"That’s right. It’s your turn to send lucky money to your little nephew or niece in the New Year."

"ah? I still have to send lucky money? " Ding Jianguo was a little surprised. Where did he get the money?
"Yes, when the time comes, you are the elder, and you must send lucky money to the younger generation." Li Chuyi said seriously.
Ding Jianguo couldn’t believe turning his head and looking at dad. Ding Dad nodded with great cooperation.
See dad nod Ding Jianguo little face quickly faded.
Ding Ma and Ding Qiunan just entered the room. When the girl saw her brother listless, she asked, "What’s the matter with Jianguo? Being naughty and being trained again? "
Ding Ma also looked at her son. She didn’t think it was right. She didn’t clean him up today.
Li Chu endured a smile and said, "Tell him that he is going to pay the lucky money for the New Year. He is worried."
After this, Ding Ma and the girl laughed, and Ding Dad sat there in a good mood.
Ding Ma smiled and said, "Yes, you will save money from now on, or you will not be able to pay the lucky money to see if you are ashamed."
Ding Jianguo glanced at his mother and gave me a dime a month. How can I save money?
Looking at Ding Jianguo’s expression, the outsider laughed more pregnant, and Li Chu couldn’t collapse and laughed.
Chapter one hundred and seventeen Class
Li Chu took a red envelope from his pocket and handed it to Ding Jianguo and said with a smile, "Well, this is a red envelope for you. Even if you have to pay for the lucky money, there is still one year. What is there to worry about now?"
Ding Jianguo took the red envelope from his brother-in-law and thought he was right. There is still one year left, but now he is happy again without thinking.
When I hit the red envelope in my hand, I saw that it was ten dollars, and my eyes were all blue. Suddenly, I seemed to think of something to look up and look at my mother quietly.
Just then Ding Ma also looked at him and Ding Jianguo felt his body shaking unconsciously.
Think about it carefully, forget it and hand it in. Bamboo shoots and fried meat are not very delicious, and I don’t want to linger with my mother.
At this time Ding Qiunan and Li Chu both talked to Ding Dad and didn’t pay attention to this side.
"Mom, this is a red envelope for my brother-in-law. Please accept it for me." Ding Jianguo, though unwilling in his heart, still has to take the initiative to hand it over to his sister and brother-in-law for the New Year last year. The scene is still vivid.
"Oh, since your brother-in-law gave you a red envelope, you can pretend to be Bai." Ding Ma said this, but it was not slow to do it manually. "Whoosh" took the red envelope from her hand.
"Well, since you want me to keep it for you, I’ll keep it for you first."
Hearing the mother’s conversation here, three people looked at Ding Ma and listened to her again. Li Chu almost didn’t laugh.
Sure enough, it’s all the same when you are a mother.
Ding Jianguo reluctantly looked at the red envelope in his mother’s hand and felt heartbroken. He bit his teeth and turned his head to force himself to stop looking.
Ding Ma contentedly put the red package in her pocket and got up and said, "Xiao Chu, you and your dad talk here again. Nannan went to the kitchen with me to help me, and I cooked for us."
"Mom, I’ll help you." Li Chu hurried up.
"Little Chu Ma hasn’t said anything about you. You can’t spoil Nannan like this. Isn’t it pregnant? I was pregnant when I was pregnant, so I did all the work at home. Your family should also let Nannan do it. Let her do it another day just like serving her ancestors."
"Mom’s family is made by Qiu Nan."
Ding Qiunan also nodded and motioned Li Chu said yes.
Ding Ma gave a hand and said, "Come on, Chu, don’t cover for her. Why are you still sitting there?"
The girl got up and followed her mother to the kitchen and dared not say a word.
After NianLia left, Ding Dad said, "Xiao Chu knows that you love Nannan, but don’t let her do it too much."
"Dad, Qiu Nan’s family really works. Look," said Li Chu Lala’s dress. "I showed up and dressed in Qiu Nan."
Dad Ding smiled and said, "You young people have your own ideas, and our elders can’t say much. You just have to live a good life."
"That must be dad. Don’t worry, we will be fine."
I’m really very satisfied with Li Chu, the son-in-law Ding Da, and I don’t say anything about throwing all kinds of tickets and eating at home
Just say that at that time, when it was just cold, I ran back to buy coal for my family, move coal and buy cabbage for the winter. When the roof tiles of my family were rotten, I climbed to change them myself. If my parents didn’t work, my parents couldn’t stop me.
That’s what pro-children do, right? You can’t do it with pro-children, let alone a son-in-law.
Li Chu was chatting with Ding Dad. When he saw Ding Jianguo slightly lonely, he went to the yard and told Ding Dad that he had left the house.
To the college, Li Chu saw Ding Jianguo squatting alone and didn’t know what to play again, so he called him to the outside of the college and took out a few Maopiao from his pocket and handed it to him. "Put it away for Jianguo. I don’t care if mom finds out."
Ding Jianguo stared at the money in his hand and looked up at his brother-in-law. "Brother-in-law is this for me?"
Li Chu nodded. "Don’t spend money to buy some study for you."
"I know my brother-in-law. Thank you, brother-in-law!" Ding Jianguo grinned and smiled.
"Go and play. Don’t run away for a while. Mom can’t find you and she has to tidy up you again." Li Chu felt the little brother’s head rubbing the oil and disliked his body rubbing or his daughter-in-law touching Shu.
Looking at my little brother skipping happily, Li Chu ignored him and went straight back to the house.
After dinner at home, the family talked until two o’clock in the afternoon when Li Chu and Ding Qiunan left.
Or is Dad Ding urging us to leave early in the winter when it gets dark? Plus, the girl is pregnant and afraid of the road.