Looking at Yu Duxiu’s brocade scale, he looked solemn. "Good avatar, your two-handed avatar is no different from Hongjun."

Jade Duxiu stretched out her palm and saw a glittering and translucent Falun emerge in front of her.
Looking at the dreamlike Falun Jin scales, I was suddenly short of breath, and my eyes stared at Yu Duxiu intensely. "Good treasure! Good treasure! You have this treasure? Isn’t it hung-chun’s hand? If it weren’t for the fact that Hung-chun has been suppressed, you would be Hung-chun. "
Jade Duxiu’s face behind the mask is smiling with a wry smile. It’s okay. Who wants to show off this treasure? I’m not afraid of thieves stealing, but I’m afraid of thieves thinking about it. If it weren’t for my own breakthrough, I wouldn’t be able to mobilize the disaster and robbery. Jade Duxiu wouldn’t show the Falun of Heaven.
"Falun my God" Jade Duxiu ignored Jin Li’s words. Everyone has his own resistance. At this time, Jin Li is no longer detached from the strong, and he is by no means an opponent. He can bring out the Heaven Falun will recede.
Jade Duxiu’s palm changed inexplicably, and she took it toward Brocade Scale. When she saw that the palm passed by, she stopped flowing and stood still.
This palm seems to be slowly coming to the front of Brocade Scale and pressing it toward Brocade Scale’s chest.
Jin lodicule hit the Kunlun Mountain with one hand and fell into the sea.
For a moment, the virtual distorted brocade scales reappeared in the field, looking sullenly at the Falun, "the powerful force is worthy of being the artifact that dominated chaos in the past."
The "mixed element limit" brocade scales are intertwined with chaotic airflow, and the body is constantly rotating. The chaotic gas spreads all over the body, and the law of heaven and earth is instantly assimilated and the chaotic force is swallowed up by chaos.
"You have refined Zulong JingXie, and you should know that Zulong is terrible. Zulong can only be brought into full play in chaos." Jin Li’s face is without any feelings.
Jade Duxiu smell speech gently took a deep breath.
"Falun I am the strongest Falun I am"
"I don’t know how many eras it took to dominate Gankun’s vicissitudes of life!"
"Jin Li, there will be great changes in heaven and earth now. I don’t want to kill you. Heaven will produce virtue. Let’s go. Don’t fight the Falun Force. Either you can fight it or the Zulong is really resurrected."
"Dare to daring? Although the strongest Falun of the Zulong outside the chaos is a powerful overview of the Gankun hub, now the Falun has been recognized by you and refined. You can’t give full play to the Falun’s strength. "The brocade face is full of" I have something to sit in chaos. "
"Silly yum ~" Jade Duxiu shook his head. He wanted to return Brocade’s peace of mind. Du Jie became a Taoist priest and then found out where he would play with Brocade.
So thinking about seeing Jade Duxiu’s palm stretch out of heaven and earth, time seems to be still, and a palm breaks into the chaos of brocade scale.
The chaos of brocade scale seems to be the real chaos, and the marginal reclamation limits the jade to stand alone, and all forces are gradually consumed by chaos.
Jade Duxiu withdrew her palm and frowned. "What is this?"
"Why don’t you make moves? This is the strongest move at present. If you can break it, you win. If you can’t break it, it means that you lost the Kunlun Long Mai today." Jin Li laughed wildly in chaos.
"awesome! It’s really amazing! It’s a wonder that Zulong’s arm has been melted. I don’t know who is stronger and weaker than Aole? " Jade Duxiu is slowly brewing an attack.
"You this fellow is nonsense that your left hand and your right hand fight that strong that weak? Can you tell? " Jin Li mocked Yu Duxiu’s sentence, "You have patience. Yu Duxiu answered," But I have to suck that bitch who swallowed the Kunlun Mountain Long Mai Aole today, and I can’t escape from my hand. "
Looking at the brocade scale turtle shell jade Duxiu, his brow wrinkled a little, and Lei Guang fell towards the chaos with the flicker of fire.
Dacheng, the first god of thunder, blessed the first god of fire as if it were the beginning of the world, and instantly rolled up the chaotic fried water, wind and fire.
"Bastard!" Jin Li denounced a mobilization of chaotic forces to suppress the continuous rolling up of four spiritual forces.
Jade Duxiu shook his head, while the four spiritual forces have not stopped resting, and gently pushed out again toward chaos.
Chaos splits the square sometimes, and it is clear and turbid. All this is a jade show that can mobilize strength.
"Bastard!" In the chaos, Jin scales roared, and then the chaos collapsed. Jin scales were once again slapped and flew into the distance and disappeared.
Kunlun Mountain fell into the four seas twice after many wars, but it shocked the sleeping and practicing cold.
Cold world cold world slowly got up and hung a glittering and translucent snowflake between the eyebrows, and slowly walked out of the world of ice and snow, and instantly saw the brocade scale that was about to rush out of the four seas and was about to mouth, for fear of revealing the secret of Kunlun Mountain, and disappeared into the sea.