Yiming said that anything is possible, and he can’t say whether the ghost car will appear again. However, the ghost car that appeared before also gave people money, and he didn’t endanger the pedestrian. I don’t worry too much.
During the lunch break, Tang Sike complained that I was too busy being sweet with someone to remember being close to her sister and asked me if I was going to continue to forget my feelings.
Tang Sike complained about sitting in front of Tang Sike. Xie Yiming was smiling brightly, while I was covered with black lines.
I glanced at Xie Yiming and told Tang Sike to let her put her heart in her stomach. As the saying goes, I won’t forget the meaning of a knife with a lascivious prefix.
Tomsk laughed his head off at my words and even said that someone was a little miserable. I was preparing for the rhythm of abstinence.
As long as I was chatting with Tang Sike, Bai Linger didn’t show up in our classroom for a long time.
Bai Linger entered our classroom. Our classroom was immediately quiet. Everyone in the classroom was looking forward to Bai Linger’s repeated battles, repeated defeats and repeated battles.
Bai Linger entered our classroom and went straight to Xie Yiming’s desk, which is right in front of me.
"Today is my birthday, Xie Yiming, and I invite you to my birthday party." Bai Linger put the invitation in her hand and Xie Yiming’s desk could not hide her nervousness.
"I’m sorry, I have a girlfriend. I won’t have too much to do with his daughter and my girlfriend will misunderstand me." Xie Yiming didn’t get up and pushed the invitation in the direction of Bai Linger.
"You didn’t say you had a crush on a girl before? Why now?" Bai Linger suddenly became anxious.
"I adore girls and accept what I pursue. Now I have a girlfriend." Xie Yiming interrupted Bai Linger’s words with a faint smile on his lips.
Bai Linger stared at Xie Yiming’s tears, and she leaned forward and ran out of our classroom.
Bai Linger left our classroom, and Xie Yiming became the object of attention of the classmates in the classroom and began to whisper to each other. Which is Xie Yiming’s girlfriend?
Tang Si ridiculously bent his eyes and looked at Xie Yiming sitting in front of her, holding my arm and pressing the bass pronunciation. Let me tell Xie Yiming later that she praised Xie Yiming n times and n was greater than the limit.
I nodded to wake Tom and wipe her saliva.
After listening to my words, Tang Keke immediately wiped her lips with the back of her hand. Only after this movement did Tang Keke react. I was amused. She immediately began to pay compensation for me.
I promised that I would think about how to make compensation reasonable, but Towns would stop being persistent and say that she would wait for me to get the compensation clause out early.
At noon, Xie Yiming and I went to Xiangbiao Store and had lunch with Wang Dalang, and then we took some paper men to Meishan’s home by car.
Several police officers in Meishan’s old house stayed there and let us into the hospital when they saw us coming to find out our names.
At the moment, the sun is shining brightly. Wang Dalang called the police to remove the cover of the old well and let the papermaker enter the old well to spy on the information.
When the old manhole cover was removed, the instant cold breath came to my face. It was this sunny state that stood at the wellhead. I still couldn’t help but make a cold war.
Remembering that Meishan and Liang Zhou once said that this old well is a crossing connecting Yin and Yang, I frown at the level of ghosts in this old well.
Xie Yiming pulled me back and told me to stay away from some wellhead and not to be too close to it.
After the police officers in the hospital removed the old manhole cover, they all could not retreat to get close to the wellhead.
The papermaker entered the old well for a long time and didn’t come out. Wang Dalang locked his forehead and his expression was not easy.
Wang Dalang threw paper-cut paper men into the wellhead, and none of the paper-cut paper men could escape from the old well again, but the paper-cut paper men gave Wang Dalang some information back.
Wang Dalang told me that the old well of Xie Yiming and I were bottomless, and the more cold it became, the more female ghosts gathered.
Those female ghosts are all spied by resentful paper-cut paper men, and some of them have almost reached the level of spectre.
Wang Dalang paced around the old well and said that the ghosts in the old well should be full of ghosts who have disappeared recently.
A crossing between yin and yang in the old well nourishes the ghost, which makes it stronger and more shocking.
Wang Dalang said that he didn’t expect ordinary ghosts to rise so rapidly in this old well in a short time, so it would be very difficult to deal with ghosts in these old wells.
After listening to Wang Dalang’s words, I approached the wellhead again and endured the discomfort caused by the cold breath near the wellhead.
I can’t see the bottom of the deep well at a glance. There are ghosts floating in the well as far as I can see, even if they are no longer ordinary ghosts, but tend to be spectre.
I leaned over and looked at the ghosts in the floating wells, their faces upturned and their eyes met mine. They all looked like the ghosts I saw in the real estate office in the suburbs of Liang Zhou last night, all skinned and bloody.
In broad daylight, ghosts can show their shapes by relying on the cold old well environment, which makes my heart cringe.
Look me in the eye. The ghosts are all emotional and angry, and they laugh bitterly. When they grow up, blood flows out of their mouths and their teeth turn red.
My conditioned reflex stepped back and looked at Wang Dalang in panic.
Chapter one hundred and seventy Bride
I don’t know how many ghosts there are in the old well.
Just now, I can see that there are not ten ghosts, and even those ten ghosts will not be easy to deal with.
Laughing in the well immediately made the police officers in the courtyard retreat far enough, turning pale and frightened.
One of the police officers was so weak that his legs fell to the ground and he was shaking all over. His police officer dragged him aside.
"Girl don’t panic, they can’t get out in broad daylight." Wang Dalang came up to me and shook his head with a sigh.
"What should we do when Wang Bo gets here?" I remember that Wang Dalang once told me not to call him Master when there are outsiders.
Of course, Wang Dalang said that outsiders did not include Xie Yiming.
Wang Dalang was silent for a while and dialed a message to report our position, saying that the other party should send more people to discuss the price.
Ten minutes later, I saw several people pushing a dump truck into the courtyard, which was full of sediment.
Wang Dalang asked them how many people had come, pointing to the old well and saying that they should fill it up before the sun came.
Those people casually replied that there were ten of them, and it was easy to fill this old well before the sun came.