Hang Yu typed personal information.

In addition to the spirit beast option, there are more dependent options.
[Hang Xiaobai] (Advanced Phantom Demon) level spiritual official
Base attribute Vitality 222 Spirit 43 Power +12 Agility +15 Spirit +14 Intelligence +1, Consciousness +2 Soul Power +24 Constitution+15 … Reiki 1644/6 (recovering)
Ability information: dreamland guard (third-order spiritual duty), combat warlock (second-order spiritual duty), frost messenger (second-order legal duty), storm messenger (second-order legal duty), Lei apprentice (first-order spiritual duty), psychic (first-order spiritual duty) …
Hang Yu was stunned.
The small white attribute is too strong!
The same level of strength is too far away!
Xiaobai has more than two hundred vitality and more than four hundred spirit.
All the basic attributes are very high and rich in strength, agility, spirit, intelligence, spirituality, soul force and physique … His attributes are almost everything.
Xiaobai has a complete third-order spiritual responsibility, a second-order spiritual responsibility, two second-order legal responsibilities, and two first-order five or six miscellaneous skills.
Although she is a spiritual talent.
However, the skills learned are more complicated.
Spiritual skill is the main skill and legal skill is the auxiliary skill.
Hang Xiaobai’s strength has not yet been restored. At least there are still several levels of gaps between her and the peak of the spiritual world when she was a Lord. It is conceivable how strong Xiao Xiaobai was in her heyday!
Xiaobai is very upset.
A pair of big bright eyes twinkled with light.
Hang Xiaobai felt that Hangyu had a subtle connection after becoming a relative of Hangyu.
In this state, the affection and intimacy became stronger, and finally the gap disappeared.
She will officially become my brother’s closest hand!
Chapter 272 Reward to the account
The white property panel can scare people to death.
Although I knew Xiao Bai was very strong, I didn’t expect him to be so strong, but it is logical to think about it carefully.
Xiao Bai’s appearance looks like a girl with advanced figure but her height and temperament is thirteen or fourteen years old. If you really want to calculate her actual age, Xiao Bai is not necessarily younger than Hang Yu.
Humans have been in contact with the spiritual world for less than two months.
Xiaobai is a native intelligent creature.
When the Lord has years without ten years, she will accumulate slowly when she is long enough
Collect all kinds of skill stones
Collect all kinds of natural materials and treasures
Pile up your own attributes little by little.
These aspects of human beings can’t be compared with the indigenous people in the spiritual world.
Of course, there are also indigenous people who have no benefits, such as the innate skills of Wuhuamen, such as some auxiliary functions, such as everyone’s own things, such as the difficulty of growth and upgrading.
Hang Yu has noticed it.
Even if it is the same level, Xiaobai needs 6 Reiki to upgrade, and it takes 5 Reiki to upgrade himself. This is enough to say that human beings upgrade faster than advanced phantoms, but faster than most spiritual races.
Don’t underestimate this gap.
In the later period, every level of promotion needs to pay a huge price.