A black bug crawled out of his mouth and landed on the cell floor.

Green ink yan sword cut in the past.
The worm whizzed up and he hit the tail.
The black bug with broken tail wriggled and fled outside the cell.
Outside, the jailer was scared and hacked several times, but someone hurt the worm.
"Come on, it’s getting away!" RuXiaoNan grabbed the green ink Yan sleeve.
Green ink yan rushed to the outside of the cell when the black bug along the jailers feet drilled in the past, hiding in the distance to Mr Gu …
Chapter 217 Is there really exile or imprisonment?
A Update the latest chapter of Shao Qing’s pet career in Dali Temple as soon as possible!
Black operator bug went all the way to Mr. Gu.
When the green ink Yan arrived, it was already late, and the worm "sou" got into Mr. Gu’s clothes
"No … gone?" The jailers were dumbfounded.
It’s the first time they’ve seen such a strange thing
"Are you all right, Mr. Gu?" A jailer asked uneasily
Mr. Gu with the wave, "Nothing, nothing, how could I be fine? Nothing happened at all …"
In the dark prison, Mr. Gu laughed and his face reflected in the torch.
God, it’s going to be dark so soon
RuXiaoNan hand forehead "green ink yan or beat him unconscious"
"Ho ho ho, why should I be fine?" Mr. Gu was still laughing.
Blue ink Yan also couldn’t help jumping from her brow just as Xuanyu came from the stairs.
"Knock him out"
Xuanyu doesn’t know what happened just now, but he doesn’t hesitate to obey the order of Qingmo Yan.
He just came from behind and hit Mr. Gu in the back of the neck with his palm upright.
Mr. Gu was still smiling when he fell down.
"Carry it out first and then deal with it." It’s more convenient to be outside because the light is dim and the terrain is complex in the prison of Qingmo Yandao.
Yu Jingqi’s cell door didn’t, but Yu Jingqi sat quietly in the chair and didn’t move.
"Let’s go" green ink yan stretched out his hand and took RuXiaoNan.
RuXiaoNan looked back at Yu Jingqi, who was staring at her quietly with clean eyes.
"Go" green ink yan forcibly pulled her from prison.
Xuanyu sent Mr. Gu to Zhengqing of Dali Temple.
Blue ink Yan told Zhengqing what happened in the cell.
"Is there such a thing?" Is called surprised way
"Now that the black-symbolized adult has run into Mr. Gu’s body, we came here to let you witness it with your own eyes."
Zheng Qing nodded, but he didn’t trust Zheng Qing ‘an to seal the house and find several good officers to protect him.
Ru Xiaonan melted the water again. Some people poured the water to Mr. Gu, and soon the black bug escaped again.
This time, the green ink Yan didn’t give it a chance to cut off the black insect directly with one sword, and the two pieces were broken into a black character broken in half at the bottom of everyone’s eyes.
Zhengqing repeatedly marveled.
Green ink Yan will pick up the operator from the ground. "I want to go to the palace overnight, and please ask Zhengqing’s adult to write a copy and I will send it to the palace together."
Everyone is busy, Ru Xiaonan sits quietly in the corner, and his stomach is growling.
Just now, she didn’t eat anything in the prison, and she also drank two glasses of wine with Yu Jingqi, which would make her feel even hungrier.
Green ink Yan is bowing his head and talking to Zhengqing. Suddenly he looks up at the house handyman and says, "Go and buy a food taken late at night."
Ru Xiaodong’s eyes flashed instantly.
Zhengqing laughed. "It’s hard for you to keep this girl before you get married."
Green ink Yan smiles lightly, otherwise, "it’s not difficult for a little girl to be very sensible."
RuXiaoNan sitting there some couldn’t believe my ears.
Isn’t that man who smiled so warmly just now really green? Doesn’t he always say with a straight face that he is stupid? How can he praise himself in front of outsiders?
No, this painting style is definitely not correct!
Zheng Qing looked at the opposite nymphomaniac girl and laughed. "Sure enough, children are good at home."
Green ink yan looked up at RuXiaoNan and then bowed their heads and went on with his business.
The handyman bought the midnight snack, and Qing Moyan and Zhengqing also finished their work and took her to their office.
He left RuXiaoNan to eat supper in his room, and he went to the palace with ZhengQing’s written discount overnight.
Ru Xiaonan was sleepy when she was full. Although she was also worried about the case of Yu Jingqi, she knew that she was worried about nothing and soon fell asleep on the soft couch in the atrioventricular room.
When Qing Mo Yan came back in the middle of the night, the room was quiet.
When I lifted the curtain, I saw that the soft couch of the house was curled up with a small ball and covered with a thick cloak.
"When will we go back?" Xuanyu came in and asked
Blue ink yan with the wave "don’t go back"
Xuanyu sharp-eyed caught a glimpse of sleeping in the house RuXiaoNan instantly turned white and went out.
Green ink Yan took off his robe and pushed RuXiaoNan to move out some places to lie down.
Who knows he didn’t lie down until RuXiaoNan rolled over to his side, and his small hand hugged his waist, and the whole person stuck it like a claw fish.
Green ink Yan nai pulled the blanket and covered them both.
RuXiaoNan snapped his mouth "green ink yan … I’m hungry …"
Blue ink Yan leng leng looked down at her and saw her sleeping soundly. Her mouth kept crawling as if dream of eating had nothing to eat.