[Congratulations to the player for successfully picking up "Blacksmith Trouble"]

[It is said that because the blacksmith is too old to go out and collect materials in person, he is entrusted to a strong warrior to help him collect the materials he needs]
[Current progress iron ore /5 copper blocks /7 snake venom flowers /3]
The old blacksmith told them that they could find the target point smoothly and gave them a map marked with the distribution of resources.
Because mining stone resources need pickaxes, two people first bought two pickaxes and some shovels from the grocer.
When they were ready, the two men walked towards the iron ore distribution area in the northeast of the camp.
After walking for a long time, I finally arrived at my destination. I saw a silver-gray iron mine in front of me, and there were still some third-grade variants wandering around.
Taking out his pick from his backpack, Li Xiangkang slammed it at the mine, but there was only a crack.
"Lie trough! Do you want to be so hard? "said Li Xiangrui, rubbing his head in pain.
Lin Mo smiled and said, "Then you are too stupid to see my fatal blow!" Say that finish also waved a pickaxe toward an iron ore gave a knock "cut" a small broken ore fell.
The two men looked at each other, and then Li Xiangkui burst into a thunderous laugh, sat down on the ground and patted the ground and said, "Haha! This is what you call a fatal blow! "
Lin Mo blushed as soon as she picked up the broken ore and JiaoChen said, "Then I somehow knocked a little."
"Come on! I’m pot calling the kettle black. Let’s continue to do it. "Li Xiangkui got up and patted his trousers, picked up his pickaxe and continued to beat it.
One or two, the crack became bigger and bigger. Finally, at the third time, a large iron ore fell off and was directly put into the bag.
[Congratulations to the player for getting the iron ore *1]
Seeing that the progress bar has changed, I feel full of power in an instant! Li Xiangkui has more strength when waving.
In less than 20 minutes, Li Xiangkun had received four pieces of iron ore, not because he was mining too slowly, but because the damage rate of iron ore was too high, and only iron ore that met the requirements of the system was counted.
Looking at it, Lin Mo’s forehead was already full of sweat. He went over to help her wipe it and asked, "How many pieces are there now?"
"I’m so tired after just three dollars. I feel like I’m running out of strength," Lin Mo panted.
"Then have a rest. Here are two stones for you." Li Xiangkun took out two pieces of iron ore from his bag and gave them to Lin Mo.
A crisp knock attracted the attention of several variants around coming towards this side.
Lee sang-soo swung a pickaxe and cut it hard toward the head of Zhongyi mutant.
I didn’t expect the seemingly sharp pick to break into scrap iron directly when it touched the mutant.
"I’ll go! So weak, I want to give a bad review! " Li Xiangkui pulled out a long knife from behind while cursing, and cut several variants in front of him into several sections like chopping vegetables.
The tools in my hand are gone, so I can bring them to Linmo to continue mining. Four minutes later, I saw that there was enough iron ore in my bag, so I was ready to go to a place.
One place is near the iron mine area, and not far from it is a mine hole, where many miners who have turned into zombies keep waving their decaying and broken tools.
Li Xiangkui took Lin Mo and quietly walked inside the cave wall. The copper mine outside had already been mined and explored inside.
After a long walk, I suddenly saw a flickering light in front of me. It was a huge brass block with several armed skeleton guards beside it.
Li Xiangkun observed them from a distance-they are very compact and I’m afraid they have to be killed together.
He picked up a stone from the ground and threw it at the cave on the other side. The guards were alarmed and ran towards the cave in succession. However, the blood shadow emerged from the leader until the last moment, and their bones fell apart.
After getting rid of the guard Li Xiangkun, he swung a pickaxe and smashed it at the copper mine, while singing his own beautiful songs.
However, the happy time is short, and just as Li Xiangrui was picking, suddenly his feet began to shake violently, and the stone at the top of the cave was crumbling.
Spider-web cracks began to appear on the ground, and they continued to expand around, and gradually collapsed in the cracks.
Lee sang-woon grabbed Lin Mo and ran towards the outside desperately.
The crack behind them is catching up and getting faster and faster.
Two people ran for a while and found that there was no road ahead. They entered an abandoned mine hole and turned around and saw that the crack had stopped in front of them.
The violent heartbeat is unusually clear, and Li Xiangkui keeps staring at the densest place in the crack.
Suddenly a maw emerged from the ground and appeared in front of Li Xiangkang.
In the mind a surprised conditioned reflex raised his knife and got stuck in the mutant’s giant mouth. A drop of viscous disgusting liquid dripped from his fangs, and a sour smell almost made him faint.
I feel that the hand pressure is getting bigger and bigger. Li Xiangrong flew up and kicked its jaw hard, and quickly retreated when it let go.
This just saw that it turned out to be a worm, a three-level variant, which had already been seen when it first entered the game. Although the level was low, it was extremely strong for building damage and was good at sneak attack all the year round.
When the ground worm saw the prey run away in the fast-forward mouth, he was angry and slammed into the cave wall everywhere, leaving several holes, and the gravel at the top began to fall to the ground.
Li Xiangkun felt that the mine was going to collapse, and it was necessary to stop the destruction of the ground worms. However, it was too fast and unexpected to wait for him.
He hid in the biggest hole and listened to the movement inside. When he heard the moving sound of objects coming from inside, he immediately slashed his knife at the hole and just cut the newly drilled ground worm in half.
After a few struggles, the worm just broke the last support point and the whole mine began to collapse.
Li Xiangkui’s face was overcast, and he hurriedly took his girlfriend’s head and ran towards the outside of the mine without looking back. Even those miners’ variants were ignored and ran blindly.
Finally, when they ran out of the hole and saw the light of day, a hill behind them collapsed directly.
I looked at the brass in the backpack, but the copper mine collapsed, and the other mine was still a long way from here. Just as he was struggling, a bright light shook his eyes.
When he looked intently, he found that it was a pile of copper blocks. It really pays off. The two people not only need enough brass, but also have a lot left. When they will see that the copper blocks are all packed in the bag, they will go to the last destination.
Snake venom flower is a kind of special toxic plant. When living in muddy swamp, there are always snakes around it, and the number of plants is relatively rare. Generally, besides medicine, it can also be used as a weapon to detoxify materials.
Deep in the swamp forest, there are all kinds of mutant snakes, and several enchanting flowers are blooming around them, shining strangely.
The two men reached the edge of the swamp after wading through mountains and rivers. They couldn’t help but feel afraid when they saw the dense snakes inside.
"Well, are we going to pick those flowers in the snake group?" Lin foam shaking asked.
Lee sang-soo’s expression is also very stiff. Do you want them to kill all the snakes before picking them?
The eye has this way to pull out the long knife and jump into the snake group. When the horizontal knife is swept away, several small snakes will be cut off and several long pythons will slowly move over to prepare for an opportunity to attack Li Xiangsui. He is surprised and hurriedly rushes towards the snake venom flower position to prepare to finish the flower as quickly as possible.
But the ideal is fullness, and the reality is that skinny just ran two steps when he tripped over a snake and another snake wrapped him tightly in the tail of a snake.
Lee sang-soo felt that he was suffocating and desperately tugged at the tail, but there was no way to move half a point.
Just when his soul was about to fly, the sound appeared.
【 It means that it is detected that the player is on the verge of death, and the blood vessel excitation lasts for 3 minutes 】
Dark, righteous and fierce blood came to mind. Long Dao was covered with a layer of black light, which eroded the snake around him and left black bones.
There is a ghostly fire in the hand, and the blue light is full of the smell of death. Li Xiangkui grinned grimly, and all the snakes in the group were covered by the shadow of death. In just three minutes, half of the snakes in the swamp were still disabled and still alive. Li Xiangkui did not want to fight. He picked all the snake venom flowers and put them in a bag. He flicker back and gave three of them to Lin Mo.
【 All the materials needed for "Blacksmith’s Trouble" have been collected. Please go back to the blacksmith to receive the reward 】
Finally finished, Li Xiangkun sighed, and then the muscle weakness fell to the ground. It was time to be weak.
Chapter 40 Mining in vice industry
When Li Xiangkun had a good rest, the two men set foot on the journey back to the camp.