If it’s another animal, GongSunQi is not sure that it can be taken easily, but it can be said that GongSunQi is an old friend of Spotted Wolf. His first adventure since he came to this world is that he met Spotted Wolf King in the back and went out hunting privately, and he often met Spotted Wolf.

Not long ago, Sun Qi felt that he had an indissoluble bond with the spotted wolf, and there were spotted wolves everywhere.
Holding the Taidao backhand flexibly shuttles to the side of the two-spotted wolves, just like playing cat and mouse, from the spotted wolves to hunger and thirst, they never touch Gongsun Qi.
Gong Sunqi also knows the gorgeous weakness and head-on confrontation. Although it is heroic, it is not the time to be brave. Kneel down and lie back, shift all the center of gravity to the bust and slide into the wolf’s crotch with the help of forward thrust.
Holding the handle with both hands, the sharp point of the knife plunged into the abdomen of the spotted wolf, and with the help of inertia, the abdomen of the spotted wolf slipped out of a deep mouth, and the insides of the spotted wolf flowed out with this mouth, so it was so ferocious to hang the abdomen of the spotted wolf.
People hiding in its corner saw that GongSunQi killed Spotted Wolf so easily, and they all talked about the routine that GongSunQi had just killed Spotted Wolf.
The flint alone killed one wolf. Gong Sunqi’s face was red and he couldn’t breathe. Picking up the knife was to do it to another wolf.
Looking at his companion’s death, another wolf is red-eyed. Facing GongSunQi, he grabs GongSunQi and leaps high. The spotted wolf seems to have wisdom. Looking at ZhongGongSunQi, he opens his mouth and leaps high to swallow GongSunQi.
"He’s in danger."
Many people have seen that GongSunQi is in danger. The spotted wolf jumps high and opens the wolf’s mouth just to swallow GongSunQi. If GongSunQi doesn’t recruit later, it will be GongSunQi.
"Let you drink enough water to escape the water dragon."
GongSunQi one-handed rapid seal a huge hose head-on rushed to the spot Wolf GongSunQi deliberately control the hose along the Wolf’s mouth into the spot Wolf body.
No matter people, wolves or other creatures, if they are not deliberately trained or protected, their bodies are the most vulnerable.
Drive straight into the belly of the waterspout spotted wolf. The screaming of spotted wolf "whoa" can no longer consider that this big fat piece of Gong Sunqi fell heavily from it.
The spotted wolf still twitched and looked at the bulging belly. I don’t know how much water it took to make a belly swell like that.
The spotted wolf now looks like a 100-pound, two-meter-tall, thin man who has been flooded with water and kept getting bigger until his weight becomes 150.
Gong Sunqi fell to the ground, grasped the handle, and quickly rushed towards the spotted wolf. Now the spotted wolf needs the tip of the knife to touch the abdomen of the spotted wolf gently, and its abdomen will burst like a balloon explosion.
The spotted wolf also realized the danger, but his stomach was full of water. It was out of balance, and it was difficult to grasp the balance for a while, let alone get up and run away. He could watch Sun Qi stab his belly and die.
Gong Sunqi was very thoughtful. He knew that the blood and water of the explosion-spotted wolf body would burst outward. If it was too close, it would become a drowned rat. After it was close to a certain distance, Gong Sunqi threw a knife to avoid being drenched.
Kill the two-spotted wolf. With a wave of his hand, Gong Sunqi put the two-spotted wolf’s body in his backpack. He doesn’t care what others think. Anyway, others won’t recognize him with a mask.
Even if you are greedy by others with ulterior motives, you can kill GongSunQi, but you can also be busy with body double’s transformation and walk away.
"No, no, no, it’s bad. It’s the Wolf King of Class. The Wolf King of Class is coming. Everybody run, run, run!"
I don’t know who shouted, people who had been hiding aside to watch the fun rushed out of the house and ran away. Even the old people and children in the village left the house one by one to escape.
It’s the old people and children who are not so fast. They are all abandoned by powers and wizards and used as bait to fight for more chances to escape.
GongSunQi denounced a also can not consider it, he knew the class Wolf king terror, he also knew that those powers and wizards are dying, friends die, being original, GongSunQi can also understand the so-called disaster and fly separately.
"Grandpa Grandpa"
"Don’t worry about grandpa. Run, run, run. Grandpa can’t run. Run, run, run."
Gong Sunqi noticed that the two men, Ye and Sun, who were not far from him, were the landlords of his boarding house. They looked at their bleak appearance and behavior. The old man would rather stay than let Sun live. Not only this pair, but many old people are like this. They are all half-footed and not dead, but the children are still young and have a bright future.
When Gong Sunqi saw this scene, he seemed to see Gong Sunhe. "Dad, I miss you so much."
"shadow separation"
Gong Sunqi is not a saint. He doesn’t need to shoulder the responsibility and destiny of protecting mankind. He does it according to his mind. Gong Sunqi lets the two places go away with the old man and the children. He doesn’t need to take care of it.
If he is too busy, he will certainly attract others’ attention. Even if the villagers are finally rescued, they will be remembered by those who see him play the water hose. They will think more about whether Sun Qi is a combination of power and magic.
With this pair of grandfather and grandson, Gong Sunqi first let the two members leave the body and stay to fish in troubled waters. Now King Ban led a group of spotted wolves into the village to slaughter, and I don’t know what to do.
Gong Sunqi doesn’t care about this. In his eyes, the Wolf King Ban led the Spotted Wolf, which is him. He wants to collect the body of the Spotted Wolf in this battlefield or give it a final blow to the Spotted Wolf who is about to die. This body is all right.
The knife enters the knife and makes a sound. Gong Sunqi took away one spot after another, and the wolf also collected one spot after another. These bodies are all fresh. They are all here.
It seems that Gong Sunqi’s practice provoked widespread indignation and discontent. The class wolf king appeared in front of him, which had a shadow on the class wolf king Gong Sunqi. Since that time, Gong Sunqi knew that the class wolf king’s terror and bullets had a great effect on the class wolf king. At that time, he escaped from the class wolf king’s minions by Xiao Cong.
Gong Sunqi took a deep breath and posed for the attack. He wanted to dispel the shadows in his heart so that he could take it to the next level. ! ! Shukaku lent me his strength. "
Chapter 14 Touch porcelain to show you
Make two kinds of power to bless Sun Qixiu in succession. If he uses the third power, the natural forces can easily kill the Wolf King Ban, but in exchange for it, Sun Qi is paralyzed. It is better not to give people the back, let alone expose flaws in front of others.
The wolf king raised his huge front paws and prepared to slap Sun Qi to death. Sun Qi set up a knife and pointed it at the outside to block the wolf king’s attack.
"It’s not over yet. Take an old pill."
The left-hand spiral pill has been shaped. The spiral pill just hit the soles of the feet of the spotted wolf king and hit the soles of the feet. The meat pad hurts. The wolf king shouted "Ow!"
Distance yourself from GongSunQi. The Wolf King realized that GongSunQi was a hard bone to chew, and the only way to kill GongSunQi with it was to call the Wolf Wolf Sea Tactics to crush GongSunQi.
As soon as I went out to hunt human beings, the Spotted Wolf was called back by the Spotted Wolf King. Those who came to suffer from the Spotted Wolf chased human beings. As soon as I saw the Spotted Wolf running back, I didn’t care what it was important to escape. I rushed to the roots one by one, so no one dared to run back to find out what was going on.
GongSunQi cold face alert looked around heart, "there are at least hundreds of wolves here plus a little Wolf king. I can’t escape from here alive now."
"Don’t you have a little brother? Don’t worry, have a little brother to keep you alive." Shukaku patted his belly and proudly said, "Little brother, I am absolutely defensive. You can’t cross the line with these little brothers’ absolute defense."
Gong Sunqi knows that Shukaku is powerful, but blindly relying on Shukaku will be self-reliant. After feeling dependent, he will be unable to move, take a deep breath and open his eyes again. That pair of Kurome has been replaced by the scarlet curse Gouyu eyes.
Three Gouyu sharingan stared at the wolves outside through the dark mask. Once the wolves danced wildly, Sun Qi could also use sharingan’s special features to observe the surrounding wolves and find out the response plan when the action track was the shortest.
"Ow ~ ~"
The sound of the wolf king whistling means that the war began, and the wolves around Gongsunqi rushed towards Gongsunqi for the first time, trying to crush Gongsunqi in a pyramid-shaped way.
Gong Sunqi quickly printed with one hand. He knew that it was impossible for so many wolves to escape so easily. He had to find a weak place as a breakthrough to kill them.
The wolves held down the crowing of the Wolf King Gong Sunqi, believing that if they were to hold down the human, they would suffocate the human.
As everyone knows, Gong Sunqi has already escaped from the wolves in body double’s art. "It’s not so easy to taste the water dragon if you want to crush me."
The hoses danced and roared and thundered and dived, and the target was the spotted wolf king.
The Spotted Wolf King raised his front paws, opened his wolf’s mouth and roared. It was like a broken bamboo, and the hoses collided. The Spotted Wolf King couldn’t stop the Spotted Wolf King’s attack and broke apart. The Spotted Wolf King didn’t feel much better. When it collided with the hoses, its front paws were also injured.
"Shukaku, please"
Gongsunqi used the Shukaku sand to cast his stride, and the sand became a stepping stone and rushed towards the Spotted Wolf King.
Spotted Wolf King saw GongSunQi coming towards him, and a yellow Lei Guang flashed in the wolf’s pupil. A thunderball appeared in his mouth and was ready to wait for GongSunQi to approach before spraying.
Instead of being afraid because of the thunder ball in the mouth of the Spotted Wolf King, GongSunQi had a countercurrent rushing into the impulse, and his feet were faster, and he was about to close to the Spotted Wolf King when GongSunQi printed again.
"shadow separation"
It’s almost a moment when GongSunQiying and Spotted Wolf King Leiqiu are busy at the same time.
The thunder ball flew out and hit GongSunQi. Just now, a cloud of smoke appeared in front of the Spotted Wolf King. Did the Spotted Wolf King himself not wake up for a moment?
Looking at several GongSunQi flying out from behind the smoke, the Spotted Wolf King is very human and shakes his head to make himself more energetic, but the fact is that he has to believe that more than 100 GongSunQi have surrounded himself from all sides.
Just now, I surrounded GongSunQi with wolf pups, but how soon did it become GongSunQi surrounded the spotted wolf king? How can the majesty of the open wolf king be offended?
The Spotted Wolf King was angry, and there was a flash of golden ray silk thread. Sun Qi also noticed the change of the Spotted Wolf King’s body. He didn’t dare to make a move for fear that the Spotted Wolf King would burn everything, and then he would suffer.
Those pyramid-shaped wolves can keep moving without the orders of the Wolf King, and they can keep the pyramid-shaped wolves when they see the Wolf King surrounded by Sun Qi, because the Wolf King didn’t order them to act.
This is the spotted wolf. The spotted wolf system is strict. All departments obey the orders of the spotted wolf king. The spotted wolf king says that they will never go west to the east.
"Ow ~ ~ ~"
The spotted wolf king roared in the sky, and his fur rose golden. Lei Guang and Lei Guang flashed to form a thunder armor that wrapped the spotted wolf king’s body, including his head and limbs.
"Don’t be ashamed to wear a thunder outfit and play with me. Who played with you?"
Gongsunqi cursed
The Spotted Wolf King doesn’t care if one direction in so many aiming is to rush or hit, and whether he is busy or not, he will be hit if he takes aim at it.
Looking at the skillful collision of the Spotted Wolf King, it was definitely an old driver who hit a place and found that it was not Sun Qi’s body. He immediately turned and rushed towards the other side, which was bound to kill Sun Qi.
"Hey, hey, aren’t you afraid I’ll touch porcelain, Wolf King? If you drag like this again, I’ll really touch porcelain." GongSunQi and busy said at the same time.